The Colbys arrives complete in May

This was the spin-off series about other really rich people that aired as a primetime soap opera. »»

DVD Review: Dynasty (The Final Season - Volume One & Volume Two)

Dynasty: The Final Season - Volume One & Volume Two are those last days when the problems of rich people concerned America. Now we're stuck with Duck Dynasty. »»

DVD Review: Dynasty (The Eighth Season Volume One & Volume Two)

Get ready for the penultimate season of the '80s hottest primetime soap opera. »»

DVD Review: Dynasty (The Seventh Season, Volume One & Volume Two)

Even in its 7th season the producers and writers came up with even more twists to make this primetime soap opera must see freakiness. »»

DVD Review: Melrose Place (The Final Season)

Fans who strayed away from Melrose watching parties might want to renew their lease for one more year. »»

DVD Review: Dynasty (The Sixth Season)

The big push for the season is the fake Krystle destroying Blake, but Alexis won't take a backseat to backstabbing. »»

DVD Review: Mannix (The Seventh Season)

This season gives the penultimate 24 episodes that make the private eye go from Scotch on the rocks to China white to solve his cases. »»

DVD Review: Dynasty (The Fifth Season, Volume One & Two)

It’s easy to see why Season Five was the most popular for Dynasty. It has plenty of twists, turns, plots, schemes, dead bodies, swapped bodies...and more. »»

Falcon Crest: The Complete First Season - DVD Review

Falcon Crest: The Complete First Season contains a vintage year for ruthlessness in a bottle. »»

Dynasty: The Fourth Season, Volume One DVD Review

The over-the-top drama, over-the-top acting and over-the-top hairstyles continue with the fourth season of Dynasty. Take a trip back to 1983 to see what the Carringtons and Colbys are up to this time around. »»

What Makes Sammy Run? - DVD Review

We imagine TV in the 1950s as being as wholesome and family friendly as Father Knows Best. Hindsight swears there was no darkness emitting from the black and white picture tube. But there were adult moments broadcasted across American. What Makes S »»

Dynasty: Season 3, Volume 2 - DVD Review

Paramount Video continues its price gouging with the second half of Dynasty's third season. Luckily however, season three pushes the bar for over the top, wholly unbelievable, totally ludicrous, and thoroughly entertaining melodrama. »»

Dynasty: Season 3, Part 1 - DVD Review

hat's really impressive about this show is how they manage to cram so much high melodrama into each episode. The Carringtons never have a moment to breathe. When one situation ends two more pop up to take it's place. It gets to the point where you almost feel as if you've watched two episodes instead of one, which is really extraordinary writing. »»

The UCLA Dynasty - DVD Review

Available at You'd think a documentary on the best basketball dynasty ever would be better than this. But you'd be wrong. Far too many topics, far too little depth leave you wanting so much more at the end of this documentary. Now, gr »»

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