Monday Morning Critic - Interstellar Spoilers - Joe Carnahan's Stretch ... Or How A Dark Comedy Can Illuminate Why Patrick Wilson Is Really The Bizarro Philip Seymour Hoffman

This week I was going to write on Interstellar some more, which I liked but didn’t love, but I didn’t have anything new to say on it. »»

We're The Millers - Review

A hit and miss comedy that misses on nearly every joke »»

Blu-ray Review: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Home is a very simple story, that has very specific focuses, and yet it somehow feels so much bigger once all is said and done. »»

Ed Helms To Release Bluegrass Album

Ed Helms & The Lonesome Trio are prepping their first album to be released. The group has been together for 20 years, and Helms says: "We've been laying down some demos and kicking them back and forth,""We've been been playing together so long, w »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Jeff, Who Lives at Home [Video]

Jeff is unemployed and lives in his mom’s basement. But when he gets a call from someone looking for Kevin, who Jeff does not know, Jeff believes that this is his destiny – to find Kevin. When he leaves the house to run an errand, »»

Jeff, Who Lives at Home - Review

Jason Segel philosophizes about Signs and other stuff. »»

First Trailer For Duplass Brothers Jeff Who Lives At Home Released

The latest from Jay and Mark Duplass, Jeff Who Lives at Home, has been released. Plot Summary: On his way to the store to buy wood glue, Jeff looks for signs from the universe to determine his path. However, a series of comedic and unexpected eve »»

Hot Trailer: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

It's been a while since a property based off Dr. Seuss has been released; it's about to be rectified as The Lorax has a trailer for the adaptation of the film. Plot Summary: To find the one thing that will win the affection of the girl of his dre »»

The Hangover Part II - Review

The less things change the more they stay the same. »»

Saturday Night Live Hosted by Ed Helms Episode Review: Man, that guy can wail on a banjo

I watched a little of Saturday Night Live this week with Ed Helms, but I went to bed after the gross misuse of Chris Colfer (they drag him all the way out there and then we barely see him?!), so I was curious to see what Allison would think of th »»

Cedar Rapids To Get Super Awesome Edition On DVD And Blu-ray

Recent Fox Searchlight comedy coming to home video in June. »»

The Hangover Part II Poster Has Arrived

The Wolfpack is back! »»

Taylor Swift Lending Voice to Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Country pop star to be a part of the Dr. Seuss adaptation from the team behind Despicable Me. »»

The Wolfpack is Back in The Hangover Part II Teaser Trailer

If The Hangover was the Citizen Kane of Bachelor Party movies what will The Hangover Part II be? Watch the teaser and find out. »»

Cedar Rapids - Review

Apparently insurance can be hilarious after all »»

Trailer Watch: Cedar Rapids with Ed Helms and John C. Reilly

This 2011 Sundance Film Festival entry looks to get Ed Helms out of the office and to a convention. »»

Bill Clinton To Cameo in The Hangover Part II

Former president to join the cast of raunchy comedy sequel. »»

Cameo Rundown for The Muppets Features Wide Selection of Actors

Names include Jane Lynch, Zach Galifianakis and Jack Black. »»

Mel Gibson to Have a Cameo Role in The Hangover 2?

From "Iron Mike" to "Mad Mel." »»

John C. Reilly Heading to Cedar Rapids

Dewey Cox teaming with one of the stars of The Hangover in a road-trip comedy. Will it be a comedy of errors or an all-white version of Harold & Kumar? »»

The Hangover - Review

Some people just can’t handle Vegas »»

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