Blu-ray Review: Mulan/Mulan II (2 Movie Collection)

The best thing Mulan has going for it is that it provides one of the strongest female roles that Disney has ever offered up. »»

Eddie Murphy And Shawn Ryan Shopping Beverly Hills Cop Spin-Off Series

Creator of The Shield and Eddie Murphy are looking to update Beverly Hills Cop for a TV generation. »»

Three Washed Up '80s Actors In One Sequel? Twins Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito to be Joined by Eddie Murphy

It was an amusing '80s comedy that really didn't need or warrant a sequel. However it has a star (Arnold Schwarzenegger) looking to make a comeback with a familiar concept and a secondary character (Danny DeVito) who is absolutely necessary for a se »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: A Thousand Words [Video]

Jack is a fast talking agent with a beautiful family and great career. But when a tree in his yard loses a leaf for every word he speaks, he is convinced that when the tree is bare, he will die. Jack tries to navigate his world without speaking while »»

Monday Morning Critic - Discussing How A Thousand Words w/Eddie Murphy Misses DTV Status - London Boulevard & Colin Farrell on DVD

A look at "A Thousand Words," coming out Friday, and a DVD review of "London Boulevard" »»

New Poster - Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words

After a trailer for the oft-delayed A Thousand Words came out a short while ago, a new one-sheet poster for the film debuted: »»

Delayed Trailer: Eddie Murphy Has A Thousand Words Left To Say

Eddie Murphy's long delayed comedy gets a trailer »»

Billy Crystal Tweets That He's The New Host Of The Oscars

Sorry, Muppets. It's time to light the lights with Billy Crystal as host of the Academy Awards. »»

Academy Award Chaos: Brett Ratner Leaves Oscars, Eddie Murphy Follows

The Academy Awards are in a state of disarray. After Brett Ratner resigned as the 2012 Oscar producer, the host has joined him as Eddie Murphy is now out as well. “I appreciate how Eddie feels about losing his creative partner, Brett Ratner, »»

Tower Heist - Review

It has everything a good film needs … except the good part »»

Eddie Murphy On What Not To Expect At Next Year's Oscars

Axel Foley chats up former Oscar host David Letterman on Late Night. »»

International Poster For Tower Heist Debuts

New poster for heist comedy »»

Eddie Murphy To Host 84th Academy Awards

Comedian reunites with Tower Heist director Brett Ratner, who is producing the Oscar telecast. »»

Hide Your Wallet! Ben Stiller & Eddie Murphy Debut Tower Heist Trailer and Poster

Fockers star teams with Beverly Hills Cop to rip off a guy from television's M.A.S.H »»

Monday Morning Critic - 4.25.2011 - Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, 48 Hours

Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry gets decided ... and a look at 48 Hours on DVD »»

Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller to Star in Tower Heist

Well this is an interesting twist of fate. »»

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy - DVD Review

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy takes us back to a time when he was a lean and hungry comic willing to push things to get a laugh. »»

Guillermo del Toro to give Disney's Haunted Mansion the proper treatment

Considering I'm a huge geek for the Haunted Mansion ride; this is such a huge blessing to know that it's going to be done properly. If only Eddie Murphy after the nineties ceased to exist. »»

Shrek Forever After - Review

It’s ‘ogre and out’ for Shrek and the gang in this final chapter… »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-36 Recap

It's Sinatra/Big Band week, or as I call it, "Not Relevant At All To Your Music Career (Unless You're John Stevens)" week. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Cat's Eye

The anthology film directed by Lewis Teague and written by Stephen King is celebrating its 25th anniversary. »»

Shrek Forever After Trailer Has Hit The Web

Hooray...our ogre-like fairy tale is getting a final chapter and we've got the trailer to prove it. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 10.12

On tap this week: -- A midsummer night’s horrible joke -- Eddie Murphy is old. Officially. -- Going into the house And slightly much more! »»

Paramount's Clock is Ticking with 48 Hrs. on Blu-ray

Paramount is bringing the buddy comedy hit to Blu-ray this September. »»

Eddie Murphy" Delirious: 25th Anniversary - DVD Review

At one time Eddie Murphy was the king of comedy and this is a wonderful video document of that time. »»

Eddie Murphy Still Delirious 25 Years Later

Yep, Eddie Murphy was actually funny, creative and had quite the imagination early in his career. »»

Holy Half-cocked rumors Batman!

A UK tabloids is claiming that Eddie Murphy is playing The Riddler in the next Batman movie, that Shia LaBeouf will play Robin and that Rachel Weisz is up for the role of Catwoman. Not only that, but the tabloid says the movie will come out in 2010, »»

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