Blu-ray Review: Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One is Vice Squad with capes. And that's a good thing. »»

Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Eliza Dushku At Fan Expo Canada 2011

A few years ago, I made a list of the five celebrities that I wanted to interview the most. Some were personal heroes. Others would offer journalistic credibility. The list included: - Hulk Hogan - Boston Rob Mariano - Donald Trump - Eliz »»

Voice Cast And First Images For Batman: Year One

Frank Miller's comic book classic to be released as animated film this fall following Comic-Con premiere. »»

Dollhouse: Season 2 - DVD Review

This second season is slightly better than season one, if only because they have to wrap things up so quickly. »»

James Cameron To Bring True Lies to Television

The king of the world to return to the small screen for follow-up to his 1994 blockbuster film. »»

Wrong Turn - Blu-ray Review

Wrong Turn is as lean and mean as horror movies come, not without its flaws but strong enough to warrant repeat viewings. »»

Dollhouse (Season One) - DVD Review

Joss Whedon has been looking for another regular television series since the cancellation of Firefly. After Buffy and Angel both ran their course, Whedon has not had the magic touch he once appeared to have. Dollhouse is his latest attempt and with a second season due to arrive, it’s an improvement upon his previous work in that it lasted for more than one season. »»

Take a Couple of Wrong Turns with Fox This September

This September, Fox wants you to Watch a hottie beat up mutant hillbillies!! »»

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