Ellen DeGeneres To Perform Hip-Hop Dance on So You Think You Can Dance Finale Tonight

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has revealed that she will perform on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. DeGeneres will recreate injured finalist Alex Wong's hip-hop routine with Twitch Boss on tonight's episode. The former American Ido »»

American Idol Episode 9-42 Recap

Not exactly a thrilling final Tuesday, but a final Tuesday nonetheless. »»

American Idol Episode 9-40 Recap

Final three time, and for the last few weeks the judges have been begging the contestants to bring it. But on this night, only one contestant ensured that it was broughten. »»

American Idol Episode 9-38 Review

Tonight's theme is songs from the movies. What's the greatest soundtrack of all time? Curtis Mayfield's work on Superfly gets my vote. It's a masterpiece in how he arranged traditional strings and horns found in John Williams' scores with a soulful v »»

American Idol Episode 9-38 Recap

Four legs good, two legs bad. »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-36 Recap

It's Sinatra/Big Band week, or as I call it, "Not Relevant At All To Your Music Career (Unless You're John Stevens)" week. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-36 Review

In order to make things more contemporary and youthful, tonight's American Idol is all about Frank Sintara. Each of the five finalists will gets a chance to play it safe with songs that the Chairman of the Board made iconic. You'd figure at this poin »»

American Idol Episode 9-34 Recap

It can be argued that no one deserves to go home this week. »»

American Idol Episode 9-32 Recap

Well, this week mostly sucked. »»

American Idol Episode 9-30 Recap

It's sparkly Elvis week! »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-28 Recap

Didgeridoo and bagpipe are two words that I never thought I would say in an Idol recap. »»

American Idol 2010 Episode 9-26 Recap

I'm with Simon and I don't see the point in having the contestant sing for 2 minutes to delay the inevitable - they're either gonna get the boot or they'll be saved. Period. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-24 Review

Tonight is the last night a contestant is truly sent home. The remaining 10 will mainly have to walk off the stage and return to the Idol apartment complex for numerous singing and dancing rehearsals for this summer's arena tour. The key to a few of »»

American Idol - Episode 9-20 Recap

Part of the fun of having 8 singers in one hour is that we get no "personal time", Ryan desperately trying to manage the time and the judges doing their best to screw that up for Ryan. »»

American Idol, Episode 9-19 Recap

This is the last leg before the Top 12. You'd think the singers would come in with guns blazing. You'd be wrong. »»

American Idol, Episode 9-17 Recap

Three singers brought it. Three are almost there. And the other four better hope they get the votes to stay. This... is the American Idol recap. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-16 Recap

OK, so Tyler and his Jim Morrison look are surprisingly gone. Guess people don't like 70s throwbacks or something? Joe Munoz was also eliminated, possibly because noone remembers what exactly he sang or how he sang it. At the end of the day it may »»

American Idol Episode 9-13 Recap

OK, so we've completed the Hollywood round and determined the Top 24. We're going back to the "Pop Hits" well to give the singers as much of a choice as possible to make the final stage. »»

American Idol - Episode 9-15 Review

Last night's Top 12 boys episode should be rated the worst two hours of network television ever watched by 23 million people. Fox executives should have spent the night on the phone screaming at the producers for allowing the most unprofessional perf »»

American Idol - Episode 9-14 Review

More I think about about last night's Top 12 girls, the less I can remember. The performances were bland, but even worse was the lameness of the judges. While supposedly Simon and Ellen aren't getting along, they weren't tangling enough for us to car »»

American Idol 2010 Preview

American Idol's ninth outing is a shake up season. They've completely messed with the chemistry by allowing Paula Abdul to walk. With the recent news that Simon Cowell will be splitting the series to become part of the American version of The X Facto »»

American Idol Season 9 Preview

Previewing a reality show is sort of like trying to figure out your NFL teams potential from the offseason workouts - darn near impossible. But here I am, trying to do it anyway, talking about the "x-factors" for this upcoming season, including Cowell, the semifinal format, and the guy from Perfect Strangers. »»

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