Blu-ray Review: The Impossible

The Impossible is incredibly powerful, which is made all the more so due to its being a true story. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: The Impossible [Video]

Based on true story, Maria, Henry and their three sons take a much needed Holiday in Thailand. But on the day after Christmas, a devastating Tsunami strikes. Facing devastating challenges, the family must struggle to survive. Starring Naomi Watts, Ew »»

Nominations For the 70th Annual Golden Globes - Movies

The ceremony airs live on NBC, Sunday, January 13. »»

The Impossible US Trailer Arrives And It Is Magnificent

A beautiful trailer involving one of the worst natural disasters of the early 21st century. »»

Blu-ray Review: Haywire

When it comes right down to it, we don’t really care what happens to Gina Carano's character. And this hurts the movie overall. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Haywire [Video]

Mallory is a freelance, covert operative and very good at what she does. But when a mission goes seriously wrong and her partner tries to kill her, Mallory must run for her life. Discovering that she was used as a pawn, Mallory hunts down her betraye »»

Ewan McGregor and Gina Carano Talk Shop In Haywire Clip

A new clip from Haywire has been released by the UK's Empire Online, which you can view below. »»

Video: Opening Scene Of 'Haywire' Released Featuring Gina Carano And Channing Tatum

Less than 14 days out from its release, which has been pushed back several times, Gina Carano starring Haywire has had its opening scene released online. Plot Summary: Freelance covert operative Mallory Kane (Carano) is hired out by her handler t »»

Newer, Hotter Trailer For Haywire With Gina Carano, Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Another trailer for Haywire, Steven Soderbergh's latest with debuting actress Gina Carano, has yet another trailer via our friends at Crave Online. Plot Summary: A female covert ops specialist, who works in the deadly world of international opera »»

Brendan Campbell's Top Ten Films of 2011

Brendan Campbell takes a break from saying "eh" at the end of each sentence to give us his top ten films of 2011. »»

Two New Stills Of Gina Carano In Haywire Released

Empire Online has a handful of new stills for the Gina Carano starring, Steven Soderbergh directed Haywire which you can view below. You can view trailers for the film here and here. Plot Summary: A female covert ops specialist, who works in t »»

Ewan McGregor Stars In Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Trailer

In a sea of action movie trailers coming out en masse, Ewan McGregor finds himself in a bit of a wacky comedy in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It has a trailer, too. Plot Summary: A fisheries scientist finds himself reluctantly involved in a pro »»

Trailer and Poster For Jack the Giant Killer Debut

Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer has been a passion product for the X-Men director for some time; next summer it'll finally come to fruition for him. And now the poster and trailer for the film have debuted online. Plot Summary: "Jack the Gi »»

MMA Fighter Gina Carano Kicking Ass In Haywire Trailer

Steven Soderbergh's Haywire gets an official trailer. »»

I Love You Phillip Morris - Blu-Ray Review

I Love You Phillip Morris came and went from theatres quickly not because of its source content but because it wasn’t a good film. »»

I Love You Phillip Morris - Review

Will someone please give Jim Carrey an Oscar so he can stop making films like this? »»

Moulin Rouge! - Blu-ray Review

Beloved hyper-kinetic musical gets deluxe treatment for high-definition release. »»

Roadside Attractions Acquires I Love You Phillip Morris, Biutiful

The indie label picks up two projects that have long had problems finding distribution. »»

Moulin Rouge! Blu-ray Announced

Baz Luhrmann's hit musical to sing a new tune in glorious HD this October. »»

The Ghost Writer - DVD Review

A perfectly paced, cinematic masterpiece. »»

Warner Bros. and Joel Silver Developing Don Quixote Film

Terry Gilliam quietly curses God's name for his continued bad luck. »»

The Men Who Stare at Goats Blu-Ray Review

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups...sometimes it will lead to something that blows your mind. »»

The Men Who Stare at Goats - DVD Review

The power the New Earth Army has would be dangerous in my hands. Stupidity would no longer exist...that's all I'm sayin'! »»

Robert Saucedo's Best of the Aughts

Robert Saucedo's favorite films of the last decade. »»

Best of the Aughts - Romance

Since the beginning of cinema, audiences have flocked to films with a good love story »»

The Men Who Stare At Goats - Review

Staring at mediocrity is more like it »»

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