DVD Review: Get A Life (The Complete Series)

Get A Life: The Complete Series is hyped as an "Un-Special Non-Anniversary Edition," but it is more special than the short bus that drives Chris (Elliott's) mind. »»

DVD Review: Dennis the Menace (Season Two)

Kearns goes beyond the Mr. Wilson in the newspaper. The looks given by Kearns makes Dennis the feared menace. »»

Dennis the Menace: Season One - DVD Review

Dennis the Menace: Season One brings back the joy of a kid smiling as he makes everything around him collapse. »»

Sunday In New York - DVD Review

This is a sweet and simple comedy that’s not quite as sexual in nature as it should be. »»

Disc News: Dennis the Menace ravages in March

The most out of control kid in 1959 is finally coming to DVD on March 29. »»

Marcus Welby, M.D.: Season One - DVD Review

Marcus Welby, M.D.: Season One takes us back to a simpler time in medicine before they could MRI you for a hangnail. »»

Merry Sitcom! Christmas Classics from TV's Golden Age - DVD Review

Merry Sitcom! gives seven sweet Christmas specials that aren’t out to shock or rewrite the holiday. »»

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