Final Destination 5 - Review (3)

Live and Let Die Version 5.0. »»

Final Destination 5 - Review (2)

Teenagers plus death equal formulaic horror thriller »»

Final Destination 5 - Review

Latest big-budget mondo film thankfully more of the same »»

The Final Destination 5 Trailer Arrives

Franchise is back to playing the numbers game with latest entry. »»

Fantastic Fest '10 - I Spit on Your Grave: Unrated Review

Can a violent movie that preaches against violence have its cake and eat it too? »»

Avatar Second-Unit Director To Direct The Final(er) Destination

James Cameron protege to give audiences new ways to fear dying »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Creature of Darkness

Creature of Darkness is like Predator but instead of army commandos, you’ve got the douchebags from MTV’s Jersey Shore. »»

The Final Destination - DVD Review

Bet you can't figure out what happens in this movie. HOW'D YOU KNOW? »»

The Final Destination - Review

Death is a killer, man »»

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