Funko Reveals Next Batch Of SDCC 2014 Exclusives

Coming off of last week's first Funko SDCC reveals, Funko has released the next batch of exclusives. POP! Adventure Time - Glow-in-the-Dark BMO POP! Adventure Time - Glow-in-the-Dark Bubblegum Princess POP! Despicable Me 2 - Purple C »»

More ReAction Figures Revealed! Back To The Future, Pulp Fiction, Buffy & More!

Here are more pictures of Funko's & Super 7's ReAction Figures! Back to the Future -Biff Tannen -Doc Brown -George McFly -Marty McFly Buffy the Vampire Slayer -Angel -Buffy -The Gentleman -Oz -Spike -Willow »»

CW Arrow Top 6 Developments: Season 1, Episode 10 Burned, Episode 11 Trust But Verify & Build-Up To Episode 12 Vertigo

Big things happening on CW's Arrow with Farscape, Torchwood & Fringe alumni! »»

DVD Review: Castle (The Complete Fourth Season)

Castle is the sleek and sexy version of Murder, She Wrote. »»

Monday Morning Critic - Joss Whedon & Firefly / Serenity - House, M.D Series Finale - The Dictator & Chael Sonnen

A DVD review of "Serenity," and a look at the series finale of "House" ... plus The Dictator »»

DVD Review: Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous

The best part is that Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous gives me hope that The Avengers movie written and directed by Whedon isn’t going to stink up the screen. »»

TOY FAIR 2012: Justice League Unlimited Gallery (JLU LIVES!!)

Check out the gallery of the last run of JLU figures! While these figures are pretty much the same, it has been confirmed that these 3-packs will be released monthly in the second half of the year. Biggest news is that Dr. Destiny & Firefly will »»

The Best Films You've Never Seen - 3:15: The Moment of Truth

Adam Baldwin stars in what might just be the ultimate '80s school gang movie. »»

The Gold Standard: Joss Whedon Shows In Comics And Ten Books To Watch In 2011

A few thoughts on the Whedonverse moving to comics, and 10 books to watch out for. »»

Weekly Round-Up #48 with the Unknown Soldier, Sweet Tooth, Batman & Robin #14, and more.

Plus Comics I Would Have Bought if They Weren't $4. »»

Bad Movies Done Right – Fable: Teeth of Beasts

Fable: Teeth of Beasts is a movie so bad it might just give you eye cancer. »»

Nathan Fillion Lobbying to Play Nathan Drake

Fillion, having already dropped his browncoat and stormed the Castle, may be looking to venture into Uncharted territory. »»

Fantastic Fest '10 - Stake Land Review

Somber vampire apocalypse movie reminiscent of The Road. »»

Joss Whedon Confirms He's Directing The Avengers

EW Panel with J.J. Abrams also offers news about Super 8, The Cabin in the Woods, and Dr. Horrible. »»

Sam Raimi to Return to Western Genre with Futuristic Earp

The project is described as a futuristic take on the legend of Wyatt Earp, with the western hero reimagined as the outlaw-fighting protector of Las Vegas in a post-apocalyptic society. »»

IP Movies Bargain: Firefly Blu-ray $28 at Amazon

Need your Whedon fix and can't wait for The Avengers? Look no further. »»

Joss Whedon on Shortlist for Avengers Directing Gig

Talks have been confirmed between the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and Marvel Studios »»

Brendan Campbell's Best of the Aughts

The variety that will be seen out of the IP Movie staff’s lists will be interesting, and tell a little about their personalities, as well as the types of movies they enjoy. »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Life after Death

What show would you love to see get another shot at redemption on the big screen? »»

Monday Morning Critic - 6.2.09

On tap this week: -- Screaming bloody murder -- Remakes »»

Let's Be Bad Guys All Over Again with Serenity on Blu-ray

Browncoats have a reason to rejoice this Winter as Universal plans to release Serenity on Blu-ray on December 30th. »»

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