DC Announces 10 of Their 40 Convergence Tie-ins

The first ten Convergence titles are announced...half of them Bat-books. »»

Wednesday Comments – The Limbo Shelf

If I were working as an editor for DC Comics I'd either be fired in a week or (eventually) be credited with helping turn the creative tide at the company. A few months ago I wrote a column about how I perceived the current climate at DC to be stiflin »»

Justice League #21 Spoilers: What Shakes Loose From The Captain Marvel Shazam Family Tree? (UPDATED)

Justice like lightning... UPDATED with higher resolution images »»

DVD Review: Flashpoint (The Fifth Season)

What's amazing about the American success of Flashpoint is the Canadian actors are allowed to be Canadian on the screen. They aren't responding to issues in a faux-American city. »»

Really?! Marvel's Continuity Confusion, Ultron, and Movies

Calling some things into question »»

Wednesday Comments – Long Live The Legion?

The word is out that the Legion of Super-Heroes has been cancelled. I wasn't really surprised when I heard the news; I'd been expecting the axe to fall for quite some time. It lasted much longer than I expected it do, especially considering I'd never »»

Wednesday Comments – Loosen the Reins

For at least the past year, every few months comes a horror story about DC's editorial department. George Perez complained about it interfering with his run on Superman. Rob Liefeld famously ranted on twitter about it. And most recently it cost DC th »»

Demythify: A Fourth Justice League DC Comics Title & Five Trinities For 2013's New 52 Trinity War? (Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, R. B. Silva & More)

Fourth Justice League title leaked? Plus we sift through the Trinity War including a bit of a Justice League #16 spoiler. »»

Demythify: 10 BIG Questions From April 2013 Solicitations (DC Comics New 52, Marvel Now, Valiant, Dynamite, IDW & Image)

The last comic book taboo is shattered with our #1 spot. Plus a Peter David update & Image United news. »»

Demythify: 2013 DC Comics New 52: Past Is Prologue? (Batman's Robins, Green Lantern, Justice League)

Heading into 2013... And an update on Peter David from his wife Kathleen »»

Justice League #9 Spoiler: Interesting Letter to Batman

Does Batman know more about the DCU then he lets on? »»

Demythify: Hawkman & Hawkgirl Of Two Worlds & Times Past (New 52's Earth 2 & Prime Earth)

Three (???) New 52 titles put the Hawkman puzzle pieces together? »»

Demythify: FCBD DC New 52 #1 Reveals HUGE Implications With 4 Shazam Puzzle Pieces

Great stuff coming out of FCBD by DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns & a bevy of top artists! »»

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