Neil Young And Foo Fighters To Headline Global Festival

Foo Fighters and Neil Young are among the bands headlining the Global Festival in Central Park on September 29.  The concert is an attempt to bring an end to global poverty.  The timing was chosen because the United Nations are meeting on that date »»

Joy Formidable Readying Next Album

The Joy Formidable are promising some "great guitar moments" on their next album.  The group had previously been featured on the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack, and had opened for the Foo Fighters on their last tour.  Although the new album has a name, »»

Jack Black Says Nirvana Was The Last Great Rock Band

Jack Black was moved to write "Rock Is Dead", the latest song from Tenacious D, by the lack of great rock bands today.  In a recent interview, he talks about how Nirvana was the last band to make people really flip out, although the Foo Fighters are »»

Courtney Love Apologizes For Dave Grohl Accusations

The saga of Courtney Love v. Dave Grohl has come to a temporary end in the same place it began -- Twitter.  "Bean, sorry I believed the gossip", Love tweeted yesterday to Frances Bean Cobain.  Love had accused Dave Grohl of hitting on her daughter, »»

Frances Bean Cobain Pretty Much Thinks Her Mom Is Crazy, Too

Frances Bean Cobain has joined in on the Twitter controversy raging between Courtney Love and Dave Grohl.  Grohl had been accused by Love of hitting on her 19-year old daughter.  Frances noted that her mother should be "banned from Twitter" and tha »»

Courtney Love Accuses Dave Grohl Of Hitting On Frances

Courtney Love is accusing Dave Grohl of attempting to seduce her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.  Over the course of an evening, Love made a series of accusations  towards Grohl on Twitter, including putting the moves on the 19-year old Frances.  S »»

Dave Grohl Probably Doesn't Hate Other Kinds Of Music

Dave Grohl has clarified a rant he made during the Grammy Awards last week.  Grohl had derided the lack of "human element" in current music, which most interpreted as a broad shot against electronica and other pop music.  Grohl noted in a statement »»

Foo Fighters To Play The Grammys

The Foo Fighters will do an unlikely teamup with Deadmau5, Lil Wayne and David Guetta for a long-overdue tribute to electronic music at the Grammys.  It's made stranger because the band mixed their entire CD "Wasting Light" on analog tape, but a rem »»

Dave Grohl To Produce Sitcom

Dave Grohl has signed on as the executive producer for a half hour sitcom starring Dana Gould. The show is written by Gould, and will be about a rock group who is close to stardom, but needs to go into therapy in order to keep the band together. It's »»

Adele, Kanye West Lead Grammy Nominations

Kanye West led the Grammy nominations with 7 total, although Adele is close behind him.  Adele is nominated in the most major categories, including Record of the Year and Album of the Year.  Foo Fighters are also in the running with 6.  The awards »»

Dave Grohl Upset At False Billing On Michael Jackson CD

Dave Grohl revealed that he doesn't actually play on the recent Michael Jackson CD Michael, and he's annoyed by it.  He's credited as drumming on one of the songs, but his drum parts weren't actually used.  Hopefully he gives back the money he made »»

Muppets To Cover Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit

As a part of the upcoming Muppet movie soundtrack, the Muppet Barbershop Quartet will do a version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", as well as Cee Lo Green's "Forget You".  To further the crossover, Dave Grohl will be making a cameo in the movie, as An »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: The Horror

I made a mix for myself to listen to on the bus ride from Baltimore to Pennsylvania. It's composed mostly of songs that I was either digging at the time or singles/albums that I'd recently picked up. There's a pretty respectable hip-hop side. ... But there's also an unfortunate alternative side that hasn't aged nearly as well. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – My Week in Music

First off, let me say that my Jay-Z album cover theory was flawed. I guess technically it's still sound, since, while you can't see his eyes on the cover of The Blueprint 3, you can't see him at all, so it's sort of outside the scope of my theory. ... »»

Virgin Music Festival 2008 LIVE COVERAGE: Foo-Fest!

The Foo Fighters returned to Toronto on Saturday night and rocked the Island in true Foo fashion. The band headlined the third installment of the Virgin Music Festival in Toronto and played a set that lasted over an hour, mixing old hits with new tunes. Frontman Dave Grohl proved that he was the evening's best showman by teasing and taunting the crowd by jokingly mocking their singing abilities. »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Snubs, Part II

In the first part of this feature, I pointed out a group of hip-hop artists who were unfairly snubbed from Entertainment Weekly's recent "New Classics" list. But rappers weren't the only only artists who were inexplicably left off of the list, as I'll be venturing outside the genre for round of snubs. »»

MGF Reviews Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha

Supergrass caught me off guard; I knew the name but I couldn't swear in a court of law that I've ever heard them before. Imagine my surprise when Diamond Hoo Ha turned out to be a riff-driven and melody-rich trash-rock gem. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – iPoorly Planned

Had I have known that I was going to be stuck with the same 1,153 tracks for a month, I would have been a little more discriminating. Way back, as April was drawing to a close, I casually synced my iPod to my computer. It's the type of thing that I do all the time. The music on my iPod is pretty fluid, as there's always new stuff coming and old stuff leaving. My mood is constantly changing; thus, the music I want as my soundtrack is in an equal state of shift. »»

MGF Reviews Local H - Twelve Angry Months

Local H may not be the same band that crafted one of the best, and possibly most underrated albums of the mid-'90s in As Good As Dead, but with Twelve Angry Months, Scott Lucas, the mastermind behind the band, shows he still has what it takes to create twisted-yet-subtle alternative rock music that can be thought-provoking and explosive. ... »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Departure

So, just under two months ago I had a pretty bad break-up. The roommate and I went out separate ways. We'd lived together for over five years, in two different states and three different domiciles. Now, most of you probably don't really care (though I can think of one person reading this who's crying his eyes out). And I'll admit that I'm not really all that heartbroken about it. Without getting into specifics, there was a third party involved and things had been brewing for a while. I'll freely admit that I'm not 100% in the right, but I'm also not the thing keeping us from being friends. And sure, I miss her friendship. And I'd really like the hundreds of dollars that she owes me. But what I really want are the CDs that she borrowed and never returned. Here they are in the order in which they were borrowed... »»

Short Attention Span Theater

Come inside, come inside. There's some musical philosophy, a review of a free EP, a rant against posers, fun, frivolity, and a whole heaping helping of snark. Poppin' Off on the Top This week's Top 10 Hot Modern Rock Singles, as per 1. Foo Fighters, "Long Road to Ruin" Not to offend all the Grohl Trolls out there, but I keep wanting to be as impressed by the Foos as everyone else seems to be and I'm still not getting it. I loved the first album when it came out; I was too young and stupid to realize I was listening to Nirvana's reject bin. Every album since then, they've delved more and more into power pop to the point that I'm a little embarrassed to call them "rock" anymore. Dave is a talented songwriter and musician, and his side projects rarely if ever miss. His voice, though, is just too soothing and sedate to do justice to the songs he's writing. If "Long Road to Ruin" was made by Maroon 5 or someone rather than a band that everyone already respects, it would be written off as the lightweight trifle that it really is. »»

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