Dracula (1979) Coming To Blu-ray

Frank Langella's Count getting high-def treatment this fall. »»

Blu-ray Review: Masters of the Universe

The live-action adaptation of a cartoon and toy line that you thought time forgot. And it’s just as horribly amazing as you would expect it to be. »»

All Good Things - DVD Review

Cramming as many facts about the case into the film as possible, it feels more like a police procedural than it does a drama. »»

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - Review

Greed is still good, and Hollywood mirrors Wall Street. »»

Disc News: Peer into The Box this February

Warner Bros. has announced a February date for Richard Kelly's The Box. »»

The Mel Brooks Collection - Blu-ray Review

This box set manages to be both amazing and frustrating. »»

The Box - Review

Every choice has a consequence… »»

The Caller - DVD Review

What would you do with the last two weeks of your life? Perhaps more importantly, what would you do to free your life of fear? These are the questions Jimmy Stevens faces as he nears his end, and the actions he takes and the events from his history which prompt them make for a fascinating movie. »»

Frost/Nixon - Fiction and Reality

If you're interested in Richard Nixon or Watergate, this is your DVD experience. »»

Frost/Nixon - DVD Review

No one saw it coming. And really, why would they? For all his faults, Richard Nixon was an incredibly intelligent and powerful man, and David Frost, for all his popularity, was an entertainer—a talk show host. And yet he was able to do the impossible: he cracked Tricky Dick. »»

The Tale of Despereaux - DVD Review

While the book The Tale of Despereaux is a highly praised Newberry Award winning children’s book, the film is not of the caliber of its source material or the other films that it borrows from. »»

Frost/Nixon on DVD April 21

The recent Best Pic nominee will come to DVD and Blu-ray Disc this April from Universal Pictures. »»

Frost/Nixon - Review

Opie does it again »»

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