Friends Reunion: Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, & Jennifer Aniston Appear Together On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

What appeared to be just another appearance on Jimmel Kimmel Live! turned into anything but usual for Jennifer Aniston. »»

DVD Review: Family Ties (The Seventh and Final Season)

The final season of Family Ties brings to an end the Keaton family's adventures of surviving the '80s. »»

DVD Review: Family Ties (The Sixth Season)

Family Ties: The Sixth Season keeps up the relaxed family tension. »»

Deal Alert: Black Friday Deals Week For Thanksgiving Day

Day Four of Amazon's week long Blu-ray and DVD sale highlights TV shows Friends, Family Guy, Mad Men and more! »»

DVD Review: Cougar Town (The Complete Second Season)

Don't let the name fool you. Cougar Town is not a show that only people over 40 would enjoy. »»

DVD Flashback Friday: Cougar Town

Holding out for the Thanksgiving episode was sound advice. »»

Rumor: Batman TV Series To Follow The Dark Knight Rises?

Karl Urban rumored to be eyed for the role of Batman on the small screen. »»

Courteney Cox and David Arquette Separate

Such news is nothing to "Scream" about. »»

David Schwimmer Weds Girlfriend Zoe Buckman

And I bet you thought his bride's name would be Rachel. »»

Trailer for Butler and Aniston's The Bounty Hunter

Sadly, I fear this will be more like Fool's Gold instead of Midnight Run. Watch the trailer after the jump. »»

17 Again - DVD Review

17 Again is moderately funny throughout, and it's not overly sweet that it'll make you sick. »»

Warner Bros. Turns 17 Again in August

Warner Bros. has announced plans to bring the Zac Efron hit to DVD and Blu-ray this August. »»

Martin: The Complete Fifth Season - DVD Review

There are a variety of reasons why a television series ends, especially if it can survive past four seasons. Some of the most common reasons are a decline in ratings and the creative team running out of ideas, which often go hand-in-hand. However, more times than not the core cast of actors on a series decides a series' longevity. Actors who carry the show and make it interesting for years and years often have the final say in when that show ends. It happened to both Friends and Seinfeld. There is no doubt that Martin Lawrence carried his TV series in the first four seasons, and it appeared that the show could have continued for as long as Lawrence wanted it to. However, Martin Lawrence's own personal problems pretty much put a nail in Martin's coffin and season five would be the final season of the show. »»

The Lounge List: Top 10 Seasons of Friends

"Hey Scott, long time reader from the Netcop/Wrestleline days (although EVERYONE puts that). Thought that since everyone is into top 10 lists these days, you'd be interested in doing a different one. In your humble (ha) opinion, how would you rank Friends by season? Believe it or not, I'm even requesting this opinion without the compensation of a plug of the shameless variety."

Hmm, a tough but fair question.


Run, Fat Boy, Run DVD Review

Simon Pegg strikes again. »»

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