Fringe Episode 4-4 Review: Subject 9

I don't know about everyone else, but this season hasn't been doing it for me. Hopefully this changes with Peter's return, though the first four episodes give me little confidence.My biggest problem has been the lack of momentum in this opening arc. »»

Fringe Episode 4-3 Review: Alone in the World

A lot of the dialogue in "Alone in the World" is very on the nose, making Peter front and center during the normal case of the week. There's not much subtlety, but John Noble knocking it out of the park and the freaky fungus were enough for the episo »»

Fringe 2011 Spoilers: Details Revealed On Future Of Lincoln And Olivia

One of the shows that seems to have been forgotten about amidst all of the new programming is Fringe. The show will continue with its multi-universe angle. There's obviously Peter and Olivia in real time and the alternate universe and last season »»

Fringe Episode 4-2 Review: One Night in October

After a shaky start to the season last week, Fringe gets back on track with a fascinating episode highlighting the major plot points and problems going ahead. I had my doubts, but I'm on board and expecting a great final season (baring any ratings mi »»

Fringe - Episode 4-1 Review - Neither Here Nor There

I don't want to say this... but that just wasn't very good. After an excellent third season--the best, most consistent season of science fiction perhaps since Supernatural a few years back--Fringe had a lot prove and the season premiere did not deliv »»

Daredevil To Be Born Again Under Fringe Writer

Franchise to get one more chance under new writer, director. »»

FOX Announces New 2011 TV Season Schedule; Night-by-Night Breakdown

FOX doesn't have as many holes to fill as NBC. Mainly because it doesn't have any original programming on during the 10 p.m. ET timeslot. But it still sends out 6 new shows this season that it hopes will be loved by viewers and maybe pave way for the »»

Fringe Episode 3-22 Review: The Day We Died

Wow. Good thing this wasn't a series finale or a rift would've formed in the universe.Set in the future, "The Day We Died" immediately puts viewers in the deep end. We know it's the future, we know something bad has happened, but we don't know much b »»

Fringe Episode 3-21 Review: The Last Sam Weiss

If anyone had problems with "The Last Sam Weiss" before the last minute or so, they probably changed their mind. The episode doesn't move very fast and a lot of the dialogue is mired in "mysteriousness," with Sam Weiss talking about the previous Sams »»

Fringe Episode 3:20 Review: 6:02 AM EST

Whether the big plot movement was a result of possible cancellation or that it was the intended path of the show, "6:02 AM EST" really stepped things up and made sure the audience knew that the season finale would be big. The episode begins with shee »»

Fringe - Episode 3-19 Review

Whatever one may think about "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide," there's no denying that the writers are as bold as ever. While most shows lie back and return to normalcy after large events, Fringe pushes forward in its own unconventional way. "Lysergic Ac »»

Fringe - Episode 3-18 Review

I'm sure you've all heard by now, but Fringe has been renewed for a full 22-episode season, which means we'll see more of this incredible story play out. It would be a shame if we didn't see a conclusion since the writers really went out on a limb wi »»

FX Cancels Lights Out; FOX Renews Fringe

Both Fox Entertainment Group channels, FX and FOX announced important renewal decisions yesterday.  Lights Out, FX's critically acclaimed but low-rated series about retired boxer Patrick "Lights" Leary's return to the ring. This comes less than »»

FOX Renews Fringe

Fringe executive producer J.H. Wyman just announced the news on Twitter. “Fringe was picked up... thanks Fringedom!" The future of the show was in doubt but it is clear that the network is giving the show a reprieve which is good news for fans w »»

Fringe - Episode 3-17 Review

I like "Stowaway" as a single episode. Anna Torv, following on her William Bell/Leonard Nimoy impression from the end of last week's episode, maintains the gravely voice and inflection for the entire episode, along with various physical ticks. Bell's »»

Fringe 2011 Season Finale Spoilers: Last Episode Won't Be Two Hours, Who Will Take Over Olivia's Body?

It can now be confirmed that unlike last year, this season's Fringe finale will not be two hours and instead consist of a storyline arc that takes up the better part of the last three episodes. In addition, William Bell will "co-inhabit" Olivia's »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Voting Begins For The Second Round Matchups

The first round voting has ended and there was really only 1 MAJOR upsets as one of the top 16 seeds goes down in the first round. The #15 overall seed and the #4 seed in the the CBS Region, Walter White from Breaking Bad went down to the animated Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. I was definitely surprised by that, because Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on television. But it's on cable and Family Guy is on FOX, so perhaps there is not as many people who watch Breaking Bad. »»

Fringe - Episode 3-16 Review

As I'm writing this, "Anna Torv" is trending on Twitter and has been for a few hours (though there are sporadic patches when she isn't). That's saying something because when the series began, I remember loads of people attacking Torv, criticizing her wooden acting and lack of personality. It was a valid criticism, magnified by the fact that J.J. Abrams had earlier cast the ultimate kick-ass heroine in Jennifer Garner. But as the series progressed and Olivia's role expanded, Torv was able to show she could do more, which partially puts the burden on the writers to trust that she can handle the responsibilities. »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Last Chance To Vote For The First Round Matchups

It's that time again! It's the month of March and that could only mean one thing...time for another Inside Pulse TV Tournament, while you drink green beer! The biggest and most talked about tournament during "March Madness" season is still the NCAA B »»

Fringe - Episode 3-15 Review

Going into the past has lots of problems, notably the urge to draw distinct connections between characters, in essence retconning. The seminal season two episode "Peter" tells the complete story of how Walter stole Peter from the other universe and doesn't introduce anything contrary to our assumptions. »»

Fringe - Epiosde 3-14 Review

"6B" has two distinct ideas/plots, and the writers aren't quite able to reconcile the two, leaving me once the fence about the episode. The first is the old woman who sees a "ghost" of her husband, and it turns out her husband is actually from the other universe. It's rather sweet and advances the notion that emotion and love can linger across any boundary in a more scientific sense than just metaphysical. The second is end of the world, which is imminent because the old lady is causing a vortex to open up. »»

Fringe - Episode 3-13 Review

Since the Olivias have returned to their own worlds, Fringe has stayed in the original, following Olivia as she tries to reacclimate herself in a world, knowing that Peter had been with the other Olivia. This week, however, Fringe returned fully to the other universe, complete with the red credits. »»

The Sad Truth About TV Ratings

The ratings for the latest Fringe episode were released this morning, and to fans' dismay, they were down for the second week in a row. And with it came the usual complaints about Nielsen, and I just got bothered by how much hot air was being spewed, so I wanted to make a general post about TV ratings. »»

Fringe - Episode 3-12 Review

"Concentrate and Ask Again" offers two great, diverging images--the hideous flopping bodies and an amazing Anna Torv in the dress--and that's kind of what holds the episode up. »»

Fringe - Episode 3-11 Review

In and of itself, "Reciprocity" is an average episode in line with those of the first season. But this is the third season of Fringe, which has become more serialized over time, and everything that happens has an implication for the future. »»

Fringe - Episode 3-10 Review

With Fringe's move to Friday, we can only hold our breaths for the ratings tomorrow. Fox has been struggling greatly on Friday, unable to be competitive with new episodes, airing repeats instead. While Fringe was not doing great on Thursdays, it may alter Fox's Friday fortunes. If it gets roughly the same ratings as it did on Thursday, I wouldn't be surprised if Fringe came back--though I wouldn't get optimistic. »»

Fringe - Episode 3-8 Review

Following Olivia's near escape last episode and Peter's discovery that the Olivia he's with is an impostor, there were many directions the show could have gone. The two Olivia's could remain trapped in opposite worlds, with Olivia still trapped in the other world and Peter trying to find an angle on the other Olivia. »»

Fringe - Episode 3-7 Review

Only seven episodes into the new seasons, and the writers have proven they won't drag their heels with the whole alternate universe Olivia thing. In the hands of less bold writers, we probably wouldn't have so much progression in such a short time. A »»

2010 Fall TV Premiere Week: 10 Thoughts On…Undercovers Review

J.J. Abrams is probably best known as the guy who helped create Lost. Before that, though, he created Alias. He also was behind Fringe and the newest Star Trek movie. All of that means that Abrams basically gets any show that he comes up with on tele »»

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