The Weekly Round-Up #120 With Freedom, BPRD, DHP, Dominque Laveau, Fables & More

The cream of the crop from the week that was. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #115 With Glory, The Activity, BPRD, Fables, Peter Panzerfaust, Wasteland & More

Plus Batman, Daredevil, Iron Man, Moriaty, Nightwing, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars & More. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #111

Best Comic of the Week: Prophet #21 Written by Brandon Graham Art by Simon Roy I think I may have just found my new favourite monthly comic.  By now, everyone knows the story - Rob Liefeld is relaunching his old Extreme line of comics, known f »»

The Weekly Round-Up #105 With Chew, Heart, iZombie, Sweet Tooth, Thought Bubble Anthology & More

Plus Action Comics, Batwing, Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes, Defenders #1, Villains for Hire #1 and more. »»

New Comics On Sale – Week of October 12, 2011

Nexus's weekly look at what's new in your comic shop. »»

Two Guys Talking About Comics Reviews: Daredvil #4, Batman #1, X-Men Schism, GLC #1

The DC Comics Relaunch and Schism dominate the week, but hey look, Daredevil! »»

The Weekly Round-Up #94: The Bad Dialogue Edition With DHP, The Big Lie, DC New 52 & More

X-Men Schism, Uncanny X-Men, Spider-Island, Batman #1, Red Wing & Even More. »»

Were Money No Object - The September Previews Edition

James gives us some coverage that isn't about the DC Relaunch. »»

X-Men Regenesis: The Blue Team Revealed!

The entire Blue Team stands revealed. »»

Two Guys Talking About Comics: The X-Men Relaunch Part 1, Blue Teams (Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, Generation Hope)

In the first of a two part Two Guys special, we break down half of the X-Men teasers. »»

Two Guys Talking About Comics: X-Men Schism #3, Generation Hope #10, Uncanny X-Men #542, Daredevil #2, And Batman #713

Three X books, Daredevil, and the last issue of Batman make up this week. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #67 with Northlanders, DMZ, Morning Glories, Fear Itself: Book Of The Skull

Plus Avengers Academy, Young Avengers, R.E.B.E.L.S., Knight and Squire, & more »»

Kieron Gillen Brings Fear Itself To Uncanny X-Men

What does the future hold for Uncanny? »»

Top Ten Books You Aren't Buying! Janurary 2011 Edition

Trying to save a few good books »»

Weekly Round-Up #57 Featuring The Walking Dead, I, Zombie, Sweets, Sweet Tooth, Who Is Jake Ellis, And More!

Welcome to 2011! This was a pretty small week, but it had some very good comics. »»

Weekly Round-Up #48 with the Unknown Soldier, Sweet Tooth, Batman & Robin #14, and more.

Plus Comics I Would Have Bought if They Weren't $4. »»

Kieron Gillen To Co-Write Uncanny X-Men With Matt Fraction

The Generation Hope writer joins Uncanny. »»

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