DVD Review: Mel Brooks: Make A Noise

A great little companion to The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection of Unhinged Comedy. »»

DVD Review: The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection of Unhinged Comedy

Over the course of 5 DVDs, every element of Mel Brooks is exhumed, exposed and examined. »»

DVD News: Lancelot Link apes up May

Secret chimp to DVD »»

DVD Review: Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales (The Complete Collection)

Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales is the best education entertainment ever produced for kids. »»

Disc News: TV Icons Hit The Gutter In Celebrity Bowling

S'More Entertainment announces three-disc compilation of celebrity bowling competitions, which include William Shatner, Don Adams, Bob Newhart and many more stars! »»

Obscuricon: When White Men Drank Malt Liquor

Nothing says malt liquor like having a magician as a spokesman. »»

Six Million Dollar Man Complete Series Announcement

His technology will be revealed thanks to Time Life. »»

Disc News: Six Million Man Busts Out in November

Time-Life is rebuilding it; they have the technology. »»

Get Smart: Season 5 - DVD Review

I suppose nothing good can last forever. After five great seasons, the hilarious spy spoof Get Smart ends on a not-so-high note. »»

Get Smart: Season Four - DVD Review

After exchanging meaningful looks and almost-kisses for three seasons, Max and 99 finally profess their love and get married. That's if Kaos will let them. »»

Get Smart: Season 3 - DVD Review

The world of espionage is fodder for comedy. Have you ever seen the executives of the intelligence agencies testify before Congress? There needs to be a laughtrack during their unclassified briefings on C-Span. A comic perspective of the spy busine »»

Warner Announces Fourth Season of Get Smart

Warner Bros. will release the fourth season of Get Smart, with Max, Chief and Agent 99, on September 8th. »»

Get Smart: Season 2 - DVD Review

i>Get Smart could have easily been a too-smart for-the-TV-dial-canceled comedy. However America was ready to laugh at gadgets and agents. Get Smart became a Top 20 hit on Saturday nights instead of being steamrollered by Lawrence Welk. For is second season, there's not much tinkering with the formula. Agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) is the top agent for America’s CONTROL. He reports to the Chief (Edward Platt) with his main assistant being Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon). His job is to defend the world from the evil KAOS. Agent 99's assignment is to save Smart from his dumb moves. Their most lethal weapon is to make the bad guys die laughing. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant - Remake-O-Rama!

What happens when I get three DVDs that I'm not passionate about enough to warrant separate reviews? I find a common thread and do a WACKY three-in-one review! I'm funny like that.


Get Smart: The Complete Series - DVD Review

Get Smart: The Complete Series is how the boxset of a beloved series should always be done. Longtime fans will bask in the bonus features. Recent fans will become immersed in the show. This boxset is ultimately a tribute to Don Adams. »»

Get Smart (2 Disc Special Edition) - DVD Review

Carell and Hathaway were the perfect picks for Maxwell and 99 in retrospect, as they work exceedingly well together. It's been a career renaissance as of late for Hathaway, with Oscar buzz for her magnificent performance in Rachel Getting Married, and marvelously plays the role of the muscle to Carell's brains. She redefines what Barbara Feldon brought to the role but bring a modern sensibility to it. »»

Get Smart Season One - DVD Review

Ah, the old "release the first season to capitalize on the recent movie remake" trick—that's the second time I've fallen for that this year. »»

Get Smart (1995) The Complete Series DVD Review

This 1995 show was aired on Fox 30 years after the huge success of the original show. Some of the main characters from the original show return in this series. Max has been promoted to chief of Control, while 99 has become a senator. Together they have a son (Andy Dick) who works for control in research and development. »»

Weekend Box Office: 06/20/08 – 06/22/08

Believe it or not a Marvel film is not topping the box office this week as two of them missed it by...that much. Yes, I used that joke in the "What's Playing" for last week, but I like it. Another new film broke into the Top Five as well, but there are a number of summer blockbusters that are having a lot of staying power so check it out. Full numbers inside. »»

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