Kitchen Nightmares Chef Joseph Cerniglia Found Dead; Gordon Ramsay To Blame?

In 2007, during an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay told New Jersey restaurateur Joseph Cerniglia that his business was about to "swim down the Hudson". Today it is being reported that Cerniglia, a 39-year-old father of »»

Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 7-2

Fiiiiiiiiiirrre! If the Ohio Players are on my TV then it must be time for the seventh(!) season of Hell's Kitchen! Welcome back to summer, everyone. This year we've got a whole new crop of “chefs" vying for the title of Head Chef Developmental »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-13, Part II

This is it, the hour you've all been waiting for! Well, the 45 or so minutes you've been waiting for, as we get a huge montage of everything we've seen so far this season. Hey, remember when Louie got kicked out during the dinner service for being »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-13, Part I

OK, I got my large coffee from Donuts, so let's get to the two-hour Season Finale of Hell's Kitchen, yes? 1) The next day, Chef Ramsay talks about Whistler, British Columbia and about how it's going to be crazy when the 2012 Olympics happen up there »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-12

1) Upstairs, Shouty Tennille shouts that she beat thirteen people to be in the top four. Scheming Kevin lets us know he knows everyone's weakness, and no one can beat him. Stoner Dave gets up early and talks to himself in the mirror. The next day, »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-11

My apologies for this being a week late. I know, I know. I've missed you all, too. Last week, Chef Ramsay walked out! People got out! People were eliminated! Tactful Van, thanks for coming out! OK, here we go. 1) Upstairs, Stoner Dave gets pi »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-10 Part 2

For those late to this party, I can suggest reading Part 1. I will not demand; I will only suggest. Everyone got their snacks? It's time for our second hour! 1) It's the next day, and Tactful Van's still a bit upset from last night, but there are »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-10 part 1

Welcome to the first hour of tonight's two-hour action-packed episode of Hell's Kitchen, to which I will give a two-post treatment. Last week, our show was pre-empted by two hours of some big guy picking another big girl to be his wife. It's kind o »»

10 Thoughts On Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-9

Hey, someone's reading! Before we get started, I'd like to thank reader TheDuke for alerting me to an editing mistake in last week's show. Apparently, when Chef Ramsay was yelling at Amanda for her raw fish, a shot of the altercation showed previou »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-8

1) It's a new day, and today we get the palette test as the reward challenge. This part of the season is when all the contestants talk about how they can taste everything perfectly, and then mess up something simple like peanut butter. Each round p »»

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Complete Series Two - DVD Review

BLOODY HELL! I swear to you I really am not entirely sure that I will ever step foot inside of a single restaurant again. »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen - Episode 6-7

1) It's the next morning, and there's no sign of Robert in the dorms. The chefs head downstairs, and Chef Ramsay is there with a Hell's Kitchen branded craps table. A twelve-sided die is given to each team, with letters printed on it. Each chef wi »»

10 Thoughts on Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-6

1) As the teams trudge back to the dorms, Amanda is called back by Chef Ramsay and given a quick pep talk. She's told to “bounce back," and quickly. She promises to do so. Upstairs, the guys gloat. They're enjoying watching the red team implode »»

10 Thoughts On Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-5

1. Up in the dorms, the women talk about the elimination. Tek is not used to being counted out, because she's such a good cook (of course). We get some funny shots of Dave trying to do things in his debilitating cast like make his own dinner. Thi »»

Ten Thoughts On Hell's Kitchen -- Episode 6-4

1) OK, quick recap so everyone's on the same page. Your chefs this season are Amanda, Ariel, Boston Andy, Stoner Dave, Slow Jim, Long Island Joseph, Kevin, Louie, Lovely, Melinda, Sabrina, Suzanne, Tek, Tennille, Tony, and Van. As each chef gives m »»

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: Complete Season One - DVD Review

Before Gordon Ramsay became a name chef in reality TV over in the United States, he was a name chef in reality TV over in the United Kingdom. Here, I review his show Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. »»

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