DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Eleventh Season, Volume 1 & 2)

The amazing thing about Gunsmoke is that even after nearly a decade on the air, Dodge City was still in black and white. This was the Fall of 1965 and somehow CBS didn't want to give color film to its flagship show. This would be like CBS insisting C »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Tenth Season - Volume 1 & Volume 2)

We are now halfway through the Western's twenty-year run. »»

DVD Review: Gentle Ben (Season Two)

The final 28 swampy adventures. »»

DVD Review: Gentle Ben (Season One)

Gentle Ben is a fine dose of semi-wholesome family entertainment. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Ninth Season, Volume 1 & Volume 2)

Gunsmoke: The Ninth Season Volume 1 & Volume 2 could be called Exit Chester: Enter the Festus!. »»

DVD Review: The Virginian (The Final Season)

The Virginian: The Final Season is as big and involving as its Wyoming landscape. »»

DVD Review: Matlock (The Ninth and Final Season)

Have we really come to the end of Matlock? »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Eighth Season, Volume 1 & 2)

Burt Reynolds brings a youthful sex appeal to a show that has been getting rather old. »»

DVD Review: The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (Season Two)

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams: Season Two brings back a time when a network nature program didn't involve people being voted off the island. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Seventh Season, Volume 2)

This volume contains 17 episodes that don't come up with cheap solutions to extend 30 minute scripts to an hour's worth of show. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Seventh Season, Volume 1)

The seventh season gives us double the time with Matt Dillon and Co. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Sixth Season, Volume 2)

Volume 2 installment gives the last 19 episodes when Matt, Kitty and Doc kept their adventures concise enough to fit the 30 minute time slot. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Sixth Season, Volume 1)

Matt Dillon keeps up the law during a time when there weren't much CSI action. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke (The Fifth Season, Volume 2)

This wraps up the penultimate season before it went an hour. »»

DVD Review: Gunsmoke: The Fifth Season, Volume 1

Gunsmoke: The Fifth Season, Volume 1 takes us back to those early days when Marshal Dillon wasn’t close to cashing out his 401K. »»

DVD Review: The Atomic City

The Atomic City is a radioactive version of The Naked City. »»

Gunsmoke: The Fourth Season, Volume 2 - DVD Review

Amazing how even after so many episodes, the actors don’t look ready to split the show. They’ve become inhabitants of Dodge City. »»

Gunsmoke: The Fourth Season: Volume 1 - DVD Review

Gunsmoke dodged a bullet this year. »»

Cannon: Season Two, Volume Two - DVD Review

Cannon: Season Two, Volume Two gives us another 12 cases where gut instinct overwhelms brute strength. »»

Gunsmoke: The Third Season, Volume 2 - DVD Review

Gunsmoke: The Third Season, Volume 2 does have quite a few great episodes from its 20 year run. There’s plenty of folks ready to cross paths with Marshall Dillon. “The Cabin” is essential viewing for Claude Akins and Harry Dean Stanton’s tag team action. »»

Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume One - DVD Review

William Conrad struck gold during his Golden Years. His early career had him playing nameless goons in crime films. He voiced Matt Dillon on the radio version of Gunsmoke. When the show was brought to TV, Conrad remained in the audio booth because he was too fat to play the sheriff. But he persisted in his desire to be a lead actor on TV. Success arrived in the early ‘70s with Cannon. He didn't even have to diet for the gig. But the good times didn't end there. After guest starring on Matlock, Conrad found himself fighting crime in primetime instead of collecting his Social Security check. His infamous weight made him perfect for the lead on Jake and the Fatman. »»

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