Iron Man 3 - Review (2)

Weakest of the series … by far »»

Iron Man 3 - Review

Forget Iron Man, this is the Tony Stark Show. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Royal Tenenbaums

One viewing of The Royal Tenenbaums and the film feels as if it’s always been a part of your life. »»

The Avengers - Review (2)

Marvel's The Transformers is more like it »»

The Avengers - Review

Simply Marvel-ous. »»

New Russian Posters & Trailer For Marvel's The Avengers Released

Russian posters and a trailer for Marvel's The Avengers have been released; you can view/watch them below. [gallery] »»

Chris Martin Says He Doesn't Make His Kids Listen To Coldplay

Chris Martin admits that he doesn't make his children listen to Coldplay's music.  He finds that his children keep from wasting time during the creative process, and playing his own music at home would hurt his focus. The new Coldplay CD "Mylo Xylot »»

Pink To Grace The Silver Screen

Singer Pink has decided it's time for a change, and will be seen on the big screen. She will be in a dramatic comedy about sex addicts, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo. No word yet on an expected release date. »»

Contagion Character Posters Come Online

Character posters come online »»

Steven Soderbergh Spreads Contagion Trailer Via Web

Soderbergh's latest gets trailer »»

Country Strong - Review

Tries to be strong, but can’t even walk hard. »»

Iron Man 2 - Blu-ray Review

If the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray was presented at the Stark Expo, it’d win top prize, hands down. »»

Tony Stark Doesn't Look So Good in Iron Man 2 Alternate Opening

Either Iron Man is becoming good friends with a toilet or Robert Downey Jr. has relapsed. »»

Gwyneth Paltrow May Join Cast of Glee

Everybody wants to be on Glee. E! Online reports that "Gwyneth Paltrow is in discussions to come on the show! "She's going to sing. And dance. And many of you fans are going to completely freak out when you hear who she might be playing: Gwyneth w »»

Iron Man 2 - Review

Rinse, lather, repeat, Robert Downey Jr. »»

New Iron Man 2 Trailer Hits the Web

He is Iron Man! »»

And Now...The Iron Man 2 Trailer

I Am Irrrrrooonnnnn Maaaaaannn...'s trailer! »»

Whiplash Poster For Iron Man 2 Now Online


New International Movie Poster for Iron Man 2

Behold Robert Downey Jr. and his "you talkin' to me" expression"! »»

Two Lovers - Blu-Ray Review

As Joaquin Phoenix's last film, Two Lovers does not do his career justice. »»

Casting shakeup for Iron Man 2!

When Iron Man 2 starts production, Terrence Howard will not be found on set. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Don Cheadle is stepping in to replace Howard. »»

Iron Man: Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition - DVD Review

Films modeled after comic books have become the big thing over the past decade. Some have been huge successes like the franchises of Spider-Man and X-Men. Other franchises have seen new awakenings with films like Superman Returns and The Dark Knight. Others have found some success but not much simply because they just sort of missed the mark. See: Ghost Rider. But then there are those comic books that try to break through into the world of film world yet have a character that isn't quite the popular name like Superman, Batman, or Wolverine. What do you do when you're a huge fan of a comic book that the everyday film viewer won't even recognize? Well, you go out and do what Jon Favreau did. »»

Win the Iron Man 2-Disc DVD

Continue reading to see how you can win one of the biggest hits of 2008 on DVD. »»

ANNOUNCEMENT: Iron Man: 2-Disc SE for 9/30

Iron Man, the $315 Million Box Office Smash Debuts September 30, 2008 in Ultimate Edition Two-Disc Sets Exploding with Hours of Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Features, Deleted Scenes, Robert Downey Jr.'s Screen Test and Much, Much More. The DVD Lounge has got a rundown of all the features. Continue reading to know more. »»

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