Halloween Gets Massive Boxset For September

Anchor Bay and Scream Factory collaborating on two massive multi-disc sets that are sure to please fans of the William Shatner-mask wearing psycho killer. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Conjuring

Surprise summer hit becomes the treat in time for Halloween. »»

TV News: Hub Hosting Major Halloween Costume Contest

TV network The Hub offering those with the best Halloween costume a large money prize and a trip to Los Angeles! »»

Blu-ray Review: The Fog: Collector's Edition

The Fog: Collector's Edition is a sunny and clear presentation even when things get murky. »»

Disc News: Prince of Darkness Shines On Blu-ray In September

Scream Factory is making sure John Carpenter's 1987 is loaded with features. »»

Just Seen It: Liz and Sean's Halloween Alternatives [Video]

Liz and Sean have some truly scary suggestions for alternative Halloween-themed movies, including Phantom of the Paradise, Jennifer's Body, The Fog and Scanners. Starring Liz Manashil and Sean Wright Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Cooper Grig »»

Just Seen It: PBS Episode 009 - AirDate: Oct. 27, 2012 [Video]

On this episode of JUST SEEN IT, On we review the award winning documentary The Flat, talk about our favorite Halloween movies - The Descent, Poltergeist and The Omen - and review the new epic, Cloud Atlas. Starring Leah Aldridge, Salim Lemelle, Tere »»

DVD Review: Halloween II (Collector's Edition)

The most entertaining horror sequel since The Bride of Frankenstein. »»

DVD Review: Tom and Jerry: Tricks & Treats

The 22 shorts will last longer than a bag of fun size candy bars. »»

DVD Review: Holidays with SpongeBob

Holidays with SpongeBob combines three previously released collections into a giftset perfect for new fans of the aquatic star. »»

Nicki Minaj Most Searched Celeb Costume

Once again showing that kids today are weird, Google lists Nicki Minaj as the most searched-for Halloween costume this season.  Sadly, she only ranks fourth on the overall list of costumes, still trailing the Angry Birds franchise among others.  Tr »»

The Drive-In - Inside Pulse Movies Podcast Episode 3 - The Thing (1982) Review

EDITOR'S NOTE: Join hosts Branden Chowen and Brendan Campbell as they discuss, review, debate, and maunder about the latest goings-on in the world of cinema. This week – in episode 3 – B & B turn back the clock in anticipation for the upcoming pr »»

The Dorm That Dripped Blood - Blu-ray Review

The Dorm That Dripped Blood is a perfect example of the '80s slasher craze. It will never be as good as its influences, but there is still some fun to be had. »»

Dallas IFF '11: The Ward - Review

A disappointment from master of horror John Carpenter. »»

From the Shelf – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Don't want to venture to the theater this weekend to see Nic Cage fight witches? Stay at home and watch an underrated horror movie sequel starring Tom Atkins and his mustache. »»

Film Club: Halloween Edition - Round 3 And Finals

The Third Rule of Film Club ... If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over. »»

Film Club: Halloween Edition - Round 2

The second rule of Film Club is ... you DO NOT talk about Film Club. »»

Film Club: Halloween Edition - Round 1

The first rule of Film Club is ... you do not talk about Film Club. »»

Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) - S&Man

Underground horror film documentary's casual mix of fact and fiction leads to unsettling viewing experience. »»

Parenthood - Episode 2-6 Review

Best episode of Parenthood this season. One of the best episodes of Parenthood ever. Why is this show not more popular? It's so good, guys! Watch! Apparently Halloween is a big deal in the Braverman clan, and I can relate. I love Halloween. It's m »»

Fraggle Rock: Scared Silly - DVD Review

While the Fraggles sang about dancing your cares away, the little fuzzy creatures could still be frightened. »»

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams - DVD Review

The nicest thing I can say about 2001 Maniacs is that it tries to offend everybody »»

Tales from the Director's Chair: Welcome to the Extra Features, Bitch!

Heather Langenkamp, documentary filmmakers talk Never Sleep Again, the definitive documentary about Freddy Krueger. »»

SXSW Film '10 — The Loved Ones

Imagine of John Hughes directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre. »»

Elvis - DVD Review

Elvis done John Carpenter style! »»

Criss Angel: Mindfreak Collector's Edition - DVD Review

Abra-cahocus. Hocus-cadabra. Zing zalla bim...you shell out $100 bucks and this collector's edition will magically appear in your living room. TA DA! »»

The Runaways Gets Picked Up by Apparition

Twilight co-stars drop the fangs and pick up a guitar and a microphone. »»

Making Movie History: The House That Wouldn't Die…But It Should

There are remakes and there are re-imaginings, but right now both of them are en route down the road of "Murdering The Horror Genre Lane." It's also the new description of being a big old pile of lazy sh…. »»

Trick 'r Treat - DVD Review

Trick 'r Treat is going to be the best Halloween/horror film you'll see this year period and probably the best you've seen in a very long time. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant - Monster Chiller Horror Theater!

If there's one lesson in life you need to take from Hollywood, it's this: ALWAYS give the gypsy what she wants.


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