Images of Halo Anniversary Series 2 Figures From McFarlane

From When the Halo series of video games recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, McFarlane Toys knew it was the perfect time to introduce a new series of action figures based on the classic Halo games that came before Halo: Reach. Ou »»

In Stores Now: Halo Anniversary Advanced Series

McFarlane's Halo Anniversary series of figures have made their way to stores. Make sure you check those pegs for this first wave of figures based on Halo! -Platinum Master Chief -Spartan Recon (team red) -ODST -Elite Combat (purple) [ga »»

McFarlane Unveils The Rest Of Halo Reach & Halo Universe Line-Ups For 2011 has updated with the following Halo assortments to finish off the year: Halo: Reach Series 4 (July 2011) Individual Carded Figures -Jorge (unhelmeted) with M247T Heavy Machine Gun and backpack -Brute Minor with Brute Spike Rifle a »»

Microsoft Updates April XBox Live Release Schedule Including Gameroom, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo 2, & More

Here is the updated schedule for the rest of the April on XBox Live: Gameroom -Super Breakout (Atari) -Pitfall! (Activision) -Megamania (Activision) -Night Stalker (Mattel Electronics) -Rack 'Em Up (Konami) -Realsports Volleyball (Atari) -Basketball »»

McFarlane Halo Series 8 Line-Up & New Deluxe Box Sets Images

Here is the line-up for Halo Series 8, due out in the summer of 2010. -UNSC Marine -ODST: Buck -Black Spartan Mark IV -Arbiter: Ripa'Moramee -Red Elite Ascetic -VISR Mode Brute Captain -Master Chief (Halo 2 Version) -White Spartan EOD (Specialty Sto »»

Images of McFarlane Halo Series 7

McFarlane will be releasing their next Halo assortment in March 2010, with characters ranging from the entire Halo Universe. -Sgt. Forge (Halo Wars) -Oni Operative Dare (Halo 3: ODST) -Tartarus (Halo 2) -Yellow Elite Flight (Halo 3) -Steel Spartan H »»

McFarlane Updates Halo Series 6 with Retailer Exclusives

Here is's breakdown of the Halo Series 6 Exclusives: The Halo Series 6 "Medal Edition" was first shown here on a few short weeks ago. Check out our announcement in our news section if you missed it. You should know by now that Mc »»

Images of McFarlane's Halo Series 6

Be the first on your block to see the Halo Series 6 photos. The new 'Medal Edition' series includes new characters, new weapons and 10 different medals for you to collect! The core line includes the assortment debut of the highly coveted Spartan Rec »»

In Stores Now: Halo Series 4

Hitting stores now is Halo Series 4! -Master Chief -Arbiter (Active Camo) -Elite Combat (Tan) -Spartan Soldier EOD (Red) -Spartan Soldier Hayabusa (Blue) -Spartan Soldier Hayabusa (Pink) -Spartan Soldier Scout (Orange) -Spartan Soldier Security (Oli »»

Toy Fair 2009 Coverage: Images & Info from the McFarlane Showroom

Not much information is coming from McFarlane this year...their first year at Toy Fair in sometime. NCAA Football Series 1: -JeMarcus Russell (LSU) -Payton Manning (Tennessee) -Rey Lewis (Miami) -Hines Ward (Georgia) -Tom Brady (Michigan) -Adrian Pe »»

Images of Halo 2009 Wave 2

Below you will see the images of Halo 2009, updated with Wave 2. -Master Chief -Marine -Brute Stalker (Active Camo) -Elite Assault (Silver) -Spartan Soldier Scout (Yellow) -Spartan Soldier EOD (Red) -Spartan Soldier Hayabusa (White) -Spartan Soldier »»

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