DVD Review: Happy Days (The Sixth Season)

Happy Days started out as the coolest show on TV in the mid-70s... »»

DVD Review: Happy Days (The Fifth Season)

Three words: Jump the Shark. »»

DVD Review: Joanie Loves Chachi (The Complete Series, Season 1& 2)

Goofy charming, Joanie Loves Chachi contains the short lived magic of Happy Days. »»

Happy Days May DVD Release Sees The Fonz (And The Series) Jump The Shark

The legendary moment the inspired the phrase "Jump the Shark" is finally coming to home video. »»

Laverne & Shirley Split Up With Final Season DVD Release

Relieve L&S's separation 31 years after it occurred on ABC. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Kentucky Fried Movie

The Kentucky Fried Movie stands out in the world of sketch comedy movies because it has the creative brain trust that would give us films like Animal House and Airplane. »»

DVD Review: Father Dowling Mysteries (The Final Season)

It was no mystery that Father Dowling had no prayer in its third and final season. At least he had 22 adventures before receiving last rites. »»

DVD Review: An American Christmas Carol

Fans of Henry Winkler or Ebenezer Scrooge need to have this DVD (or Blu-ray) on the pile next the egg nog. »»

DVD Review: Laverne and Shirley (The Fifth Season)

This is one of the few times that a viewer needs to hit the bonus features before watching the regular episodes. »»

DVD Review: Fan Favorites: Best of...

Mini-reviews of Fan Favorite DVD releases for The Honeymooners, Hogan's Heroes, Happy Days, The Odd Couple, Cheers, Fraiser, and MacGyver »»

DVD Review: Father Dowling Mysteries (The First Season)

Father Dowling's a good twist on the Silverman’s stable of aging sleuths. »»

The Ron Howard Action Pack - DVD Review

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics Double Feature - The Ron Howard Action Pack is a double feature more exciting than The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. »»

Roger Corman's Cult Classics: Crazy Mama / The Lady In Red - DVD Review

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics: Crazy Mama / Lady In Red are two entries that live up to the excitement of Big Bad Mama without being mere formulaic retreads. »»

Ellery Queen Mysteries - DVD Review

Why Ellery Queen only lasted a season is still a mystery. »»

Galaxy of Terror: Roger Corman's Cult Classics - DVD Review

Galaxy of Terror is filled with as many stars as scares. It’s not quite Alien, but it’s worm attack will make you squirm. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Bugsy Malone

Every day Robert Saucedo shines a spotlight on a movie either so bad it’s good or just downright terrible. Today: When kids ruled the world. »»

Taxi: The Final Season - DVD Review

The lack of a real finale episode should be received as good news after all the overdrawn schmaltz that accompanies a majority of sitcom goodbyes. »»

The Odd Couple: The Final Season - DVD Review

Roommates splitting up can be a freeing process or a sad breaking up. There's no tears for the ones that ate your food, drank your booze and never paid rent on time. On the rare occasion, you'll miss the special roomie who cooked you food, shared their booze and didn't mind when you needed an extra week to pay the rent. The Odd Couple: The Final Season brings us to the final go around for Felix Unger (Tony Randall) and Oscar Madison (Jack Klugman). Over the course of five seasons these divorced middle-aged guys drove each other nuts yet became inseparable in their friendship. »»

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