New Plot Details About Ghostbusters III Revealed

I honestly don't think there is a film I could possibly anticipate any more than this. »»

Ramis Confirms Ghostbusters 3 in 2011

The boys will certainly be back in town! »»

Making Movie History: Who Ya Gonna Call?

"Death is but a door, time is but a window, I'll be back." Vigo said it, but maybe he meant it for those that beat him down. »»

Sigourney Weaver Spoils Big Plot Point For Ghostbusters 3?

Who ya gonna call? SPOILER ALERT! »»

Year One - Blu-ray Review

With the subject matter and cast Year One had the potential to be a really funny film, sadly it aims for the lowest common denominator and misses the mark by miles. »»

Sony Pictures Announces Rated and Unrated Editions of Year One

Sony Pictures has announced that the Harold Ramis comedy Year One will be released at the end of September on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. »»

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