DVD Review: Hazel (The Complete Fifth Season)

Hazel: The Complete Fifth Season brings back the maid for her final service. »»

DVD Review: Hazel (The Complete Fourth Season)

This season marks the last time around for Mr. Baxter to get angry with his maid. »»

DVD Review: Hazel (The Third Season)

Frank Gifford's guest bit should be watched with a couple glasses of wine like his wife's schtick on The Today Show. »»

DVD Review: Hazel (The Complete Second Season)

Finally seeing this show in color is a revelation since Hazel is not a black and white character. »»

Dennis the Menace: Season One - DVD Review

Dennis the Menace: Season One brings back the joy of a kid smiling as he makes everything around him collapse. »»

The Mod Squad: Season 2, Volume 1 - DVD Review

The Mod Squad should be an unintentional comedy after all these decades. Three undercover cops blend with the subcultures around Los Angeles in 1969. The clothes, the hair and the slang should make this a cheesefest like CHiPs. Even with all the historical goofiness, there's no desire to constantly point and laugh at the screen. Why not? Because there's a sincerity between the three young semi-policemen. Linc (Clarence Williams III), Pete (Michael Cole) and Julie (Peggy Lipton) have transformed from troubled teens to a well-oiled crime fighting unit on The Mod Squad: Season 2, Volume 1. »»

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