Demythify: The Dark Knight Rises Ending & Sequel, Total Recall 2012, 1990, 2070 & NASA Mars Mission (Spoilers)

A Dark Knight, an elusive Red Planet, a Rekall "reality" & NASA's real life mission to Mars! »»

New Images of DC Universe Batman Legacy 2-Packs Series 2

Pictures of the new Batman Legacy 2-Packs have started to make the rounds. This time around we will see: -Batman & Honor Guard Joker (The Dark Knight) -The Joker & Robin (Batman: Arkham City) These are slated for November, but then again so w »»

True Grit – Review

Wayne who? Coen's re-adaption blows original out of water. »»

Heath Ledger Helped Ben Cousins Fight Drug Addiction

Digital Spy has an interesting story about the late Oscar winner Heath Ledger. According to DS, "Ben Cousins developed a friendship with late actor Heath Ledger at the height of the footballer's drug addiction, it has been revealed. "The Australia »»

Batman 3 To Come Out On July 20, 2012

nananana nana Bat....eventually! »»

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - Review

Heath Ledger’s final film showcases his talent, along with that of his friends… »»

What's Playing 12/25/09

Want a plane that loop de loops…me, I want a HU-LA HOOP! Merry Christmas everyone! »»

I'm Just Sayin'...#49

Before we get going, I wanna put a quick note out there - I will be a part of a standup contest in the Village next Tuesday, March 3 at a place called The Pinch Bar & Grill, on 237 Sullivan Street between 3rd Street and Sullivan Avenue. Showtime is at 9pm, no cover and no drink minimum. Just come on in and enjoy you some funny. Tuesdays just hang there in the week, too close to Sunday and too far away from Friday - may as well spend it drinking and laughing, if you ask me! Well, drinking, laughing and voting for me would be nice, but just sayin', is all! »»

The SmarK DVD Rant for The Dark Knight (2-Disc Special Edition)

"You've got a little bit of fight in you. I like that."

"Then you're gonna love me."


The Dark Knight (2-Disc Special Edition) - DVD Review

There's always a passing of the guard in nearly every facet of entertainment, some more profound than others. Dwayne Johnson seemingly took the torch of "muscled action hero" from Arnold Schwarzenegger with an oft-forgotten pass by in The Rundown. The Dark Knight featured Heath Ledger taking the torch from Brandon Lee as the "talented young actor who died young right before an iconic role and lives on in t-shirts" part. It just happened that The Dark Knight was the best film of the year and maybe the best of the decade. »»

The Dark Knight - Blu-ray Review

"It's not about the money. It's about sending a message." (The Joker, after he found out how much money The Dark Knight made in theaters) »»

Movie Hardball - The Debut

Editor's Note: As we expand our offerings here at the Popcorn Junkies, John Price has agreed to debut a new column he will anchor on a semi-weekly basis. Leading a discussion-type regular feature has always been something we have wanted to do, now John has developed a feature to help anchor our weekly column lineup with Movie Hardball. Mondays will always be Rob Sutton's to talk about action films, ML Kennedy finishes the week off with his unique and acerbic take on film, and with news and reviews throughout the week a big hole in the middle. So instead of one weekly feature, we're debuting two that will alternate with one another. Rotating with this feature will be Lauren Leigh's debut column about life on the wild side of film, Breuerdise. We hope you enjoy both and will gladly accept any feedback we can get. -- Scott "Kubryk" Sawitz, Popcorn Junkies Editor-in-Chief »»

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