Bret Hart On Why He Hated His HOF Speech, His First WrestleMania & More

Arda Ocal of The Score Television Network had a chance to sit down and interview WWE Hall Of Famer, Bret "The Hitman" Hart in Part 1 of this exclusive and highly revealing interview. Here are some highlights: His speech he gave when he was in »»

Blair's Hart Family Legacy: Smith Who The F Is Smith Hart Hart

After last week's depressing Owen article, we need a pick-me-up. »»

Blair's Hart Family Legacy: The Rocket Owen Hart

Today we review, in Blair's opinion, the most talented member of the Hart family. »»

Blair's Hart Family Legacy: Bruce Sunglasses At Night Hart

Today we cover the story of a man entirely too influenced by a Bruce Springsteen song. »»

Blair's Hart Family Legacy: The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith

An installment of Blair's new series - many trap doors included! »»

Blair's Hart Family Legacy: Teddy Attitude Problems Hart

Proof that being an unknown Hart is not guaranteed to free you from the Hart curse. »»

Blair's Hart Family Legacy: Introduction / Jim The Anvil Neidhart

The introduction and first installment of your favorite Pulse writer's awesome new series! »»

The View From Down Here – Book Review ‘Hitman’ by Bret Hart

The fourth book in my current series - Bret Hart's autobiography. Is it another good read? Come in and find out! »»

Alternate Reality by Vin Tastic – Body parts…

...the idea of forcing an opponent to give up because they can no longer endure the pain you’re dishing out is a powerful road to victory. »»

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