AVX Spoilers: Who Is The Most Recent Traitor?

Who turns this time around? »»

10 Thoughts Review On Uncanny X-Men #526 By Matt Fraction And Whilce Portacio

How did I like the first part of Five Lights? »»

10 Thoughts Review on the Heroic Age Uncanny X-Men #1 by Matt Fraction

How do Cyclops and Hope relate to one another now? »»

REVIEW: X-Men: Second Coming #2

The way this book is set up, with four chapters by different creative teams, each leading off into the book written by the respective writer, this isn't the easiest book to review. For as much as everything links together, these aren't four interco »»

Chris Yost Talks About The Death In X-Force #28

How does he feel about the job he did? »»

X-treme Bias - Second Coming and Events in General

I've really come to loathe many of the events in comics today. Both major companies have had non-stop events for the last few years and every book gets tied in some how. Do I want Peter David to be forced to put his stories on hold so he can have »»

X-treme Bias: X-Force

On of the recent gems of the X-universe has been X-Force. But really, would this team even be around if it wasn't for the original X-Force? You know, the Cable with the Guns and Pockets, Sam the Immortal, and Copycat as Domino. I was a huge X-Forc »»

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