The TV Obsessed Week in Review: House, Girls, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Grimm, Nikita, Supernatural, The Mentalist, Glee, Awake, Criminal Minds, Suburgatory, NCIS

I watched every episode of House, all 177 episodes, so I wanted this finale to be good. For all the criticism of the show I've had over the years, Hugh Laurie remained steadfastly dedicated to the character and to his acting. Every wince, every movem »»

The TV Obsessed Week in Review: Smash, House, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Fringe, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist, The Office, Supernatural, Common Law, Grimm, Awake, The Finder, The Secret Circle, Community, The Big Bang Theory, Revenge, New Girl

Smash's season finale wraps up an absurd season with more absurdity. The height of this comes when Ellis announces to Eileen that he was the one who put the peanut in Rebecca's drink. He gets fired, smiles, strolls off, and we don't see him for the r »»

Monday Morning Critic - Joss Whedon & Firefly / Serenity - House, M.D Series Finale - The Dictator & Chael Sonnen

A DVD review of "Serenity," and a look at the series finale of "House" ... plus The Dictator »»

The TV Obsessed Week in Review: Game of Thrones, Veep, Mad Men, Girls, Glee, Smash, House, NCIS, Magic City, The Good Wife, The Killing, Supernatural, Revenge, Awake, Community, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Grimm

I complain all the time about Glee and how terrible it has become, but if there's one thing it has over Smash, it's the ability to make the viewer have an opinion, good or bad. With Smash, everything kind of just passes by. Eileen and her boyfriend, »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Championship Round Voting Begins with Modern Family and The Walking Dead Facing Off

After a record number of votes, the Final Four has ended. There was plenty of back and forth leads in both matchups. But in the end, we are left with one #1 seed facing off against an unseeded show. The battle between #1 Modern Family and #2 The »»

The TV Obsessed Week in Review: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The Killing, Fringe, New Girl, Being Human, Castle, Smash, House, Glee, NCIS, Bones Psych, The Office, Up All Night, Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23, Awake, Grimm, Justified

I fell behind on television again, so the reviews are a day late.The Killing continued the inquiry into tattoo guy and the mob. They actually catch the tattoo guy and find his drawing of Rosie. Another red herring? Could the show have been fixed? I g »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Final 4 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and The Walking Dead Facing Off

The Elite 8 round voting has ended and there is still one Cinderella show that has made it to the Final Four. But it was fight to get there for sure. The rest of the final four features two #1 seeds and one #2 seed. That means another #1 seed went do »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Elite 8 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Justified, and The Walking Dead All Facing Off

The fourth round voting has ended and one Cinderella show keeps on piling up the wins against top-ranked competition. The rest of the bracket looks about what was expected. There are 8 shows left. Let breakdown what happened in this past round. Th »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Sweet 16 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, New Girl, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, Weeds, Justified, Parks and Recreation, Once Upon A Time, The Office, Chuck, The Walking Dead, and Criminal MInds All Facing Off

The third round voting has ended and there was only real one MAJOR upset. But it was a big one as one of the #1 seeds went down to a unseeded show this round. The ABC Region saw all of its top 4 seeds make it to the round of 16. Breaking Bad, The »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Third Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Dexter, Big Bang Theory Facing Off

The second round voting has ended and a handful of the top seeds were upset by non-seeded shows including one #2 seed! The ABC Region only had 1 upset, though, and that was just the #8 seed Sons of Anarchy barely losing to South Park. The remainin »»

2012 Best TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament - Second Round Voting Continues with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Survivor, Dexter, Big Bang Theory and More!

The first round voting has ended and there were no real upsets. A couple of close calls for some of the top 32 seeds, but in the end, all of them are still in tact. There were lots of closer matchups between non-seeded shows, though. Lets break down »»

2012 Best TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament - First Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Survivor, Dexter, Big Bang Theory and More!

It's that time again! It's the month of March and that could only mean one thing…time for another Inside Pulse TV Tournament, while you drink green beer! The biggest and most talked about tournament during “March Madness" season is still th »»

House Spoilers: House's Wife Ready To Return

It is being reported that House's wife, Dominica is set to return to the show. Karolina Wydra will be back on House in a potentially recurring role in 2012. The character was married to the show's title character last year in an attempt to get a »»

House Spoilers: Hugh Laurie Ready To Quit

Rumours have been running rampant that House's title star Hugh Laurie is ready to leave the show. While the actor is confirmed to stay on until the end of this season (presumably the show's final), he told the Daily Record that he will not do anot »»

House - Episode 8-5 Review - The Confession

It's safe to say the writers have accepted that House is a silly show and aren't interested anymore in realism. The return of Chase and Taub isn't anything spectacular, but it introduces some more fun dynamics--new team and old team, old team plus Fo »»

House 2011 Spoilers: Taub's Double Pregnancy Problem To Be Addressed Tonight

In tonight's episode of House, Taub's double pregnancy storyline will finally be addressed. “It's an episode about lies and concealing the truth and whether it's better to protect those around you from the truth," Jamie Bamber said. “And Taub »»

House - Episode 8-4 Review - Risky Business

It's not surprising that House's eighth season serves up another middle of the road episode. Expectations of a new and improved show are gone, replaced by expectations of the same stuff, represented by Chase and Taub coming back next week."Risky Busi »»

House News: Two and a Half Men's Melanie Lynskey To Guest Star

Her story arc won't involve her being the latest patient Dr. House has to save before the end credits. »»

House Episode 8-3 Review: Charity Case

The whole "character quirk as medical problem" plot has been done so many times on House that it's no surprise that the patient (played by Wentworth Miller) actually has a medical problem which makes him want to give away his things. The added twists »»

House 2011 Spoilers: Chase & Taub To Rejoin Team In November, Chase's Wife To Move Across Country With Their Daughter

In a press release issued today, FOX released some previews for upcoming episodes of House Monday, Oct. 31 HOUSE (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) – “Risky Business" A CEO (guest star Michael Nouri) falls mysteriously ill just days before he signs a con »»

House News: Hugh Laurie Comments On Olivia Wilde's Departure

In a recent interview, the face of House, Hugh Laurie discussed co-star Olivia Wilde's departure from the show to pursue a movie career. “There is a great sadness that Olivia is leaving us and moving on," the actor shares in the following behind »»

House Episode 8-2 Review: Transplant

House back at Princeton‑Plainsboro! Inevitably, House would have made it back into the hospital with a team of doctors to bully around. "Transplant" serves as the bridge between prison episode and the rest of the season, and it's generally a smooth »»

House 2011 News: Omar Epps Admits Foreman Is Ready To Take Over

In a recent interview, Omar Epps admitted that while he didn't think he would be the one to replace Lisa Edelstein's Cuddy as the Dean of Medicine, it was a role that he was ready for. He said that he found out at the start of the season. "I had »»

House Episode 8-1 Review: Twenty Vicodin

Set entirely in a prison setting, "Twenty Vicodin" is immediately reminiscent of the sixth season premiere ""Broken," set entirely in a psych hospital. The comparisons end there, however. Beyond the expect prison trimmings, "Twenty Vicodin" is a typi »»

House Episode 7-22 Review: Moving On

On the heels of news that Lisa Edelstein will not return to House next season, "Moving On" feels right. It begins with an ominous set of circumstances--terse, dark, suggesting that House will do something really bad. The end, in truth, is utterly hil »»

House Episode 7-22 Review: After Hours

There comes a point in a television show's life when a change--any change--would be welcome. For House, that episode is "After Hours." It's certainly far from perfect, but it's different and that has to count for something. I know this isn't the greatest endorsement and I'm not sure how I would react to this episode if it were in an earlier season. Still, given the level of boringness that descended on House this season, let's just give the writers credit for effort. »»

FOX Announces New 2011 TV Season Schedule; Night-by-Night Breakdown

FOX doesn't have as many holes to fill as NBC. Mainly because it doesn't have any original programming on during the 10 p.m. ET timeslot. But it still sends out 6 new shows this season that it hopes will be loved by viewers and maybe pave way for the »»

House Season Finale Spoilers: Who Will Become A Parent For The First Time?

As House gears up for its final two episodes this season, it can be confirmed that someone will become a father for the first-time? As for those wondering where House's new bride is, she will return in some capacity on the show's season finale (and »»

Television Ratings for Monday 5/02/11: Dancing with the Stars, House

ABC won with Dancing with the Stars (4.5) and Castle (2.9). Castle has remained very steady throughout the season.CBS was second with How I Met Your Mother (2.8), Mad Love (2.2), a repeat of Two and a Half Men (2.2), Mike & Molly (2.4), and Hawai »»

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