Wednesday Comments – Five Other Vertigo Books That Should Be Shows

So, by now everyone should be aware that a television series based on the Vertigo title Lucifer is in development at Fox. It joins other DC properties Preacher, DMZ, Supergirl and Titans in development, with Gotham, Constantine and The Flash ready t »»

Wednesday Comments – Vertigo Worry

I'm genuinely worried about the future of Vertigo. I'm worried for a couple of reasons. One reason I'm worried is because a few of the titles I enjoy are ending. Another reason I'm worried is because it doesn't really have a critical darling title in »»

Wednesday Comments - Comics DC Needs To Collect

So it's the holiday time of year. It's a time for gift giving and gift receiving. And naturally, being that I'm into comics, I'm all about getting and receiving comics. Not, not everyone I know is into comics, but for those that are receptive, I tend »»

Human Target, The Chicago Code and three others cancelled by Fox

Fox decides not to give Human Target a third season, amongst others »»

Were Money No Object on Feb. 16 Featuring Noche Roja, Human Target, And Morning Glories

The Book I Want to Buy: Noche Roja GN by Simon Oliver and Jason Latour; Vertigo, $19.99 By this point it's becoming routine - there is a new entry in the Vertigo Crime series of graphic novels, and so I want to check it out. I don't know mu »»

Human Target - Episode 2-13 Review

Wow. This is what Human Target has become, a melodramatic mess. Sigh... What began as a promising action drama is now a laughably sad waste of television, with little plot, horrible character development, and painful scene after painful scene. At least in the first season, you'd just groan at how the plot was the same. Now, everyone is bad. »»

Human Target - Episode 2-12 Review

When Human Target has to stoop to framing an episode around a guy no one cares about talking to Chance, it's not even surprising anymore. "The Trouble with Harry" has the usual action scenes, which are the primary reason for watching these day, a basic plot for the characters to be painfully unfunny, and more forced romance between Ilsa and Chance to the point where they kiss. Luckily, what began as a epic action drama and became a random blob of stuff will likely come to an end next week when the season finale airs. »»

Wednesday Comments – My Top 21 Series of the 21st (So Far…) The Conclusion

Mathan up his Top 21st Series of the 21st Century (So Far...) Finally. »»

Human Target - Episode 2-11 Review

With Fox's latest move to take the post-Idol slot away from Human Target and assign it a Monday burn off along with Lie to Me, it's clear Human Target will have a short lifespan beyond the 13 episodes this season. There's really not more to say at this point. The first season had plenty of awesome and epicness, but the plots were the exact same each week. The second season, retooled to attract female viewers, has had more diversity between episodes but is still mediocre at best. »»

Human Target - Episodes 2-9 & 2-10 Review

We're near the end of Human Target's second season, and if one thing is perfectly evident, it's that Ilsa Pucci is a horrible character. Indira Varma is fine in the role given what little the writers give her. When Ilsa opens her mouth, you can pretty much guess that she's asking why Chance is doing x, y, and z. And the viewers still don't get it, the writers think, so we'll reinforce the point that she wants to keep an eye on things but is clueless how these operations work. »»

Human Target - Episodes 1-7 & Episode 1-8 Review

The good thing about tonight's two episodes is that they move fairly fast and the characters are always doing something. Unfortunately, neither episode was particularly interesting with regards to plot or characterization. »»

My Lists of the Best of Television From 2010

By and large, numbered list are useful only for entertainment purposes. Without standard criteria, lists reflect authors' personal feelings and tastes. And even if there were a checklist for television show attributes, this is still television where everything is widely varied. My mindset is that lists are immensely fun to read and write. It allows for reflection on the past which is sometimes necessary when episodes continue to be produced and watched. I didn't feel like writing much at the end of the year, but I typed some random lists--no criteria, no quantification, just whatever came to mind (and trying to avoid overlaps). »»

Human Target - Episode 2-6 Review

Newsflash: Chance doesn't belong in the suburbs with normal folks. No, that couldn't be inferred by the fact that Chance's job is to maim people--the writers need an entire episode to spell it out piece by piece."The Other Side Of The Mall," in true »»

Human Target - Episode 2-5 Review

While the first season was overly predictable to a T, at least it was epic at times. The retooled Human Target, although more less predictable, lacks character. »»

Human Target - Episode 2-3 Review

"Taking Ames" is the invariant "let's show how loyal the new character is" episode. The new character in questions is Ames. Every character on the show, at heart, is a good person and Ames is no exception. Like Chance, she was drawn into the criminal world out of obligation. Obviously she's prove her loyalty and become a productive member of the team. »»

Human Target - Episode 2-1 Review

Despite having American Idol as a lead in a few times last season, Human Target simply couldn't keep its audience as the ratings dropped each week. I would attribute that to the general repetitiveness and predictability of the plots. Still, Fox gave »»

Human Target (The Complete First Season) - DVD Review

Human Target may not be a perfect television show, and perhaps not a very good one, but what it lacks in quality it makes up in pure unadulterated fun. And sometimes that’s not a bad thing. »»

Weekly Round-Up #43 - Featuring Chew, Spider-Man, and Human Target.

This is one of the smallest new comics weeks I've had in years, and for the first time in my memory, there wasn't a single book published by DC (or any of their imprints) that I wanted to buy. »»

Human Target Delayed Til November, Gets New Time Slot

Delayed until November, but returns to Wednesdays at 9 PM! »»

Disc Deals and Steals of the Week: Bored to Death, Robin Hood and More!

Russell Crowe wields a bow and arrow, Jason Schwartzman plays detective and George Clooney is a Peacekeeper in this week's Deals and Steals. »»

Photos From Human Target's Second Season Premier

Take a look at what's next for Christopher Chance. »»

Disc News: Official Announcment for Human Target's First Season

Warner Home Video releasing the first season on DVD and Blu-ray in September. »»

DC's Human Target: Renewed for Season Two on FOX.

Not sure how many of you have gotten to check out the Fox series based on DC's Human Target comic, but it's a damn good show. Unfortunately though, it was one with an unforseen future. It was rumored that Fox would either renew Human Target, Lie to M »»

Wednesday Comments – Torn About Human Target

I love Christopher Chance. Ah, wait, let me clarify; I love the Vertigo version of Christopher Chance. Peter Milligan's run on the character is one of my all time favorite sagas. It's a collection that I actually cherish. It's one of the comics »»

Will FOX Choose To Save Lie To Me Or Human Target?

Apparently FOX only has the room and budget for its Fall season to save one of their low-rating new programs and the choice has reportedly come down to Lie To Me or Human Target. It is assumed that Lie To Me is the favorite as it is cheaper to make »»

Who's Who In The DCU 5.19.04

Before we begin with the regular column I'm sure that there is a question that's on everyone's mind. Alan DeHaan do you want to speak for everyone? After reading JSA #61, I suddenly have to wonder. The Spectre is rattling off various names who h »»

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