Brett Ratner Is Still A Terrible Director ... And Other Things We Learned From 2014's Other Hercules Film (The One With Dwayne The Rock Johnson) - A Review

Right premise, wrong everything else Rush Hour seems more like an anomaly now than proof that Brett Ratner had any sort of genuine story-telling ability at any point in his career. He's still strong in terms of how he visually tells a story bu »»

DVD Review: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (XXIII)

The four films on Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIII are unsung hits from the show’s run. »»

Trailer and Poster For Jack the Giant Killer Debut

Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer has been a passion product for the X-Men director for some time; next summer it'll finally come to fruition for him. And now the poster and trailer for the film have debuted online. Plot Summary: "Jack the Gi »»

New Full Trailer For Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

New trailer for fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film released »»

Case 39 - Blu-ray Review

The tagline should have read “Some movies should never be made.” »»

Case 39 - Blu-ray Review

From creepy children to deadly phone calls to demonic-influenced hallucinations, Case 39 is overtly redundant. »»

Trailer Watch: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Ahoy, mateys! Reckon you better watch ye trailer or you'll be forced to walk the plank. »»

First Look at Ian McShane as Blackbeard in Pirates: OST (photo)

Ahoy! Al Swearengen dressed as Blackbeard. Photo inside. »»

44 Inch Chest Trailer with Ray Winstone and Ian McShane

All you really need to know is that its tagline is "from the writers of Sexy Beast." If you need further clarification, how about Al Swearengen backs up Mr. French. »»

Death Race - Review

Don't be confused and think this is a remake of Roger Corman's B-movie cult classic from 1975, Death Race 2000. Instead, think of two things: ‘80s action cinema and Sony PlayStation. »»

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