Review: All-New X-Men #15 by Brian Bendis and David Lafuente

Scott and Bobby take a day off, Jean faces her future, but is it good? »»

AVX Spoilers: Who Switches Sides?

Switching sides already? »»

NYCC 2011 Coverage: Marvel Universe Action Figure

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Hasbro!! Check out the images below of the new Marvel Universe figures. 2012 Wave 3 will have The Puck, Angel (Red & Blue), Ni »»

Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 5 Line-Up Revealed (Iceman, Magneto & More)

Online stores are now taking pre-orders for Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 5. This set will include: -Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) -Iceman -Magneto -Iron Man (Tony Stark) -Absorbing Man These are due in October. PK's Pulse: This is probably »»

The Weekly Wishlist: X-Men First Class

Wow, we made it to week 2 of the Weekly Wishlist! After the very positive feedback we received, we are now jumping away from the sports genre of figures, and let’s hit up a category that is very big this year, comic book figures! This year is »»

Separated at Birth?

Here's Bobby Hill from King of the Hill (left) and Bobby "Iceman" Drake as he currently appears in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (right). One of these boys ain't right. »»

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