King Of Trios 2012 Begins Tomorrow In Easton! (with video)

Thanks to CHIKARA for sharing this... It all starts tomorrow night at The Palmer Center! Tomorrow, the biggest tournament in all of professional wrestling arri »»

The Stomping Ground: Kelly Floyd Edition (WWE vs Indies)

Estrogen levels are at an all-time high! »»

10 Thoughts on FSW Adrenaline Rush 1.13.12 -- Tyson Tyler, Johnny Stamboli, Shaun Ricker

Arizona's Future Stars of Wrestling (formerly EXW) kicked off the new year with an explosive show. »»

DGUSA & EVOLVE News Update

New Matches, Last Chance iPPV Sale, Seminar/Tryout, More!     »»

EXW Moves From Online Broadcast To Televised

Love watching the indies rise! »»

EXW Adrenaline Rush 04.26.2011 -- Dom Vitalli, Val Venis, Matt Hardy

Preparing for Xtreme Measures (5/29) with appearances from Bill DeMott and Tommy Dreamer! »»

Bushwhacker Luke Heads to Stadium Inn Tonight for USWO

WWE Alumni and one-half of the Bushwhackers, Bushwhacker Luke, will be headed to Nashville tonight. This one-night-only performance will be down at Stadium Inn for USWO. Luke, who started wrestling for NWA New Zealand, was catapulted into stardom »»

NWA Main Event Results for 02.24.2011, Nashville, TN

Thanks to Lekisha F. Oliver for sharing this with us... NWA Main Event - NWA Arena, Nashville, Tennessee Damien Payne def. Sebastian Stardust Kid Fresh Mike Cobbs def. Road Hog Dave Adkins Shawn Shultz and Big Bully Douglas def. Super Bar »»

Kaval/Low-Ki Indie Date Scheduled; Return to ROH?

Ring of Honor's Cary Silkin commented to us on Kaval's WWE release: "We would love to see the first ROH champion Low Ki back in an ROH ring!" Meanwhile Low Ki has booked what appears to be his first post-WWE indie date, according to WrestlingObse »»


Final show of the year for the RCW crew. How was it? Read on and find out... »»

Wrestler Workout: Nico Elias Casteneda

Learn how to work out like professional wrestler Nico Elias Casteneda. His cardio is the best in Colorado independent wrestling which should give readers more than enough inspiration to figure out how he does it. »»

Former WWE Stars Return to Indies – Daniel Bryan, TWGTT, Serena & More

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas - new ROH tag champs? »»

RabbleCast #191 - Bret Hart's Family in the News & More!

Because this is the 90s... A lot of Hart Family news! »»

Bryan Danielson Notes: WWE Raw and Indies

Bryan Danielson was not mentioned at all in the script for last night's Raw, and his name only came up during Wade Barrett's promo which said that he's no longer with the NXT rookies due to feeling remorse for his actions. He is, however, talking to »»

RabbleCast #186 - WWE, TNA, Indies & More

Lots to talk about this week! »»

Jeff Jarrett's In-Ring Return

Jarrett vs. a former TNA creative team member... »»

Gabe Sapolsky, Sal Hamaoui, and Davey Richards Debut New Wrestling Promotion: EVOLVE

Right now there is only a timer counting down. We'll have more as it breaks. »»

DGUSA's Next PPV Premieres This Weekend

Dragon Gate USA "Untouchable" premieres on pay-per-view TONIGHT at 10pm... »»

Dragon Gate USA 11/28 Card

1st Half Of Double Main Event - Non-Tournament Tag Team Challenge Dragon Kid & Shingo vs. Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi The card will feature a tournament to determine the first DGUSA Champion. The championship will be known as the Open The »»

Chikara Podcast-A-Go-Go 185

Chikara Podcast-A-Go-Go 185 Team Go-Go begins coverage of CHIKARA: Behind the 8 Ball from Easton, PA, April 25, 2009 with match clips including The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Chuck Taylor) plus, International si »»

DG USA News: First Match In Title Tournament Announced

PW Torch's James Caldwell reports that the first match in the DG USA Title Tournament has been announced. It will be former WWE and ECW star Super Crazy vs. Chikara's Mike Quackenbush vs. Dragon Gate's CIMA. The rest of the first round will include t »»

Former WWE Talent Added To Dragon Gate Title Tournament

DG USA has announced that Brian Kendrick and Super Crazy will be involved in the tournament to crown their first champion. They are joined by YAMATO and previous entrants Mike Quackenbush, Davey Richards, and CIMA. The tournament will take place on N »»

New England Championship Wrestling Gets TV Deal

Slam! Wrestling's Richard Kamchen has an article on the indie promotion's deal with Comcast New England, which will "give them access to millions of viewers." That means they may have a better TV deal than ROH. Co-owner and promoter Sheldon Goldberg »»

This Week in Indies

This has been a good week with CHIKARA and ROH doing great things.. but then further sad news coming from, surprisingly, CZW (will it NEVER end?). »»

Report On Danielson's Dragon Gate USA Appearance

Slam! Wrestling's "Bloodthirsty" Bob Kapur has a report on last night's Dragon Gate USA show, which is part of Bryan Danielson's indie farewell tour. He singled out Danielson's match with Naruki Doi and the Young Bucks match with Genki Horiguchi and »»

This Week In Indies: WWE's ROH Purge, IWA-MS, DGUSA's PPV & More

Relatively slow week in the world of indie wrestling but you still get my ball-smacking commentary! That's always fun an unexpected! We got some LVA, ROH news, Dragon's Gate and more.. »»

A Modest Blog on the Best Possible Card for WWE, TNA and the indies

In the comments of Alternate Reality by Vinny Truncellito, Mark Allen claimed WWE could build a card that would rock anything the indies could do. Vinny disagreed. I thought I’d put together the best card possible for WWE, the indies, and TNA to see which turns out best, along with explanations for how it’d work and who would go over. So how about it, readers, which show is best? »»

This Week In Indies

A week that will live in infamy as indies open the doors to fans all around the US to entertain and wow! There were some bumps, bruises, dents, legends, hits, and misses but it's the Indies and we love it! »»

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