Barnes & Noble's Website Leaks ANOTHER Marvel Legends Wave, Possibly Exclusive?

Did spoil another upcoming Marvel Legends wave? »»

The New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Is Awesome And Mysterious

Hulk mad at Tony Stark! Thor electrified! And who is in that cave?! »»

Review: Axis: Avengers & X-Men #4 by Rick Remender & Leinil Francis Yu

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! »»

Review: Axis: Avengers & X-Men #2 by Rick Remender & Adam Kubert

Red Onslaught and his Sentinels kick some serious ass in this one... »»

Review: Axis: Avengers & X-Men #1 by Rick Remender & Adam Kubert

Avengers and X-Men...let's crack some skull... »»

Original Sin Review: Original Sins #1 by Various All-New Marvel Now Writers and Artists

This is Original SINS! Plural. Not to be confused with the main Original SIN series. »»

Review: Original Sin #2 by Jason Aaron & Mike Deodato

The return of a villain you might never even heard of... »»

Blu-ray Review: Iron Man 3

This is a darker, more personal film that manages to feel like a Shane Black film and finds it's place in the Iron Man franchise at the same time. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #193 featuring The Walking Dead, Batman, Infinity, Saga, and more!

Best Comic of the Week: The Walking Dead #113 - Wow, that was an intense issue.  Negan and his Saviors have Rick and a few others at their mercy outside of the walls of their community, and another of the Saviors has found his way into Andrea's sni »»

Open Mike Night: Quantum and Woody (2013) #1 & Share Your Universe: Avengers

Quantum and Woody #1 Written by: James Asmus Art by: Tom Fowler Colored by: Jordie Bellaire Lettered by: Dave Lanphear Published by: Valiant Weaver: So, Quantum and Woody. That was certainly something. Maillaro: I am pretty »»

Review: Age of Ultron #8 By Brian Bendis and Brandon Peterson

Can the newly added timeline help this event reach the finish line? Or is it even worse than the one they left? »»

Review: Age of Ultron #5 By Brian Bendis and Bryan Hitch

The Age of Ultron keeps on rolling! »»

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