Open Mike Night: Scarlet Spider #16 & Ten Grand #1

A drunken armadillo takes over a rodeo! What more do you need to know? »»

Were Money No Object - The March Previews Edition

Do you ever get the feeling that reading about which comics are going to be coming out can be more exciting than reading the actual comics when you get them?  Let's see how May is stacking up... Dark Horse A new Mister X mini-series is startin »»

Review: Before Watchmen: Moloch #1 by J. Michael Straczynski and Eduardo Risso

A classic Watchmen foil takes centre stage »»

The Weekly Round-Up #125 With Spaceman, The Activity, American Vampire, New Deadwardians & More

What's worth reading from last week? Well, come on in and I'll tell you! »»

The Weekly Round-Up #121 With Walking Dead, American Vampire, BPRD, Morning Glories & More

So, what books top this week's list of the cream from last week's crop of books? »»

The Weekly Round-Up #113 With DHP, Planet Of The Apes, Fatale, iZombie, Sweet Tooth & More

Plus Action Comics, Animal Man, Avengers Academy, Defenders & even more! »»

First Look at Before Watchmen Covers

Comic Book Resources posted the covers for Before Watchmen's first issues, check them out! »»

Before Watchmen Mini-Series Coming This Summer

Watchmen Prequels coming this summer by major creative teams! »»

Wednesday Comments – DC's Latest Crisis

I like DC Comics. I've been supporting their products for decades. I've got dozens of DC Direct figures. I've got a few of the DC Direct Green Lantern Power Battery Props. Basically, I dig DC Comics. That said, DC has been consistently mucking up »»

Superman #707 Review or Just Buy Something Else

Things to do in Des Moines when you're Superman? »»

Swedish Directors Tapped To Helm Underworld 4

Kate Beckinsale will return to the vampire vs. werewolf movie series. »»

Review: Superman Earth One By J. Michael Straczynski And Shane Davis

What the hell did they do to Superman?! »»

Shane Davis Talks Superman: Earth One

I might go pre-order this »»

10 Thoughts Review on Superman #702 by J M Straczynski and Eddy Barrows

Glazer takes on Superman in 10 thoughts »»

DC insider creates even newer Wonder Woman costumes

Two more Wonder Woman costumes surface. Which do YOU prefer? »»

REVIEW: Wonder Woman #600 & #601

In which we care about Diana again. »»

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