The Dead Lands Shows The Way Of The Warrior: A Review

A brutal , New Zealand made action/adventure. »»

Super Bowl Spot For Terminator Genisys

Big game TV promo for the summer blockbuster. »»

Blu-ray Review: Titanic

One of the greatest blockbuster movies ever made is now one of the greatest Blu-rays ever made. »»

Titanic Debuts On Blu-ray And Blu-ray 3D In September

Paramount Home Entertainment announces the high-def arrival of the second highest-grossing film of all time. »»

James Cameron The New King Of The Ocean Bottom

Renowned director makes history with solo dive. »»

James Cameron and Martin Scorsese Enjoy 3D Together In Advance Of Hugo

The Hollywood Reporter sat Oscar winners James Cameron and Martin Scorsese down with one another to discuss the power of 3D and videotaped it for all to see. »»

James Cameron's Wallet, err Heart, Will Go On - Titanic 3D Poster & Trailer Revealed

After the record-breaking success of Avatar, James Cameron is going back to the 3D well and going to release Titanic in 3D as well. A poster and trailer for it have been released. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player »»

Blu-ray Review: Battle Beyond the Stars

Little did Lucas and Spielberg suspect that the man that would dethrone them was busily honing his talents in a lumberyard. »»

James Cameron's Titanic To Set Sail Again In 3D

The re-release to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic setting sail and subsequent sinking. »»

Cleopatra Circling Around David Fincher

Project with Angelina Jolie would add to Fincher's hectic work schedule already. »»

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Future Plans Revealed?

Could be reunited with James Cameron and another Arnold in his comeback vehicle. »»

Alien Films to Have Separate Blu-ray Releases

Not fans of the third and fourth Alien movies? You're in luck. »»

Sanctum - Review

Submersible 3-D thriller pits man against nature, bad dialogue. »»

Deal Alert: Alien Anthology Blu-ray Set is Amazon's Deal of the Week

If your grandma squeezes your cheeks too hard on Thanksgiving, strike back with a facehugger. »»

Scary Movies (And Super Creeps) – Predators

Robert Rodriguez-produced sequel may fail to live up to the original but it's a dang fine action film in its own right. »»

James Cameron's Sanctum Takes You Down Under

Trailer for the James Cameron-produced feature uses the same 3D technology as Avatar. »»

Avatar Producer to Write Cameron's Fantastic Voyage

Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) to pen remake of the 1966 film. »»

James Cameron in Talks to Direct Angelina Jolie in Cleopatra?

This could be one incredibly high profile team. »»

James Cameron and George Lucas Plan More 3D Re-Releases

All right teenage girls and nerds, get your wallets out. E! Online reports that "The Star Wars movies are coming back in 3-D. Titanic's coming back in 3-D. Avatar's coming back in 3-D. Oh, wait—that last one already came back (and already was in 3- »»

Titanic Actor Gloria Stuart Dies

The old woman that George Costanza once referred to as "just a liar," Gloria Stuart, has passed away. E! Online reports that "Stuart, the 1930s star, who achieved her greatest fame as the elder version of Kate Winslet's Rose in Titanic, died Sunday. »»

New Details Emerge About Avatar Special Edition DVD/Blu-Ray

Special Edition to include test footage from aborted James Cameron alien film. »»

James Cameron To Bring True Lies to Television

The king of the world to return to the small screen for follow-up to his 1994 blockbuster film. »»

Screen Grabs from Aliens Blu-ray are Simply Stunning

Digital tweaks make James Cameron's Aliens look brand spanking Newt. »»

Pick a Side - Avatar and Piranha Are At War

This was just too awesome not to post. »»

New Avatar Blu-ray/DVD to Include 16 Minutes of New Footage

The theatrical re-release will only have an extra 8 1/2 minutes. Yep, Fox and James Cameron are milking the fans George Lucas style. »»

James Cameron talks Avatar, Mountains of Madness, and Titanic 3D

Does it not amaze anyone else just how much this man has accomplished? And it appears as if he is far from done. »»

Clash of the Titans - Blu-ray Review

James Cameron made it his life’s work to make a 3D film that was spectacular in the format and the remake of Clash of the Titans used it as a cynical ploy to bolster box office receipts. »»

At the Mountains of Madness Will Be Next For del Toro

Film to be shot in 3D, produced by James Cameron. »»

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