Blu-ray Review: The Fog: Collector's Edition

The Fog: Collector's Edition is a sunny and clear presentation even when things get murky. »»

DVD Review: Halloween II (Collector's Edition)

The most entertaining horror sequel since The Bride of Frankenstein. »»

Disc News: Shout Factory spawns Scream Factory

Lately Halloweens haven't been too scary in the DVD aisle. What's more spooky is the ghosts movies that have only haunted from the covers of VHS tapes. That's about to change with the announcement that Shout! Factory is spawning Scream Factory. They' »»

Monday Morning Critic - Lindsay Lohan in Playboy, Halloween (1978)

Lindsay Lohan and the Robert Downey Jr. Guide To Getting Back on Top ... plus a DVD review of John Carpenter's Halloween »»

From the Shelf – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Don't want to venture to the theater this weekend to see Nic Cage fight witches? Stay at home and watch an underrated horror movie sequel starring Tom Atkins and his mustache. »»

You Again - Review

After one viewing you might as well call it Won’t Again. »»

Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) — Burning Bright

A killer tiger stalks a young girl and her autistic brother. Throw in a hurricane and you got yourself a recipe for awesome horror fun. »»

Beverly Hills Chihuahua - DVD Review

Dog movies have always been a sure-fire win for Disney. And why shouldn’t they be? Dogs are adorable, lovable, and when you put a human voice to a dog, it’s like we can finally hear what they’re thinking. Adults may moan and groan at the thought of the newest talking dog feature from Disney, but if they think hard enough, they’ll remember growing up with The Incredible Journey, the original Shaggy Dog with Disney’s go to guy of the 50’s Fred MacMurray, The Ugly Daschund, and possibly the most beloved dog film of all time, Old Yeller. »»

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