Janet Jackson To Join The X Factor?

Super star Janet Jackson is currently in talks to possibly be a judge on next season's The X Factor. If hired, she will be replacing both Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, who were let go after one season. »»

Dr. Conrad Murray Seeking Probation

After being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray is planning to seek probation. As of right now, he faces a maximum sentence of 4 years in State prison, but because of a new California law, Dr. Murray will never serve a day in pri »»

Janet Jackson Reschedules & Reduces Her Tour!

Janet Jackson has announced she will be rescheduling and reducing tour dates, so that she can be with her family during the Conrad Murray trial. Instead of performing on Oct. 26, 27, and 29, she'll now be performing only on Nov. 3 at Rod Laver Arena »»

Why Did I Get Married? - Blu-ray Review

If you’ve ever laid in bed wondering what The Big Chill would be like stripped of its humor, resonance or quality acting, Why Did I Get Married? is here to put those ponderings to rest. »»

Kinect For XBox 360 Dance Central Weekly DLC Update: Rihanna, Janet Jackson & Blur

Here are the tracks that will be available this Tuesday in the Dance Central music store. Blur – “Boys & Girls" Rihanna – “Disturbia" Janet Jackson – “Control" All tracks are $3 a piece (240 XBL points). »»

For Colored Girls - Review

Every woman can relate to some aspect of For Colored Girls »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks - Charm City

I really do love Baltimore. It's a great city with a unique identity and a vibrant culture. It's gruff but with a hint of friendly. It's really hard to pinpoint exactly why I dig this town but here are a few of the reasons why Baltimore rocks... »»

MGF Reviews Kylie Minogue - X

Kylie Minogue - X Capitol Records (4/01/08) Dance-pop / Hi-NRG Kylie Minogue's dedication to the gay and dance music communities, which are not exclusive to one another, has been a long, satisfying relationship. X is her tenth studio album in her 21-year singing career, and one amazing aspect about this record—which will turn some people on and turn some people off—is that she rarely sounds like herself on any of the songs. "2 Hearts" has a very Marilyn-Monroe-meets-"Fever" sex appeal to it, while "Like a Drug" sounds like Britney Spears for the first twenty seconds or so before the more familiar styling in the voice comes out and we're back to realizing this is a Kylie Minogue record. I think if the track had a heavier remix, it could be a hit for Kylie; in its original form, however, it wouldn't be a strong choice as a single. "In My Arms" has what I would want more from Kylie—that classic-disco-meets-pop approach that makes her memorable. One of the album's standout tracks, "Speakerphone", doesn't sound much like Kylie, and whenever I've heard it in the past I think I'd misidentified it in my brain as either Britney Spears or Janet Jackson. However, this would be a strong, strong single for Kylie, while "Sensitized" has some Serge Gainsbourg sampling following it nicely, and complements "Speakerphone" well. "Heart Beat Rock" channels Fergie and Janet at the same time, and it isn't until over a minute into the song that it's obvious that this could be a huge hit for Kylie, and this track would be another good choice to receive the remix treatment. »»

Short Attention Span Theater

Hellfire and bustification, it's about damn time I came back. For those who didn't read 411, I'm Ryan T. Murphy; I used to write this column over there in 2003, as well as the Murphy Mondays news column. I'd like to thank good ol' J.R. Fernandez and Johnny 'Dro for bringin' me back. For the noobs, I like to call Short Attention Span Theater an e-zine rather than a column. As the name suggests, I jump all over the place, with short opinion pieces on music (and possibly a sliver of movie opinions; not to step on the collective toes of Popcorn Junkies, it won't be a main focus). I cover all genres of music although I have a healthy bias toward punk, reggae and Southern rock. And I'm an unbelievably opinionated prick, so if I say something that offends you or that you disagree with, good. Oh and don't expect pictures, I'm still in the fetal stage of these fancy computer writin's. »»

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