Blu-ray Review - The Gunman

There are two types of films that can take an actor into places they don't want to go. The first is the passion project. When an actor is so devoted to bringing a project to light sometimes they don't realize, or don't want to realize, that it migh »»

Sean Penn's Wife Is Taken In First Trailer To The Gunman

Oscar winners Sean Penn and Javier Bardem join forces in Pierre Morel's The Gunman. »»

The Counselor - Review

In need of some guidance. »»

Blu-ray Review: Skyfall

Sam Mendes has put together a film that’s a nice collection of parts from other films that have been modified to fit the Bond formula. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Skyfall [Video]

James Bond is presumed dead after a mission goes wrong in Istanbul. But when M and MI6 come under attack, he resurfaces to stop the terror. Together, they fight a madman bent on personal revenge. Starring Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris »»

Skyfall - Review (2)

Bond turns 50, but he doesn’t show his age at all. »»

Watch This: Bond Is Back In Skyfall International Trailer

Full international trailer for Daniel Craig's third James Bond adventure. »»

First Look: Javier Bardem as a Bond Villain In Skyfall

The first picture of Javier Bardem as a Bond villain in the latest Bond film, Skyfall, has been released. »»

Skyfall Confirmed As Title For James Bond 23, Plus Story Details

James Bond press conference reveals new information about the 23rd big screen Bond adventure. »»

Javier Bardem Offered Role in New Bond Pic

Would be only the second Academy Award winner to play a Bond baddie (if that is indeed the role offered). »»

Biutiful - Review

A somber meditation on the burden of life »»

2011 Oscar Nominations Revealed

The Nominees have been revealed! »»

Rumor: Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortenson Frontrunners for The Dark Tower

Actors being sought for film, television adaptation of Stephen King's beloved book series. »»

Film About the Chilean Miners Already in the Works; Javier Bardem to star?

Based on the incredible story of the 33 Chilean miners, but probably shot in Louisiana for tax purposes. »»

Tom Hanks Considering Role in Kathryn Bigelow's Sleeping Dogs

I don't think Sleeping Dogs will die in what could be a star-studded affair. »»

Javier Bardem Confirms Penelope Cruz's Pregnancy

Rumors have been swirling, and now someone in the know has confirmed it. PEOPLE reports that "The future father [Javier Bardem] was brief and to the point. 'It is true,' Javier Bardem said of his wife Penélope Cruz's pregnancy. 'I am very happy'. »»

Is Penelope Cruz Pregnant?

Looks like there may be a stowaway on board the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. »»

Roadside Attractions Acquires I Love You Phillip Morris, Biutiful

The indie label picks up two projects that have long had problems finding distribution. »»

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz Get Married

What a great looking couple. »»

Glee Attracting Oscar Winner for Second Season

Said he pitched the idea to co-creator Ryan Murphy after they did Eat, Pray, Love »»

No Country for Old Men (3-Disc Special Edition) - DVD Review

Adapted from the novel by Cormac McCarthy, the film is equal parts crime drama and western. Based in 1980 on the U.S/Mexico border, the film is dark and not typical of what usually the Academy rewards as its Best Picture. But nothing is typical from the artists behind this as well as Fargo, Blood Simple and Burn After Reading . . . »»

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Love is one of those things that is the best thing to ever happen to someone and also the most confusing all at the same time. One can go through their entire lives falling for person after person and always thinking they love them, but never finding that one true love. Then there are those that can find a special someone and know they are the "one." It's hard to say which is worse, never being able to be with your true love after finding them or never finding them. Either way, that is a love worth fighting for and if you don't; then perhaps you never really wanted them in the first place. »»

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There are choices in life that need to be made. Some could be as simple as what clothes you are going to wear for the day although for a few people, that could be considered a rather crucial decision. But for those with their minds a little more at ease, it's the bigger decisions needing to be made like whether you should buy a house, wondering if quitting your job is the right answer, or just knowing the right thing to do. Some choices are faced with consequences that you know will come, but the prize far outweighs those consequences because you aren't looking at the bigger picture. You're simply looking immediately in front of you. And if right in front of you sat a dead man and a satchel full of money, would you really think not to take it? You should. Llewelyn Moss is a simple man. He lives out in Texas and goes about his business each day never bothering anyone. A retired welder and Vietnam vet, Moss spends most of his days with his rifle hunting some game out on the wild plains. One day while out hunting, he stumbles across a grouping of five trucks, each one a little more torn up then the next. Scattered around are the dead bodies of some Mexican men that Llewelyn concludes were involved in some type of drug deal gone wrong. »»

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