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Before I even start, don’t forget to read BD’s excellent review. If you haven’t yet, go, now, I don’t want to see you here before you have!

That being said, let’s take a look at This year’s Slammiversary. First of all let’s be fair here, many, including me, were expecting a train-wreck and, well, it wasn’t. Does that mean it was a good show? Not exactly. As so often with TNA it’s seldom as simple as good or bad.

Take the X-division Three-way for example. Good match? Absolutely, even if there were some sloppy  spots, those three worked their asses off to entertain, no doubts about that. Of course  couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Tenay harping about how the X-Division is part of the promotion’s DNA and how important it is. Really Mike? Is that why the match was barely promoted and got zero build-up in the weeks leading up to this? And that’s the problem, good match, good effort by all three , but still feeling somewhat pointless because the X-Division is just kinda there and while the matches are usually good, little is done to push or support them with story-lines.

Gods that Jessie Godderz  promo at the start was bad. They really should keep him away from any microphone. But at least there was some sort of logical story between him and Robbie E. Not that bad of a match, but that finish came out of nowhere. Why do I have the sinking feeling Godderz is gonna get pushed over Robbie E despite the result?

Matt Morgan vs Bram was transformed into a street-fight so, of course, those two ended up having a normal match, and a rather boring one at that. Here is the thing TNA, adding meaningless stipulations just before the match starts is just silly. Stop doing that. Generic Matt Morgan match, and Bram looked lost out there at time. If he is supposed to be the “next big thing” for TNA, as some are suggesting, they have a long road ahead of them. Still, funny how commentary kept trying to sell the “carnage”… That wasn’t really happening.

ECIII promo. That’s the guy many are saying is good? Sorry, still don’t see it.

Aries vs Richards is probably one of the main reasons why the show isn’t being panned by critics. Hell Aries on his own is probably one of the main reasons TNA still got viewers. A fantastic match, while the finish might fall a bit flat, with a team called “Dirty Heels” it’s kinda expected so I can go with it. This once. To put things into perspective, TNA’s tag team division is one of the few things TNA got praised for recently and look no further than those 4 individuals for the reason why. I don’t know if the rumors about Aries leaving are true, but if they are, this might be the biggest blow yet for TNA.

Knockouts are the other thing that is mostly good in TNA, when creative doesn’t go wild with them at least. This was fine while it lasted. The Dollhouse has that kind of creepy-sexy thing going on for them. Not bad.

The Non-sanctioned, Revenge for attempted Murder, hey look at us we’re doing Vince Russo even better than Vince Russo Match was, frankly, a good effort from both Storm and Magnus. Only problem was, the over-booked mess that was the lead-up to this one killed it before it even started.

Ethan Carter III in what was basically a filler match. Yes, that I get, that’s his place.

The King of the Mountain  gimmick is supposed to have given us some great matches in the past. I’m not sure I fully agree since the whole concept is an over-booked mess almost by definition. Perhaps not the worst of them, I wouldn’t know, I’m really not into such matches myself, but Jeff Jarrett winning? They do realize it’s 2015 right? And yes, Jeff looked to be in great shape, and yes he can still be used, even NJPW did so, in Tag matches, down the card. Never in a main event winning a title. This is not his place anymore (assuming it ever was), TNA, GFW and Jarrett himself should realize that by now.

Conclusion: No you can’t really say this was bad but yes TNA is still very much in trouble. Blame the booking, you would be absolutely right in this case.


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Vince Russo Blog: Full Analysis of Jeff Jarrett/TNA Situation Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:02:27 +0000

If there were any situation to which Vince Russo could add perspective, it is with Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter, two of his top proponents.

Here is his latest blog discussing Jarrett’s return to TNA:


Dissecting The Jarrett/TNA Angle


Strictly from a philosophical point of view, in looking at the writing of this past Wednesday’s Jeff Jarrett/TNA angle, there was just so much left on the table by the TNA Creative team, that it just begs the question–“WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING?!”The four major flaws of the story that I’m about to point out, can clearly be seen by any wrestling fan who understands the fundamentals of writing a solid, compelling, logical storyline. Seriously—I’m not pointing any of these things out because I’m Vince Russo, I’m pointing them out because they are BLINDING, and by the life of me I cannot understand how the entire TNA creative team missed them.


When you are in a situation where your back is against the wall, and you must deliver ratings to the network IMMEDIATELY, why, in the name of Argentina Rocca, would you hold Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA BACK AS A SECRET?! This makes absolutely zero sense in the big scheme of things. If you know Jarrett is going to be on your show, and you want to draw an audience because of it, you have to use every outlet available to you to let the audience know that if they tune into IMPACT at 9pm est.–THAT THEY ARE GOING TO SEE THE RETURN OF JEFF JARRETT!!!

Why—would you hold that back as a “surprise”, WHY? That doesn’t make sense to anybody. You need people to watch your show NOW, and the biggest bullet that you can possible put in your gun—-IS KEPT A SECRET? Seriously–are you kidding me?! Not only didn’t you tell your Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, that Jarrett was going to be on the show—but you didn’t tell anyone else either! This is just about as elementary of a mistake that the company could have possibly made. Even if the Jarrett “surprise” was a last minute deal, you still had to think that it would have taken the Jarrett’s three hours to fly from Nashville to Orlando, which would have been plenty of time to get the word out through social media. Listen we all know how much Dixie Carter loves going on twitter, if she would have confirmed that Double J was going to be on the show, through the buzz alone she could have generated thousands of move viewers to the show. But—to tell NOBODY—again…WHY?


The entire key to writing any wrestling show, is to “at least” attempt to hook your viewer from the beginning of the show to the end. It’s called the “thread” of the show. You take your “A-story” and weave it throughout the entire body of the show. How it’s usually done is this–

1. You intro the story at the top of the show.

2. At the half-way point of your show you “reinforce” that story with a major development.

3. You pay the story off at the end of the show.

In conjunction with that, you use backstage vignettes throughout the show, between the beginning, middle and end of your story. This is a BASIC formula used in writing any successful wrestling show. This formula was used by Ed Ferrara and myself,  every week during the Attitude Era.

In Wednesday’s nights case, Jarrett showed up somewhere around the middle of the show, cut a promo, and left. That was it. A story that has been in the making for almostTHIRTEEN YEARS, was handled as just “another segment”, when it should have been the ENTIRE SHOW!!!


Having been there for 10 years, I cannot even explain to you the turbulent relationship that Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter have had for over a decade. If you want to truly understand it in detail you can go to my website To give you a real condensed version–Jeff Jarrett started TNA. Dixie Carter’s family monetarily saved TNA from going out of business when Jeff lost his investor 2 weeks in. Dixie becomes Jeff Jarrett’s boss. They don’t get along. Jeff has a relationship with Kurt Angle’s wife, Karen. Dixie finds out–sends Jeff home. Jeff is allowed to return as a talent after the begging and pleading of Head Writer Vince Russo. Jeff returns. Vince Russo leaves. Jeff is eventually sent home a second time. Those are the facts.

The way it plays out on TV, TNA decides THAT THEY WANT JEFF TO WRESTLE IN A MATCH THAT HE CAN BE IDENTIFIED WITH. What? Are you even freaking kidding me? That is your story? After 13 years of perhaps one of the most tumultuous relationships in wrestling history—THAT’S THE ANGLE?

Honestly, I don’t know if this story could have been written any more poorly. That’s just about as weak a storyline as you could get. I can’t even imagine me sitting in that room and that idea being pitched. I swear I would have thought that they were playing a rib on me.


Nothing . . . zero. For all we know Jeff Jarrett isn’t even going to BE on the show.

Look, man, I’m not doing this to knock and attack TNA, if you think I am—fine—but the truth is, I just can’t believe how much they missed the mark on this. With the combined numbers of the first play, and the replay, IMPACT only achieved 2,000 more viewers than last week, and yeah, of course they’ll say that viewers didn’t know that Jeff was going to be one the show—YEAH, THEY SURE AS HECK DIDN’T BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T TELL THEM.  Add to that that you didn’t even bother to use Jeff as the thread to keep the audience, and build the audience, and you have a situation when you fumbled the ball ON THE HAND-OFF!!!

Guys, I’m sorry, but if it really is put up, or shut up time for the company—you’d better rip the duct tape from your mouth before next week rolls around.

You can follow Vince daily on the RELM NETWORK at×120.jpg

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JR Blog: Jeff Jarrett Thoughts, TNA/GFW “Need Each Other”, Tough Enough 2015, Praise for Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy Fri, 26 Jun 2015 17:05:05 +0000

Jim Ross had some interesting thoughts on TNA and Jeff Jarrett in his latest blog

on TNA and GFW need each other
Looking at the bigger picture it would seem to be that both TNA and GFW need each other right now. Neither are on top of their game as TNA is rebuilding on a weak network while Jeff’s GFW is just being launched and has no momentum. If the two organizations can reprise an ‘invasion angle’ that can lead to a fresh, major storyline for Wednesday night TV and then bleed over to the GFW live events then it can perhaps become a win-win for both parties.

on Another possibility
Another possibility is for the Jarrett’s to go back into business with TNA to the extent of perhaps even buying the brand. If Jeff and my Oklahoma friend and neighbor Toby Keith can get the right business deal then money is no object in buying the maligned brand outright and taking it to a new direction and hitting the re-set button which is what I would do including getting rid of the any thing resembling TNA in the name of the company. Toby and I are good friends and he is a wrestling fan but is foremost a savvy businessman. Toby will not make a bad deal because he doesn’t long to be a wrestling company owner but he does like to make money and people with money love to make “new” money.

on Kurt Angle vs. Matt Hardy
BTW…really good job by Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy in their main event match. Yep, I’m biased as both were two of my signees. Sorry to be so biased but they are still excellent bell to bell talents. Wolves vs. Heels was good too and EC3 is evolving into a great villain but can still get much better at his unique craft. I enjoy watching him work.

on Tough Enough on the USA Network
Watched Tough Enough on the USA Network Tuesday night after returning from England and recording some podcast content. It is a 100% reality show and in time I hope that I become attached to some of the participants. No one has jumped off the page at me as being a future WWE Superstar but it’s way too early for that to occur. Hopefully, the TV ratings will increase and that is largely dependent on how well the show is promoted on RAW and if a couple of characters can get ‘hot.’ Again, it’s way too early to even guess if any one on the ‘cast’ will ever headline a Wrestlemania but one never knows.

Check out JR’s full blog and buy some BBQ at

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary IX (Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett) Thu, 25 Jun 2015 13:00:50 +0000 slammiversary 2011

For an easy to navigate archive of my TNA reviews, please visit Total Nonstop Ziegler!

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – June 12, 2011

MATCH #1: TNA World Tag Team Championship Match – James Storm & Alex Shelley vs. The British Invasion

Storm and Robert Roode have been the Champions since 1.9.11, and this is their sixth defense. Alex Shelley is being allowed to sub for the injured Roode for this important title match. Roode accompanies the makeshift team to the ring, and then joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. Douglas Williams and Magnus are back together for lack of anything better to do.

Storm and Williams start the match with some chain wrestling. Shelley quickly tags in and I have flashbacks to Ring of Honor circa 2004 and the Pure Title. They don’t last long though as Magnus tags in. Storm tags himself in and the champions effectively double-team their challengers. Shelley is all over both opponents, but the Brits are able to cut him off with some crafty double-teams. Williams and Magnus keep Shelley isolated in their half of the ring. Magnus hits a nice vertical suplex as the crowd tries a USA chant to get Shelley going. Shelley avoids the Chaos Theory and makes the hot tag. Storm is a house afire, throwing the Brits around the ring. He dumps them to the floor and Shelley wipes Williams out with a dive. Back in the ring the champs use more double-team moves. Shelley rolls to the floor and then Magnus tosses Storm through the ropes. Storm and Williams are the legal men, and they trade finisher reversals, and then Williams gets kicked in the head from both sides by the champs. Shelley throws Williams into a lungblower by Storm, and then Shelley follows with a double stomp off the top rope for a two-count. The referee has lost control of this one. Storm gets a mouthful of beer and accidentally spits it into Shelley’s eyes. Shelley then accidentally superkicks Storm in the face. The Brits then hit their version of the Hart Attack but it only gets two. After some heel miscommunication Storm hits Magnus with the Last Call and Shelley follows with Sliced Bread #2 for the win at 10:56. That was a great way to open the show. Why do I get the feeling it will be the best match of the night?
Rating: ***½

MATCH #2: Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner

Morgan scores the first knockdown, and follows with a bodyslam. They spill to the floor and Morgan slams Steiner back-first into the apron. Back in the ring Morgan signals for the Chokeslam but Steiner is able to counter with a low blow out of the referee’s line of sight. Steiner goes to work now, even hitting the belly-to-belly suplex for two. After a few minutes Steiner runs into a boot in the corner and Morgan unloads on him. Morgan crushes Steiner in the corner and then hits a side slam. He follows up with a Michinoku Driver of all things for a two-count. Steiner comes back with a t-bone suplex for two. Morgan cuts him off with a clothesline for two. Steiner comes back with a Flatliner for two. He locks on the Steiner Recliner and Morgan powers his way to the ropes. Morgan stands up and Steiner counters him with a victory roll for two. After a series of reversals Morgan is able to land the Carbon Footprint to get the pin at 9:22. That was a solid power match and way better than I thought it would be.
Rating: **¾

MATCH #3: TNA X Division Championship Match – Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Kazarian

Abyss has been the Champion since 5.19.11, and this is his second defense. The challengers take it right to the Champion, desperately trying to take the gold from him. Abyss of course is able to thwart them both in the early going. He throws Kendrick on top of Kazarian on the floor. The challengers regroup and both charge back into the ring and take Abyss down in the corner. They spill to the floor and continue taking it to the Champion. Back in the ring Abyss uses his power to resume control, throwing Kendrick and Kazarian around. Abyss focuses on Kazarian and hits him with the Shock Treatment. He goes for a Vader Bomb but misses. Kendrick goes low with a dropkick to the knee. He continues with a flurry of dropkicks, including one from the top rope for a two-count. Kendrick hits a tornado DDT for a two-count. He goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Abyss blocks it and hits a hard Chokeslam. Kazarian busts in and hits a rana from the top rope. He follows with a handspring elbow, and then joins Kendrick for a double-dropkick. They continue the double-teaming, as Kazarian hits a flying elbow drop and Kendrick hits a Frog Splash. Both men cover but only get a two-count. Abyss recovers and rams Kazarian’s head into Kendrick’s head. The Champion rolls to the floor and the challengers tear into each other. They fight to the top rope and after a series of reversals Kendrick hits a single-leg dropkick. Abyss pulls Kendrick to the floor and covers Kazarian for the win at 12:03. I was digging the match and think the finish is okay in principle, but a single-leg dropkick was enough to put Kazarian down? What a pussy.
Rating: **½

MATCH #4: Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

Crimson charges the ring and the brawl is on right away. Joe pitches Crimson tot eh floor but tries a dive and runs right into a hard forearm shot. Back in the ring Crimson starts wearing Joe down. Joe catches a knee and executes a dragon screw leg whip. He goes to work on the leg, keeping Crimson on the mat. Crimson fights back with an armbar. Joe gets the ropes. They get back to their feet and Crimson hits a t-bone suplex. Crimson follows up with a double-arm DDT for a two-count. Joe fights back with a hard release German Suplex and a clothesline for two. He goes to the second rope and hits a leg lariat for another near-fall. Joe hits a powerbomb and rolls it into a half crab. Crimson reaches the ropes to break the hold. They trade slaps and Crimson hits a Spear. Both men rise again and trade strikes. Joe gets Crimson in position for the Muscle Buster but Crimson jumps over him. Instead Joe goes for the Choke but Crimson breaks that and hits the Red Sky for the pin at 10:32. That was another decent power match, but I can’t shake the fact that Joe is capable of so much more.
Rating: **½

MATCH #5: TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match – Mickie James vs. Angelina Love

James has been the Champion since 4.17.11, and this is her third defense. Love (accompanied by Winter) is a lovely shade of orange tonight. She uses her orange powers to take it right to the Champion and bring her down to the mat. Love works on the arm and stomps James down in the corner. James comes back with a hurricanrana but gets distracted by Winter at ringside. Love hits a suplex for two. Winter interferes and slams James down to the floor. Love goes outside and continues the abuse. James counters and whips Love into the steel steps. Back in the ring they slug it out and the crowd couldn’t care less. James unleashes a flurry of offense, including a Flapjack. She goes up top and hits the Thesz Press. James sets up for the Mick Kick but Winter grabs her leg. The distraction doesn’t help, as James hits the kick anyway. James covers but Winter puts Love’s leg on the bottom rope to break it. Love hits the Botox Injection but only gets two. James comes back and signals for the DDT, pausing first to knock Winter to the floor. She then hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Love gets a rollup with extra leverage for two. James then manages to blow her finishing move but gets the pin anyway at 8:02. That was dull and uneventful, with a blown finish to boot.
Rating: *½

Winter attacks James after the bell, and Love gets in on the beat-down as well. Referee Earl Hebner is able to run them off.

MATCH #6: Last Man Standing Match – AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray

They try to psyche each other out and then Styles takes it right to his larger opponent. Ray comes back with a hard knockdown but Styles is game for a fight. They continue to trade control back and forth in the opening minutes. Ray is in control as the fight spills to the floor. He throws Styles around into the guardrails and steel steps. Back in the ring Ray continues the abuse. Styles asks for more, standing up to the Bully. He’s able to finally fight back with an enziguiri and the springboard flying forearm. They take it to the top rope and Styles hits a Pele. Styles hits some mounted punches but Ray counters with a sitout powerbomb off the ropes. Both men are down. They get up and take it back to the floor, where Ray tries to hit Styles with the chain from his awesome chain wallet, but Styles avoids it and uses the chain himself. Ray is busted open. Back in the ring Styles hits the springboard 450 splash for an eight-count. Styles then slams Ray down to the floor and follows him out with a house show dive. He signals for the Styles Clash but Ray picks him up and drops him face-first on the apron. They fight up the aisle and Ray signals for the powerbomb but Styles avoids it and hits an enziguiri and the Pele. Ray rolls off the stage and Styles leaps down with a flying forearm! Styles sets up a table and then cracks Ray with a chair before setting him on it. He goes back to the top of the stage and then climbs up the truss of the set and delivers a huge flying elbow! That should be the finish. It sort of is, as Ray is able to kick Styles through a piece of the set and then is barely able to get back to his feet before the count of 10 at 20:19. They established a good dynamic early on and stuck with it. The violence and spots built as the match went on, which is always a plus. Unfortunately the finish was a bit deflating. This was the time to give AJ Styles a big win, not Bully Ray. At least the match was really good.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #7: TNA World Championship Match – Sting vs. Mr. Anderson

Sting has been the Champion since 3.3.11, and this is his sixth defense. He attacks Anderson during his pre-match introduction, but not soon enough for my liking. They make their way to the ring and Sting is in control. The fight quickly moves back to the floor and Anderson fires back. They fight through the crowd. Eventually they make their way back to the ring and Anderson begins working on Sting’s arm. Anderson gets a schoolboy rollup for two. The arm work continues as the crowd goes to sleep. Anderson tries a Stinger Splash but misses. He then goes right back to work like nothing happened. Sting fights back with punches. He takes Anderson down and tries the Scorpion Deathlock, and Eric Bischoff makes his way out to distract him. Sting tries a Stinger Splash but misses. Anderson hits the Finlay Roll for a two-count. Sting responds with a DDT for two. He tries a Vader Bomb but Anderson gets his knees up for another near-fall. Anderson hits the Mic Check but Sting kicks out. He goes up top and Sting knocks him down. Sting hits a Stinger Splash to the back and then the Scorpion Death Drop. Bischoff awkwardly interferes and Sting only gets a two-count. Anderson gets a low blow and the Mic Check to get the pin and win the title for a second time at 15:51. That was long and dull with a pointless result, as Sting won the title back about a month later. Anderson is horrible.
Rating: *

MATCH #8: The Final Battle – Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Angle’s Olympic Gold Medal is on the line, and this is also a #1 Contender’s match. Both men are cautious in the early going. They take it to the mat, which is obviously to Angle’s advantage. Angle dominates to start, keeping Jarrett off balance. Jarrett backdrops Angle to the floor to get a reprieve. Now Jarrett goes on offense. He tries a cross body block but Angle has the same idea and they collide with each other. Back on their feet Jarrett uses the Sleeper. Angle breaks it up and hits a release German Suplex. They both rise and start trading punches. Angle gets the better of it and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. He hits a dropkick off the second rope for a two-count. Jarrett does that stupid spot where it looks like he’s trying a rana just so Angle can powerbomb him. Angle tries the Ankle Lock but Jarrett rolls through to break it. Jarrett hits a DDT for two. He goes for the Stroke but Angle counters to the Angle Slam for a near-fall. Angle goes up for the moonsault but Jarrett rolls out of the way. Jarrett hits the Stroke for a two-count. He tries a Tombstone Piledriver but Angle counters to the Ankle Lock. Jarrett rolls through again and Angle runs into the referee. That gives Jarrett the chance to hit a low blow. Jarrett then smashes a guitar on Angle’s head. Earl Hebner makes his way out and counts two. Jarrett argues with Hebner and Angle rolls him up for two. Angle then hits three rolling German Suplexes for a two-count. He goes for a superplex but Jarrett pushes him down, so Angle pops up for the belly-to-belly suplex. That only gets two. Angle charges into the corner but misses and cracks his shoulder. Jarrett hits a Super Stroke but it only gets two! He then locks on the Ankle Lock, but Angle reverses it to one of his own. Jarrett taps out at 17:39! That was a good wrestling match but as the end to a bitter feud it felt lacking in emotion. At least it was a far better choice for a main event than Sting versus Anderson that’s for sure.
Rating: ***¼×120.jpg

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Jeff Jarrett Makes Surprise Return To TNA, “Hugs It Out” w/Dixie Carter, Rumors of TNA/Global Force Merger Thu, 25 Jun 2015 04:18:49 +0000

Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA tonight on a “live” Impact, appearing as an on-air surprise with his wife Karen Jarrett.

There are rumors that TNA and Global Force Wrestling will be merging in some way, with some reports having Jarrett interested in buying TNA.

Jarrett announced that he would be wrestling at Slammiversary in the King of the Mountain Match.

Here are videos that TNA released of Jarrett and Dixie Carter:×120.jpg

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Slammiversary 2006 (Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Sting) Sat, 20 Jun 2015 13:00:55 +0000 slammiversary 2006

For an easy to navigate archive of my TNA reviews, just visit Total Nonstop Ziegler!

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – June 18, 2006

PRESHOW MATCH: Team Canada vs. The Naturals

Team Canada is represented by Eric Young & A1 tonight. The Naturals are being advised by Shane Douglas at this point. Young and A1 attack right away but the Naturals weather the storm and toss A1 to the floor, and then Stevens sends Young to the floor. Stevens backdrops Douglas over the top rope onto both opponents. Back in the ring both men make tags and Douglas is a house afire. The match turns into a brawl, and the Naturals hit the Natural Disaster on A1. Douglas has A1 covered but Young hits an elbow off the top rope and rolls A1 on top and that gets the pin at 2:11. Well they certainly didn’t get time to develop much of anything, but it was alright for two minutes.
Rating: *

MATCH #1: Bingo Hall Brawl – The James Gang vs. Team 3D

The teams come brawling out of the entrance ramp right as the pay-per-view begins. Team 3D is in control. Brother Ray and Kip James make it to the ring first and battle with chairs. Kip hits Ray across the back with one, and then hits a chair into his face with another chair. Brother Devon gets in the ring with a kendo stick and whacks away with it. Team 3D hits the double-team neckbreaker on Kip for a two-count. They fight up by the Spanish Broadcast Position, and the Latin American Xchange beats on both teams. Meanwhile Ray sets up a guardrail between four chairs. Ray hip tosses Kip right on the guardrail. BG James jumps off the steel steps to wipe Devon out in the crowd. They fight through the people, and Kip joins them with a trash can lid and regains control. Everyone fights back towards the ring and they introduce more weapons. Ray uses a cheese grater to bloody Kip’s forehead. Team 3D goes for the What’s Up on BG, but he holds up a trash can lid right into Devon’s face. Ray then puts the lid on BG’s nuts, and BG helpfully doesn’t move it out of the way, and Ray hits it with a golf club. Kip comes back with a Fame-Ass-Er on Ray on a trash can. Team 3D comes back with the Doomsday Device but Kip kicks out at two! They bring out a table now and the greedy jerks in the crowd chant “we want fire.” Team 3D dispatches BG to the floor and hits the 3D on Kip through a table to get the win at 10:04. That was passable for a hardcore brawl.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #2: Handicap Match – Rhino vs. Team Canada

This version of Team Canada is Bobby Roode and Coach Scott D’Amore. Rhino comes charging down the ramp (huge shock) and goes right after Roode as D’Amore hightails it. Back in the ring Rhino gets distracted by D’Amore and Roode locks on a headlock. That doesn’t last long before Rhino comes back and throws Roode all over the ring. D’Amore refuses to tag in willingly, but when he slaps Roode on the back the referee rules it a tag and Rhino forcibly brings D’Amore in the ring. Of course D’Amore runs away to the floor, and Rhino chases him, only to get clotheslined by Roode. Back in the ring D’Amore gets a two-count. D’Amore does jumping jacks, giving Rhino time to recover. Roode sneaks in the ring and hits Rhino with a Stunner and D’Amore gets a two-count. Now Roode and D’Amore work quick tags in and out to wear Rhino down. Every time Rhino tries to hit a big move on D’Amore, Roode comes in to break it up. After several minutes Rhino fires up and hurls Roode across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Roode comes back with a neckbreaker for two. D’Amore comes back in and misses the moonsault entirely. Roode tries to interfere but Rhino was ready for him. Somehow the referee gets distracted enough to allow D’Amore to hit Rhino with the hockey stick. Rhino comes back with a spinebuster and throws Roode to the floor. He drills D’Amore 11:00. I’m not a big fan of the feud and I don’t think it particularly did anything for Roode, but the ending was satisfying.
Rating: **

MATCH #3: X Division Rankings Match – Senshi vs. Shark Boy vs. Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt

The order of elimination in this match will correspond with their ranking in the X-Division Title picture. Boy and Williams start the match with some mat and chain wrestling. In a silly little spot, Boy blocks the Oh Canada and connects with the Shark Bite. Williams goes to the floor and Boy follows him out for not much. Back in the ring Boy makes the tag to Lethal. They double-team Williams but can’t put him away just yet. Lethal hits a backbreaker for two. Senshi tags in and immediately hits a couple of kicks to the chest for two. Lethal comes back with a dropkick for one. He hits a flapjack for another two. Senshi comes back with Black Magic fort two, and then tags Shelley into the match. Shelley goes to work with submission holds and a lungblower for two. Lethal comes back with the cartwheel into a dropkick for two. Lethal tags Dutt, who hits a nice rana on Shelley and goes after the arm. Dutt goes for the Sprinkler but Shelley knocks him down and gives Dutt’s balls rope burn. Shelley hits a Lionsault for two. Everyone gets in the ring for what Tenay calls a “six-pack suplex.” The dust settles with Boy working over Dutt. Boy goes for the Dead Sea Drop but Dutt avoids it, only to get hit with a neckbreaker. Now Boy goes up top and misses a flying elbow, and Dutt hits a standing shooting star press for the first elimination at 10:36. Shelley takes control of Dutt, and then Lethal makes a blind tag. Lethal tries the Lethal Injection but Shelley avoids it and hits that dropkick to the ass in the corner. Shelley hits a brainbuster and then goes for a senton. Lethal gets his knees up and then hits the Lethal Injection for the pin to eliminate Shelley at 12:33.

The match breaks down to a bit of a brawl as we’ve decided the final four. They spill to the floor and start hitting dives. Dutt wins that battle with a big moonsault on all three remaining opponents. Lethal and Williams get back in the ring and Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer to eliminate Lethal at 14:32. Dutt comes in the ring to battle Williams, who maintains an advantage. Williams and Senshi work together briefly, but miscommunication ends that partnership. Senshi tags himself in and blasts Williams with a clothesline. He goes up top for the Warrior’s Way but Williams blocks it. Williams tries a super Canadian Destroyer but can’t hit it. Dutt grabs him with a standing Sliced Bread, and Senshi follows with the Warrior’s Way to get the pin and eliminate Williams at 17:04. Senshi goes back up top but Dutt blocks him and hits a super rana. Dutt hits a tornado DDT for two. Senshi blocks a sunset flip attempt and hits a double stomp for two. He tries the Ki Krusher but Dutt avoids it and hits a neckbreaker. Dutt goes up to the top rope but eats nothing but knees on a Hindu Press attempt. Senshi hits the shotgun dropkick and hits the Tree of Woe Warrior’s Way to become the number one contender at 19:31. That was good, clean X-Division fun.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #4: Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Nash

This was a seriously awesome feud that never got a proper blowoff. Nash immediately overpowers Sabin and works him over. Sabin comes back with a flurry but all Nash has to do is hit one knee to the gut to drop the former four-time X-Division Champion. Moments later Sabin hits a nice dropkick to take Nash off his feet, and then Nash takes a powder. Nash calls for Alex Shelley, and then consults with him at ringside. Shelley distracts Sabin, allowing Nash to level Sabin with a clothesline. While the referee isn’t watching him, Shelley removes a turnbuckle pad. Sabin reverses the momentum and sends Nash’s head into the steel. He hits a dropkick off the second rope for two. He tries Cradle Shock but can’t lift Nash up. Shelley interferes again and Nash hits the big boot. Nash works Sabin over for a few minutes and goes for the Jackknife, but Sabin avoids it and falls on top of Nash for two. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Shelley helps Nash escape. Then Sabin goes low, hitting Nash with a dropkick to the knee and then wiping Shelley out with a dive to the floor. Sabin hits a springboard clothesline for two. He hits a guillotine legdrop for another two-count. Sabin goes to the top rope but Shelley crotches him. Nash pulls the straps down and hits the Jackknife Powerbomb to get the anticlimactic pin at 8:22. That was actually a smartly booked match and positioned Sabin for an even bigger payoff that sadly never came.
Rating: ***

MATCH #5: NWA Tag Team Championship Match – America’s Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

Chris Harris and James Storm have been the champions since 10.22.05, and this is their tenth defense. It’s actually the longest NWA Tag Team Title reign on record. Gail Kim is so smoking hot at this point that it hurts. Styles and Daniels say they have a special surprise to neutralize Kim. I’m surprised at how badly Chris Harris failed as a singles wrestler after the breakup of this team.

Styles and Storm start the match. They go back and forth for a bit, and Styles kills him with a dropkick. Daniels tags in and the challengers go to work on the arm. Storm backs Daniels into his corner and makes the tag to Harris. The champions employ a similar strategy, going after Daniels’s arm. It doesn’t work; Daniels is able to make the comeback and dominate both Harris and Storm. The challengers creatively get both Harris and Storm to the floor and then Styles wipes them out with a dive. Back in the ring Daniels bodyslams Storm and drops a slingshot elbow. Styles tags back in and the champions use some nefarious tactics to overtake him. They beat on Styles on the floor until Daniels comes over and evens the score. Kim gets involved and helps AMW regain the advantage. Back in the ring AMW really isolates on Styles, working him over in their half of the hexagon. Storm goes for the Swinging Noose but Styles counters with the Pele! Both men make tags and Daniels is all over the champions. Once again Kim interferes and this time a freakishly large woman comes in the ring and chokeslams Kim. This is the woman who would be known as Sirelda (trainee Jaime D from Scott D’Amore’s school). She carries Kim off to the back. Back to the action Daniels gets Harris in a victory roll for two. Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings but Harris blocks it. Undaunted, Daniels goes for an O’Connor Roll but Storm throws a chair in his face but Harris only gets a two-count! Harris argues with the referee while Styles pulls Daniels over to their corner so he can make a tag. That was awesome. Styles is on fire, unleashing all kinds of offense. He goes up top for the Spiral Tap but Harris moves out of the way. Harris gets a pair of handcuffs and hits Styles in the face with them. Daniels pulls the referee to the floor and tells him what happened. Storm knocks Daniels down into the steps. Back in the ring AMW sets up for the Death Sentence but Daniels breaks it up and hits Harris with a Death Valley Driver. Styles hits a short senton for a two-count. Daniels tags in and goes for the Angel’s Wings, and then stands there waiting for Storm to hit him with a clothesline. Storm puts on his Cowboy hat and goes for the Superkick but Daniels catches him with a low blow and hits the Angel’s Wings! Harris elbow drops the referee to break up the cover. The match is out of control now, as Storm brings a beer bottle into the ring. He accidentally hits Harris! Daniels takes Storm out and then drops Harris with a uranage. Styles hits Harris with a Frog Splash and Daniels follows with the Best Moonsault Ever to get the pin and win the titles at 17:45. What a terrific match that played off the history between both teams, the champions showed plenty of desperation, and the win felt big and well-deserved. This is definitely an overlooked gem in the TNA catalogue.
Rating: ****¼

MATCH #6: Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

I have to admit that TNA did a fabulous job building this match up. Steiner scores the first takedown, but these guys are in no hurry. They’re sizing each other up. Steiner lands another takedown and Joe rolls to the ropes. He hip tosses Joe and then slaps him about the back of the head. Joe responds by spitting in Steiner’s face and they start throwing hands. A fired up Joe takes the advantage, knocking Steiner down and hitting the Big Joe Combo. Steiner pops up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. He tries a charge in the corner but Joe gets his boot up. Steiner tries to take a powder but Joe hits him with the Elbow Suicida. There’s a hot girl sitting in the front row. Hey hot girl, if you’re reading this, call me. Joe tries to ram Steiner’s face into the steps but Steiner blocks it and slams Joe’s face into them instead. Back in the ring Steiner hits the elbow and then does pushups. Steiner hits another belly-to-belly suplex. He then hits a powerbomb and Joe grabs him in a triangle choke! Steiner reaches the ropes. Joe stays in control, hitting a series of jabs in the corner. He tries a charge in the corner but Steiner counters with the STJoe! What an ass. Steiner takes Joe to the floor and throws him into the guardrail. He throws Joe around the arena and tries to use a chair. Referee Rudy Charles stops him, allowing Joe to take control. Joe punches the chair back into Steiner’s face. He tries a clothesline but Steiner ducks so Joe hits the steel ring post. Steiner then rams the chair into Joe’s gut, and then cracks him in the face with it. The referee rightfully retakes control of the match, reminding the competitors that he will give them to the count of 10. He doesn’t seem to mind all the foreign object use though. Joe barely makes it back in the ring. He’s able to catch Steiner with an inverted atomic drop, running boot, and a senton. That could be Big Joe Combo #2. Steiner tries a charge in the corner and Joe shows him how the STJoe is done. Joe hits a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Steiner blocks a lariat but Joe grabs him in the Choke! Joe fights hard to keep the hold on but Steiner powers out of it and hits a low blow. Steiner drops Joe on his head with a half-nelson suplex. He puts on the Steiner Recliner, which just looks awful. How can he keep doing that move? Joe powers out of the move and drops Steiner’s neck on the top rope. He follows up with a snap powerslam to get the pin at 13:03. That as an excellent power matchup that showed Steiner still had some gas in the tank after his disastrous run in WWE in 2003.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #7: King of the Mountain Match for the NWA World Title – Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting vs. Abyss vs. Ron Killings

Cage has been the champion since 2.12.06, and this is his fourth defense. Tenay wonders if Christian can “rewrite history” and become the first man to retain the title in the King of the Mountain match. What a stupid thing to say. Christian is rewriting nothing; no matter what happens in tonight’s match it will be happening for the first time, so he’s not rewriting that. And those other two champions in the King of the Mountain match will still have lost the gold, so he’s not rewriting that either. I hate you, Mike Tenay. Abyss kicks off the match by going after Sting. Christian joins them on the floor while Jarrett and Truth battle inside the ring. The champion joins them inside and dances with Truth and thinks he’s made an ally, and then gets kicked in the face for being so stupid. Jarrett comes in and goes after Christian now, and he knocks Jarrett to the floor and follows him out with a dive from the top rope. Sting and Truth work together, double-teaming Abyss in the ring. Truth sees Christian, Jarrett, and Abyss outside the ring and executes a somersault dive onto all three of them. Sting follows him out by jumping off the penalty box and wiping out all four. Jarrett and Sting wind up in the ring with Sting in control. Truth comes in with a Missile Dropkick and Sting lets him get the pin. So Truth is eligible to hang the title and Jarrett has to spend two minutes in the box. Christian uses the ladder to smash Truth in the face but Abyss breaks up the pin attempt. Tenay wonders why Abyss would break that up, but he’s probably thinking that if Christian doesn’t get the pin then he’s not eligible to hang the belt. I hate you, Mike Tenay. Thankfully Don West brings up my point, but I still don’t like Mike Tenay. Unfortunately for Abyss he ends up getting rolled up and pinned by Christian, so now he has to spend two minutes in the box. Jarrett rejoins the fray by going after the champion. They fight outside the ring while Sting and Truth fight inside. Abyss gets out of the box and he starts working with Jarrett to set up a stack of two double-stack tables. Jarrett winds up on the apron with Truth, and he hits the Stroke off the apron into the guardrail, and that’s enough for a pin. They did the same spot in 2004, but the commentators don’t acknowledge it. Now three men are eligible to hang the title. Cage and Jarrett fight into the crowd while Truth goes into the penalty box. Sting and Abyss fight in a different part of the crowd. Truth gets out of the cage while everyone is brawling in the crowd, so he smartly tries to hang the belt. Abyss just makes it back in time to knock him off the ladder. Jarrett and Abyss use the ladder together, so Truth jumps on top of it and gets dumped to the floor, just like AJ Styles did back in 2004. Christian traps Jarrett in the V Ladder and tries to hang the belt, but he’s not even close and Abyss stops him anyway. Everyone’s down so Truth once again tries to hang the belt. Abyss once again knocks him down, and then the referee gets bumped. Jarrett wants to hang the ladder, but Abyss is having second thoughts about their alliance. He hits the Black Hole Slam and referee Slick Johnson makes it to the ring in time to count the three. Larry Zbyszko comes out now and kicks Johnson out of the ring and takes possession of the title. Abyss climbs the ladder for no apparent reason, and then Sting knocks him down into the table stack. Sting and Christian are in the ring now, and Sting completely no-sells the champions offense and puts on the Scorpion Deathlock. Jarrett gets out of the cage early and he hits Sting with the title belt. He grabs a guitar but Christian stops him from using it on Jarrett. Sting then hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett. He then tells Christian to hang the title, but Larry Zbyszko comes in and hits Christian with a low blow. What? Sting takes him out and then hits another Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett. He uses Earl Hebner’s unconscious arm to count his own three, really. Sting goes to hang the title but Christian stops him. Hebner gets up and pushes the ladder over, sending Sting and Cage crashing to the floor. What, really? Jarrett hangs the belt to regain the title at 22:21. But then Rudy Charles grabs the belt from Jarrett and hands it over to new Authority Figure du jour Jim Cornette. So we don’t know who the champion is. So they’re using the pay-per-view to sell their TV show. The match was okay enough as a messy brawl, but when the overbooking with Zbyszko and Hebner kicked in it took a nosedive.
Rating: *×120.jpg

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Destination X 2009 (Sting, Kurt Angle) Sun, 07 Jun 2015 13:00:44 +0000 destination x 2009

For an easy-to-search archive of all my TNA DVD reviews, visit Total Nonstop Ziegler!

Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida – March 15, 2009

MATCH #1: Six Woman Tag Team Match – Taylor Wilde, Roxxi & The Governor vs. The Beautiful People

Taylor and Velvet Sky start the match. The entire “Governor” angle was one of the worst TNA ever came up with. Speaking of Daffney, she tags in, and Velvet goes right to work on her and tags Angelina Love. Governor makes the tag to Roxxi, who quickly tags Taylor. She quickly tags Roxxi back in, and the Beautiful People take control. Madison Rayne tags in and they isolate Roxxi in their corner. Roxxi comes back with a modified spinebuster on Angelina, and both women are down. Angelina tags Madison, and Roxxi makes the hot tag to Taylor, who handles all three members of the Beautiful People. The match breaks down to a brawl, and the Governor hits a dive to the floor on Angelina and Velvet. Madison sends the Governor to the floor, and then Taylor hits Madison with a German Suplex with a bridge to get the pin at 5:04. At least it was short but it certainly didn’t seem to have much of a point.
Rating: *

MATCH #2: Brutus Magnus vs. Eric Young

I can’t wait to get to the DVD’s where he’s not wearing that stupid helmet anymore. For some reason Jesse Neal is the guest ring announcer. Magnus attacks Young before the bell and slugs away at him. Young comes back with a series of maneuvers culminating with a clothesline for a two-count. And then they somehow manage to blow a cross body block spot. I know I’m no wrestler but that seems pretty basic. Anyway, Magnus is back in control, wearing Young down. Magnus hits a powerbomb and goes up top but misses a splash. Young fires up and hits a back body drop and then a Death Valley Driver for two. He tries the Flair flip in the corner, and it winds up working for him, and he hits a top-rope elbow drop for two. They trade pinning combinations but neither man can hold the other down. Young goes back up top but this time Magnus knocks him down. Magnus gets on the second rope and is able to flatten Young with a Super Tormentum to get the pin at 4:46. That was even shorter than the opener but they had some good energy. It’s too bad about that cross body block spot.
Rating: *½

MATCH #3: 10,000 Tacks Match – Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

To win this match all you have to do is throw your opponent into a pile of tacks. Morgan attacks Abyss before the bell and we’re off. The Blueprint controls the opening minutes, both in and out of the ring. Abyss just doesn’t seem to have it together here. Morgan climbs up the pole and retrieves a bag of tacks. Abyss avoids the tacks and takes Morgan down long enough to grab his own bag of tacks. Morgan stops Abyss in his tracks with the Carbon Footprint. Then he wedges a chair between the top and middle turnbuckles. Abyss avoids going into the chair, and hits a low blow before throwing Morgan’s head into the chair. He hits a Black Hole Slam, but not into the tacks. Abyss then opens up the other bag, and turns out that one was filled with shards of glass. Morgan tries to escape up the ramp but Abyss follows him. Abyss tries a chokeslam but Morgan avoids it with a low blow. Morgan then hits the Carbon Footprint, knocking Abyss from the ramp through the tables loaded with tacks on the floor below for the win at 8:48. This feud just seems to keep going without much direction. The match was fine.
Rating: **

MATCH #4: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship – Sojo Bolt vs. Awesome Kong

Kong has been the champion since 10.23.08, and this is her third defense. She wastes no time in asserting her dominance on the former Kongtourage member. Sojo tries to hit and run to subdue the champion, and she winds up blowing the same cross body spot that Eric Young blew earlier, but in a different way. Kong is soon in control again, wearing the challenger down. Sojo continues trying to use quickness and what-not, but Kong is just too awesome. She tries a rana off the top rope but Kong catches her in an Awesome Bomb to retain the title at 4:19. This was totally a television match.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #5: Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

Joe charges the ring and they’re not waiting to start this one. He’s all over Steiner, pounding him about the head and face. Steiner is busted open, and Joe hits a suplex and more shots to the head. The referee distracts Joe, giving Steiner the chance to recover and hit Novocain. Steiner grabs a lead pipe, but Joe hits him with a series of kicks to the head before he can make it back to the ring. The referee tries to reprimand Joe, so he takes the pipe and bashes Steiner with it and tosses the referee out. Another referee comes down and Joe takes him out as well, and Steiner wins by disqualification at 1:29. Not much of a match obviously.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #6: TNA Legends Championship – AJ Styles vs. Booker T

Booker has been the champion since 10.23.08, and this is his fifth defense. They start off with some chain wrestling, with both guys going after the arm. Booker gets a brief bit of offense before AJ comes back with his signature dropkick. The champ tries to take a powder but AJ follows him out with a flying forearm off the ring apron. Back in the ring AJ control the action. After a few moments Booker catches AJ with a hot shot and a spin kick for two. Booker goes to work on AJ’s arm now. AJ almost makes a comeback but Booker hits a nice superkick for two. The challenger ducks a clothesline and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for two. He tries a springboard but Booker knocks him out of the air with a kick (sort of). Booker tries the Axe Kick but AJ avoids it and hits the Pele. AJ hits the Styles Clash and gets the pin to win the Legends Title at 9:15. That was solid but better suited to free TV. I find myself saying that a lot during TNA pay-per-views.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #7: Off the Wagon Challenge – Team 3D vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Beer Money has been the champions since 1.11.09, and this is their sixth defense. Team 3D is putting their careers on the line for this shot at the titles. Devon and Roode start the match; Roode gets an early advantage and gloats about it. Ray tags in and Roode takes advantage of him too, and then tags Storm for much of the same. To say they’re starting the match slowly would be accurate. Ray does some comedy – not like his career is on the line or anything. 3D takes a brief advantage before the champions come back once again. Devon comes back with a double clothesline. He makes the hot tag to Ray, who cleans house on the champions. Roode comes back with a blockbuster on Ray. You know, for careers being on the line this match sure doesn’t feel that important. The referee loses control and people are coming and going. Ray hits the Bubba Bomb on Roode for two. Devon rejoins the ring and they hit a double neckbreaker but Roode kicks out again! Storm brings a chair into the ring and hits Ray with it for the DQ at 9:56. Jim Cornette doesn’t like that though, so he comes out and gives the “these people want to see a winner and a loser” speech. He restarts the match as a No-DQ match. Back in the ring 3D hits the 3D on Storm but Roode pulls the referee out. Roode then grabs Storm and they retreat to the back and get counted out at 1:24 (total match time 11:20). What a stupid finish to a boring match. I hate everything about Team 3D.
Rating: *

MATCH #8: Ultimate X Match: X Division Championship – Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide

Shelley has been the champion since 1.11.09, and this is his fifth defense. I don’t expect to do a lot of play-by-play here. The Machine Guns take the early advantage by working as a team. This is Suicide’s debut match, by the way. Everyone gets a chance to show some of their stuff in the early going. Sabin makes the first attempt at grabbing the belt but Creed cuts him off. A few minutes later Suicide is able to take everyone out and goes after the belt, but Lethal knocks him down with a dropkick. Creed tries to grab the belt, but hesitates when he sees Lethal below him. The Guns get back in the ring now for some tag team action. The action is moving pretty quickly here and they’re doing some cool stuff. It’d be nice to see the Machine Guns against Lethal Consequences in a regular 15-minute tag match on a pay-per-view. The requisite Tower of Doom spot takes out everyone but Suicide, so the masked man goes after the belt once again. Lethal stops him with a powerbomb down to the canvas. Minutes later all four challengers are climbing toward the belt, and Suicide takes a leap just like Christopher Daniels did back at No Surrender 2006 to knock everyone down and grab the belt at 14:11. That was fun chaos and they did some neat spots.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #9: TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Kurt Angle vs. Sting, w/ Special Guest Referee Jeff Jarrett and Special Guest Enforcer Mick Foley

Sting has been the champion since 10.12.08, and this is his seventh defense. Can anyone explain where TNA gets 12 World Title reigns for Angle? The crowd is evenly split between both competitors. They trade control early on as the crowd stays hot. Sting clotheslines Angle to the floor, and the challenger jaws with Foley. Back in the ring, moments later Sting backdrops Angle over the ropes and to the floor. The champion follows the challenger out and throws him around ringside and into the crowd. Back in the ring once again and Sting is firmly in control. Angle gouges Sting in the eye and hits a suplex to take control. He works Sting over for several minutes until they both try a cross body block at the same time and knock each other down. They make it back up and exchange blows. Sting counters an Angle Slam with an armdrag and then hits a powerbomb for two. Jarrett has been an even-handed official thus far. Angle comes back and tries the Ankle Lock but Sting avoids it, so Angle hits rolling German Suplexes instead. Sting counters another Angle Slam, but when he misses the Stinger Splash Angle finally hits the Angle Slam for a two-count! Angle then hits a nice moonsault but Sting once again kicks out at two. Sting hits a Scorpion Death Drop but Angle kicks out at two. Jarrett takes a bump and Sting locks on the Scorpion Deathlock. Foley tries to wake Jarrett up as Angle taps out. Angle hits an Angle Slam and Foley makes the two-count. The frustrated challenger hits the Special Guest Enforcer with a low blow, and then brings a chair in the ring. Jarrett has been out an awfully long time from just a clothesline. Foley prevents Angle from using the chair, and then accidentally hits Sting with it. Angle hits Foley with the Angle Slam and then wakes Jarrett up to make the count. Sting kicks out at two! Frustrated once again, Angle spits on Jarrett and tries to punch him. Jarrett blocks and hits a punch of his own. Sting then hits the Scorpion Death Drop to score the pin and retain the TNA World Title at 13:51. I don’t much care for Sting and all the shenanigans his matches need to have to be interesting. This wasn’t too bad, but it’s hardly main event level.
Rating: **×120.jpg

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Jeff Jarrett News: Global Force Wrestling TV, Samoa Joe, UK Plans, Booking Philsophy Wed, 03 Jun 2015 21:08:14 +0000

The v2wrestling podcast interviewed Jeff Jarrett where he talks
about the future for GWF, his vision, the roster and the platform he is
considering.. The audio can be listened to here

Highlights are here:

On booking certain talents from other promotions
It’s going to be very interesting. Scheduling is going to be a unique set
of circumstances but it’s all part of the business and, quite frankly, it
does excite me because when you don’t have the same wrestlers show after
show, it gives it a sense of freshness and a sense of anything can happen.
It harkens me back to many moons ago and as time rolls on, when you have
certain members of the roster come and go back in the Attitude Era. It was
who’s going to show up on Nitro and I want to see who they’re going to
wrestle. So I believe it brings a real sense of what’s going to happen
next and who’s going to show up next, and I think that brings excitement
to the fans.

How many shows is GFW going to tape in Las Vegas
It’s a work in progress. Jim Ross wrote online a couple of weeks ago and
talked about 13 one-hour episodes, and that’s one of probably three to
four options that we have. I also read another blog that said we’re going
to do three 3-hour specials on the three Fridays that we’re there in July,
August and October. Then I heard even crazier that we’re going to do a
live 3-hour special. So there’s a lot of options on the table. The
uniqueness of this is that the best decision has to be made not only for
the United States market but for our international discussions as well. We
are global; we set out to do that from Day 1 to be a global brand and I’m
going to stand behind it. I want this content that we’re going to shoot to
be seen by as many eyeballs as they possibly can, so that factors into the
decision in multiple ways.

His approach to storylines in GFW
A lot of people ask, How are you going to be different? In Global Force
Wrestling, it goes without saying that there are storylines in
professional wrestling. We don’t want to write stories, we want to
document them. Because every professional wrestler truly has a story
behind their life, has a story behind where they’ve come from. To me, the
storylines have already started, if you want to call it that. There’s
talent coming from countries from around the world and the story is
they’re going to be on the first ever Global Force Wrestling show, and
there’s a pretty unique set of circumstances in and up to that.

His vision compared to other promotions
I am a professional wrestler, but those days are coming to a halt and I’m
much more of a promoter nowadays. We all have a story on how we got to
where we’re at and why we want to do what we do. Why do we want to
professional wrestle? What makes us tick? Do we want to become champion?
What does our girlfriend, wife or kids think about it and what are the
hardships we go through in our daily lives? That’s real, and that’s what I
believe the fanbase wants to dial into because we’re all so much more
connected than we were years ago. You know what I did yesterday probably
better than I did because of the world of social media.

Did he talk to Samoa Joe about joining GFW
Me and Joe, how long has our relationship been, 10 years? We continue to
have text exchanges. What a unique talent if you remember when he came in
to TNA – he had a real streak and success abroad. He knew where he was
headed, and I couldn’t be happier for the guy because he’s going to show
the world that he’s going to kill ’em [in WWE]. I think his biggest and
brightest days are in front of him and it’s going to come a lot quicker
than the world thought. He was never on the table [for GFW], ever.

Who to look out for on the GFW roster
Andrew Everett and Chuck Taylor are phenomenal talents, The New Heavenly
Bodies are very good. The Tate Twins are young kids out of Knoxville;
they’ve got a couple of years to go but it’s like every great tag team,
whether it’s the Midnight Express or the Rockers, they started somewhere.
Everybody that I’m mentioning has one thing in common and that’s sort of
the prerequisite to be on a Global Force Wrestling card – and that’s
passion. They have a real passion for this business. Thea Trinidad is a
girl who started several years ago, lost her father in the tragic 9/11
attacks, and that was her inspiration to become a professional wrestler.
Now here we are several years later and she’s coming into her own. All you
have to do is go to our website and if you see a name on there that you’re
not quite familiar with, put their name in YouTube and you’ll see it. The
independent talent pool – the free agent talent pool – is as wide as it’s
ever been. I was in the UK several weeks ago and I witnessed it firsthand,
so professional wrestling around the globe is very healthy.

His thoughts on the future of GFW
I believe WWE, and I’ve witnessed this firsthand over the last 10 years,
they’re the heavyweight. They’re the only heavyweight, quite frankly, in
that they have 80-90 percent market share. It is a real uphill battle to
create market share. TNA, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, New Japan,
AAA, House of Hardcore – there’s multiple promotions out there that I
believe if we all collectively have a loose working relationship, that we
can begin to break into that market share. The fact of the matter is that
WWE does sports entertainment and they do it bigger and better than
anybody has ever done and ever will do it. Global Force Wrestling is going
to focus on being the very best professional wrestling organization that
we can possibly become, and be very engaging and interactive on an hourly
basis. That’s really our mission statement.

Would he consider airing GFW on Wednesdays or a different night
We live in a world of DVR, in that on demand viewing takes precedent over
everything. Ring of Honor is going to be airing a show on Wednesday nights
that was seen on syndicated markets three or four days before, and you can
see their show online. TNA is airing their show on Wednesday nights. Yes,
the live element always trumps all of that but in the world of on demand
viewing in North America, specifically the United States having the
Wednesday night battle, it’s a much bigger world than that. Do I have a
preference for a night? Not really. I don’t think it would make a lot of
sense to go on Wednesday nights, unless it’s in a block. That’s where I
think Ring of Honor and TNA are going to help each other, because a rising
tide raises all the ships. But that’s a three hour block so you add
another hour and that’s four hours and that may be a little too long. I
don’t think it really matters but if you’re nailing me down to one night,
I would say Tuesday.

His plans for TV or online distribution
We have had discussions with multiple streaming services with obviously
many, many networks in trying to fit the very best fit. The world has
changed. Netflix, specifically House of Cards, is a real game changer in
how successful it is. There are 62 million people and growing that pay 10
bucks a month for Netflix, and that’s just one of the streaming services.
So cable television in the United States is at a real crossroads because
premium, compelling content with compelling characters has never been more
prevalent, specifically live event programming. So it’s an exciting time
to really look at all the different options for distribution.

On a potential UK expansion
I had a very exciting call last Thursday morning specifically about the
UK, that’s all I’m going to tell you. Obviously it’s a massive, very
educated professional wrestling market. If you’re launching a brand you
cannot ignore the United Kingdom when it comes to professional wrestling.×120.jpg

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A2Z Analysiz: TNA Destination X 2005 (Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page) Wed, 03 Jun 2015 13:00:04 +0000 DX 05

For an easy to navigate archive of all my TNA DVD reviews, please visit Total Nonstop Ziegler.

Universal Studios – Orlando, FL – Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mike Tenay and Don West are on commentary.

MATCH #1: America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) & 3Live Kru (BG James & Konnan) vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, Eric Young & Alistair Ralphs)

America’s Most Wanted are the current NWA World Tag Team Champions. BG and Roode start the match. Of course BG dominates and clears the ring all by himself in the opening minute. Konnan gets the tag and Young gets in the ring with him. K-Dawg continues the domination and makes the tag to Storm, who tricks Young into throwing himself out of the ring. AMW and 3LK are treating Team Canada like jobbers here. Storm and Harris take turns wiping Team Canada out with dives to the floor. Finally Harris misses a charge in the corner and hits his shoulder into the ring post. Roode attacks it and Team Canada swarms onto the injury. That doesn’t last too long before Konnan gets the hot tag. Konnan of course cleans house with his ridiculous old man Lucha offense. The referee loses control and it’s a pier-six brawl. Scott D’Amore tries to interfere and Konnan slams him off the top rope. Roode then surprises Konnan with the Northern Lariat to get the pin at 8:55. Typical Team Canada match: get dominated, D’Amore interferes, win. At least Roode hit his finisher to win. That was a solid opener and a fine way to get guys on the card.
Rating: **¼

MATCH #2: Chris Sabin vs. Chase Stevens

This is pretty random but I’m always happy to see Chris Sabin on a pay-per-view. Stevens is accompanied by Andy Douglas and Chris Candido. Sabin gets distracted by Candido right away but it doesn’t matter much. He uses a headlock and then a headscissors to send Stevens to the floor. Sabin then hits a springboard dive to wipe Stevens out, and he throws a few right hands at Douglas and Candido as well. Back in the ring Stevens catches Sabin sliding under the bottom rope with an elbow. Sabin tries to come back with another springboard but Douglas and Candido pay him back by pulling him off the apron and taking some cheap shots. Back in the ring Sabin curiously doesn’t sell the beating he just received until Stevens blatantly kicks him in the nuts. No disqualification there? Stevens goes to work and scores a couple of near-falls but he can’t put Sabin away yet. Sabin fights back with an inverted atomic drop and a series of clotheslines. He hits an enziguiri and a swank springboard tornado DDT for a near-fall. Candido distracts the referee, allowing Douglas to interfere. Stevens tries an O’Connor Roll but Sabin reverses it and holds Stevens down for the three-count at 6:18. That was a solid iMPACT type match.
Rating: **¼

The Naturals and Candido continue attacking Sabin after the bell. A masked man in a leather jacket comes out to make the save. He pulls the mask off and it’s Shocker, “direct from the McDonald’s commercial.” I have never seen this commercial and I had no idea who Shocker was until he made his debut in TNA.

MATCH #3: Bullrope Match – Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven

Raven stalls to try and avoid being attached to the Bullrope. He goes outside the ring and the referee gets him attached. Rhodes immediately pulls Raven into the ring post. He tries to use the cow bell but Raven avoids it. Raven goes up to the apron and Rhodes pulls him off into the guardrail. Rhodes expertly uses the rope to continue his dominance. He goes up to the top rope and Raven is able to pull him down. Raven brings in a steel chair and wedges it between the top and middle turnbuckles. He whips Rhodes into it face-first. Back in the ring Raven goes to work on Rhodes’ knee. Raven also uses the chair to his advantage. He then misses an elbow off the second rope and hits the chair instead. Rhodes goes back to using the rope to great effect. He goes for the Bulldog but Raven pushes his way out of it. Raven grabs the chair and holds it up to block a punch. He goes for The Drop Toe Hold but Rhodes counters with The Bulldog to get the pin at 6:12. At least they kept it short, minimizing its dullness.
Rating: *¾

Team Canada returns to attack Rhodes after the match, and America’s Most Wanted comes out to make the save. Rhodes and AMW were friendly around this time.

MATCH #4: The Disciples of Destruction vs. Phi Delta Slam

Who wanted to see this? Two (arguably) hot chicks fighting over Dusty Rhodes’ affections? Both teams are not good and did not last long in TNA. Bruno and let’s say Don start the match. Not much happens and tags are made. Ron fires up and clears the ring of both gargantuan frat boys. Back in the ring the D.O.D. continue to dominate. It’s ugly and it’s boring. Trinity has to interfere to give her boys the advantage. It doesn’t make the match any better. They fight on the floor and Trinity tries to hit one of the Harris boys with a moonsault off the top rope. He’s supposed to catch her but doesn’t, and then he hurls her over the guardrail and into the crowd. Back in the ring PDS are still in control. Finally the hot tag is made and the Disciples are on fire. The match turns into a brawl, with two outside the ring and two in. Tillie hits the Tsunami Splash but the referee isn’t there to cover. The Harris boys pull a little twin magic and whichever one is in the ring hits Tillie with a big boot to finally end this match at 10:21. Who the hell gave THAT match over 10 minutes? That was rotten.
Rating: ¼*

MATCH #5: Monty Brown vs. Trytan

Trytan is rather large. Brown is not intimidated by him at all, but Trytan quickly shows off his impressive strength by press slamming the Alpha Male. They take it to the floor and Trytan slams Brown’s face into the guardrails and the steel steps. Back in the ring Trytan continues to dominate as Brown can’t find an answer. Finally Brown stuns Trytan with a dropkick and he follows up with a flurry. Brown actually hits a Fallaway Slam! That’s impressive. Brown goes for the Pounce but the lights go out in the arena. A masked man (for the second time tonight) comes out to attack. Brown hits the Masked Man (who I think was Mideon) with the Pounce and pins him to I guess get the win at 5:30? That was kind of interesting because Brown is rarely the smaller man in a match in TNA, but the finish makes no sense and as far as I remember never went anywhere. Bollocks.
Rating: ¾*

MATCH #6: Falls Count Anywhere Match – Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

Abyss comes after Hardy with a chair but Hardy avoids it. Hardy clotheslines Abyss to the floor and then wipes him out with a dive. Abyss throws Hardy into the crowd and they fight their way through the iMPACT Zone. They fight out of the building and Abyss is throwing Hardy all over the place. Abyss sets up two tables but Hardy fights back and gets Abyss laid out on said tables. Hardy climbs up on some support beams and flies down with the Swanton Bomb! Awesome spot there and it gets a two-count. Abyss sells it for all of 10 seconds and then starts throwing Hardy around again. They make their way back through the crowd and Abyss drops Hardy nuts-first on the guardrail. Back in the ring Abyss tries to set up a chair in the corner, which gives Hardy time to recover and hit a chair-assisted Poetry in Motion (with a steel chair) on Abyss (into the other chair). I maybe could have described that better. Abyss comes right back and sets a chair on top of Hardy and goes to the second rope. He hits a big splash but it only gets two! Abyss sets the chair back on Hardy and goes for an Earthquake Splash but Hardy gets the chair all up in his balls. Hardy then levels Abyss in the head with a chair, and then decks him again but only gets a two-count. He goes outside the ring and pulls out a ladder! Hardy hits the leapfrog legdrop over the ladder and onto Abyss. That move is still cool, but it only gets a two-count. Abyss comes back and hits the Shock Treatment for two. He charges into the corner but hits the chair he set up earlier. Hardy gets a quick rollup for two. He goes up top and Abyss knocks him down. Abyss finds another table and sets it up in the ring. He puts Hardy on it and goes to the top rope. Hardy stops him and tries a rana but Abyss blocks it and powerbombs him through the table! Abyss goes for a Chokeslam on top of a ladder but Hardy blocks it and hits the Twist of Fate! That’s enough to get the pin at 15:49. The selling was almost non-existent but they managed to wake up a comatose crowd and it was fun hardcore nonsense.
Rating: ***¼

Abyss continues the assault on Hardy after the bell. He finds a bag of thumb tacks and delivers the Black Hole Slam onto a pile of tacks!

MATCH #7: First Blood Match – Kevin Nash vs. The Outlaw

Outlaw starts with some punches but Nash shrugs them off and starts slugging away. Nash uses his boot to choke Outlaw in the corner. Tenay recites Outlaw’s WWE history while Nash continues on offense. Outlaw slips to the floor and trips Nash up so he can slam his knee repeatedly into the ring apron. That’s good strategy. Outlaw goes under the ring and finds a screwdriver, but Nash blocks it from going into his forehead. Nash catapults Outlaw from the ring to the floor. He follows him out and throws him around ringside. Back in the ring Nash tries to use a chair and referee Rudy Charles tries to grab it from him for reasons I cannot explain. Outlaw hits Nash in the junk. He uses the chair to bash Nash in the face, which the referee didn’t try to stop whatsoever. #ThingsThatIrritateMe. Outlaw grabs a pair of wire cutters and cuts one of the turnbuckle pads off. The referee tries to stop Outlaw from slamming Nash into the exposed steel. Why? It’s a FIRST BLOOD match, there are no rules! I hate when referees get involved like that. Nash goes for Snake Eyes but Outlaw slips out and pushes Nash into the referee to wipe him out. Outlaw then slams Nash into the exposed steel. Nash hits a blatant low blow for fun. He then hits Snake Eyes onto the exposed turnbuckle twice. Nash uses his fist to ensure blood, and Outlaw is bleeding. But the referee is down so he can’t call for the bell. Nash goes out to get the referee and puts him in the ring. With the referee’s back turned, Jeff Jarrett comes out and hits Nash with the NWA World Heavyweight Title belt. Then a guy in a doctor coat comes out and wipes the blood off of Outlaw’s face and takes forever to stop the bleeding. Of course when the referee wakes up, Nash is bleeding and Outlaw is not, and thus Outlaw is declared the winner at 11:23. That was long and boring, and did they really book THAT big of a fuckaround finish in a first blood match between Diesel and Billy Gunn? Yes, yes they did.
Rating: ½*

Nash attacks Outlaw after the bell and re-opens the wound on his head. He follows with a Jackknife Powerbomb, falling down on his butt in the process.

MATCH #8: Ultimate X Challenge for the TNA X Division Championship – AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Elix Skipper vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings

Styles has been the Champion since 1.16.05, and this is his third defense. The match starts as a tag team match with Styles & Skipper against Daniels & Killings. The person who gets pinned is eliminated and then they have a three-way match. When a person is pinned there, the final two men compete in Ultimate X to decide the X Division Championship. In a really good ATD, the commentators point out that Daniels and Skipper lost a “losing team can never team again” match a few months ago, and that’s how we ended up with these two teams.

Skipper and Truth start the match. Both men show off their strength and athleticism in the early going. Skipper hits a missile dropkick, much like Truth had done to him earlier. Styles tags in and he wants to fight Daniels, but of course Daniels wants nothing to do with that. Of course Daniels takes a cheap shot as soon as he has a chance. Truth takes control and tags Daniels into the match officially. Styles fights back and hits a big knee drop for two. Skipper takes a cheap shot on his own partner to give Daniels an advantage. That’s a curious twist. Daniels hits the Flatliner and tries for the Koji Clutch but turns it into a Crossface instead. Styles reaches the ropes. Daniels hits an Arabian Press for two. They start trading punches now and Styles wins that battle with an enziguiri. Styles and Truth give Skipper a taste of his own medicine by working together against him. Killings takes Skipper down and goes up top. He hits a Super Ax Kick but Daniels pulls him off the cover! Truth is quite rightly pissed and dumps Daniels to the floor. Styles then takes Daniels out with a flip dive over the ropes. Skipper hits Truth with the Sudden Death for the first elimination at 8:08.

Styles and Skipper take it to each other to start the three-way match, while Daniels rests on the floor. Both men take each other down and Daniels climbs to the top of the X and takes both of them out with a moonsault! That was cool. Daniels covers Styles but only gets two. Skipper gets right up in Daniels’ face, since they were apparently supposed to be working as a team. Daniels momentarily convinces Skipper to work with him, but he instantly stabs him in the back. Skipper fires back on Daniels with a flurry of offense. Styles comes flying back in the ring with a springboard flying forearm on Skipper. He then turns his attention to Daniels and they battle on the top rope. Skipper joins them and climbs up on the cables to give Styles a reverse rana! That was way cool. Daniels tries a rana off the top rope but Skipper catches him in a powerbomb. Skipper and Daniels slug it out, and Styles climbs on the cables and executes a shooting star press! All three men are down. Back on their feet Styles is in the best shape. Skipper catches Styles and hits Sudden Death but Daniels surprises Skipper with a schoolboy rollup to score the second elimination at 17:16.

We’re down to Styles versus Daniels in an Ultimate X match for the title! Daniels climbs toward the belt and Styles pulls him down, twice. Styles hits a backbreaker. Daniels fights back with headbutts and Styles responds with a Pele. They replay the Pele a couple of times and when we get back to live action both men are on the X climbing toward the belt. Styles kicks Daniels down and Daniels hits a Spear to take Styles down. They fight up on the ropes again and Daniels takes Styles down with a Super STO. Daniels goes up top and Styles is right behind him. They both try to reach the belt but neither man can reach it at this juncture. Now they climb at the belt from opposite directions but once again they fall. They get back up again and fight over the belt, and this time when they fall the referee gets hit in the eye and he looks blinded. Styles goes up and grabs the belt, but since the referee can’t see, Daniels hits Styles with the Angels Wings! The referee sees Daniels with the belt and awards him the match and the title at 25:28. Oddly enough this match got less exciting when it got down to the last two in Ultimate X, as it felt repetitive with all the climbing. Still this was a unique match with hard work by everyone, but I always wonder why screw jobs are necessary in matches with no pinfalls in the first place.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #9: Ringside Revenge Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Jarrett has been the Champion since 6.2.04, and this is his eighth defense. Monty Brown, the 3Live Kru, Larry Zbyszko, Chris Candido and The Naturals are the wrestlers at ringside. Tenay says that this is not a lumberjack match, and those wrestlers are not supposed to touch the guys in the match. Why are they there then?

The Champion stalls to start, and since none of the guys at ringside can touch him, he just continues to avoid getting in the ring. When he finally does get in the ring DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter so Jarrett bails again. Jarrett gets in Monty Brown’s face, and finally DDP just goes out after Jarrett. They get back to the ring and DDP is in control. It doesn’t take long for them to go back to the floor, and DDP is still dominating. DDP clotheslines Jarrett over the guardrail and into the crowd. He hits Jarrett on top of the head with a garbage can. They fight up the bleachers and into the crowd. They make it back to the ring and DDP brings in an office chair. Jarrett winds up sitting in it and he spins around as DDP delivers right hands and kicks to the face. DDP delivers mounted punches in the corner and Jarrett counters with a low blow. Jarrett uses the office chair as a weapon, and then starts attacking the knee. He puts on the Figure-Four Leglock and DDP eventually reaches the ropes. Jarrett tries a Sleeper and DDP counters his way out of it. DDP unleashes a flurry of offense but can’t put Jarrett away. He hits a Rock Bottom for a two-count. DDP hits a sitout powerbomb for another near-fall. Candido and the Naturals interfere momentarily, allowing Jarrett to hit The Stroke. DDP kicks out at two! Now the not-lumberjacks at ringside get into a brawl. In the confusion The Outlaw gives Jarrett his guitar. BG James gets in the ring and takes the guitar away. Konnan holds Jarrett and BG goes to hit him but misses and drills Konnan instead. Ron Killings gets in the ring to help Konnan to the back. Jarrett goes up top and DDP shoves the referee into the corner to knock Jarrett down. The Outlaw gets in the ring and hits DDP with the Fame-Ass-Er. Jarrett covers but only gets two. Sean Waltman runs in from out of nowhere and takes Outlaw out with a spin kick and the Bronco Buster. He gives Jarrett the Bronco Buster as well. The Naturals and Candido try to interfere but they get hit with Diamond Cutters. DDP then hits Jarrett with a Super Diamond Cutter. That guy Attorney Daggert gets in the ring and Monty Brown says he’ll take care of him. Instead Brown gives DDP the POUNCE and Jarrett gets the pin at 21:40. That went on forever and was slightly confusing, because the not-lumberjacks weren’t supposed to interfere and then they all did anyway. My rule is always if you need THAT much help to disguise the limitations of your main event, you should have booked something else. This was just a mess.
Rating: *×120.jpg

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Global Force Wrestling Announcement Feature Jeff Jarrett, Chael Sonnen [Video] Wed, 27 May 2015 16:01:26 +0000 Although the press conference was earlier in the year, some videos of the first Global Force Wrestling announcement have been posted:

LAS VEGAS – Global Force Wrestling revealed some of its talent roster in a press conference today at the Orleans Arena. The roster includes talented international athletes, former NFL players, mixed martial artists and more.

“We have slowly but steadily been building toward this day,” said Jeff Jarrett, GFW founder and CEO. “The feedback I have received in my international travels has been off the charts. Fans are ready for the reveal of the entire GFW roster and they’re eager for their voices to be heard!”

Staying true to the GFW mission statement, the roster offers “elite professional athletes from five different continents,” as well as “real stories, real people and real meaning.” Fans will be able to see stars like the “Bullet Club” tag team of “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows; the “Killer Elite Squad,” a tag team composed of Lance Hoyt and Davey Boy Smith Jr., who have made a name for themselves in Japan as well as stints throughout the world. Also joining GFW are Chris “The Adonis” Mordetsky, South African sensation PJ Black, and women’s stars Lei’D Tapa and Thea Trinidad, with more names to come. GFW has alliances with 13 promotions on five continents, including New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Mexico’s AAA and more top independent organizations in Europe, Australia and Africa.

Also at the press conference, outspoken MMA star and ESPN broadcaster Chael Sonnen announced his role as an expert analyst for Global Force Wrestling.

“Chael Sonnen is someone we’ve talked about for a long time,” said Jarrett. “He’s not one to shy from speaking his mind, and we’re all eager to see what he has to say about the GFW athletes.”

The GFW Las Vegas TV tapings will take place on Friday, July 24; Friday, August 21; and Friday, October 23. Tickets for all three events will go on sale on Friday, May 15 at noon, with an exclusive pre-sale beginning on Monday, May 11 at noon. Tickets are available starting at $30 and can be purchased online at, by phone at 702-284-7777 or in-person at Boyd Gaming box offices. VIP tickets will include a Meet & Greet with GFW talent. Join the conversation online with the hashtag #GFWVegas.

About Orleans Arena
The Orleans Arena, a Boyd Gaming facility located just west of the Las Vegas Strip, is one of the nation’s leading multi-purpose sports and entertainment facilities and the 2014 recipient of the Venue Excellence Award from the International Association of Venue Managers. Orleans Arena hosts more than 200 events each year, including nationally touring concerts, NCAA basketball conference tournaments, family shows, motorsports and other unique events. For more information, call 702-365-7469 or visit Stay connected to the Orleans Arena on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@orleansarena). Additional news and information on Boyd Gaming can be found at Boyd Gaming and Orleans Arena press releases are available at

About Global Force Wrestling
Global Force Wrestling is a privately owned professional wrestling and entertainment company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2014, Global Force Wrestling is changing the wrestling and entertainment industry with an innovative and groundbreaking approach to fan interactivity, storytelling and overall entertainment to engage audiences across television, digital and social media platforms.×120.jpg

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