Blu-ray Review: The Search For One-Eye Jimmy

The Search For One-Eye Jimmy is a shinning example of the early '90s indie film scene with a bunch of great early performances by a bunch of great actors. »»

Fox Sets Premiere Date for Shawn Ryan's The Chicago Code

Ryan's new cop show to occupy the time slot that belonged to the short-lived drama Lone Star. »»

The Book of Eli - Review

Style over substance only gets this so far »»

Lie to Me: Season One - DVD Review

Fox has built itself a nice business out of genius doctor shows. House and Fringe have both found quick and devoted audiences. The first season of Lie to Me one ups both of these series and takes the whole genre to a new level. »»

Fashion in Film - DVD Review

Filled with interviews from both industries, from Jean-Paul Gaultier to Brett Ratner and Amanda Bynes, Fashion in Film is a glitzy, polished look at the evolution of the relationship between fashion and film. At just under an hour long, it seems to skid along the surface of the subject, which almost seems fitting as so much of fashion is about what is seen on the facade. »»

Jennifer Beals (Baby) Returns To The Big Screen

Jennifer Beals, who has spent the last several years on the TV series, The L Word, is returning to the big screen for The Book of Eli, a post apocalyptic action thriller. The film will star Denzel Washington and is being directed by Albert and Allen Hughes. »»

The L Word: The Complete Fifth Season - DVD Review

Over the last few years, viewers have been able to find a lot of quality television shows on other channels besides the "Big 5" of CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and The CW. Going even beyond your basic cable channels, some great shows have been popping up on premium pay channels in HBO and SHOWTIME. HBO had the upper hand over SHOWTIME for years with The Sopranos and Sex and the City, but recently SHOWTIME has fired back with shows like Weeds. HBO and SHOWTIME can get away with more racy and shocking programming, because viewers have to pay extra to see it. But perhaps the most shocking show to come along in years was SHOWTIME's "crown jewel of television programming", The L Word. Now five years later, The L Word is still going strong. »»

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