Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) - Supernatural: The Fifth Season

Horror show's fifth season ushers in the apocalypse and audiences won't be happier. »»

Jeremy Renner Confirmed as Hawkeye in The Avengers Movie

Is sure to impress the ladies with the size of his quiver. »»

DC Announces New Superman/Batman Animated Film

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse to feature the voices of Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy and Summer Glau. »»

The Office star Among Contenders to Wield America's Shield

John Krasinksi among short-list of would-be Captain Americas. »»

Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season - DVD Review

Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season is definitely not classic television, but it is the rare season of a series that you can come into cold and still get a nice kick out of. »»

Supernatural - Episode 4-5 Review

Maybe my hopes were raised to unrealistically high levels by the awesome title/opening credits, but it seemed like "Monster Movie" took an awfully long time to get going and didn't really do enough to take advantage of its format. Don't get me wrong, there was still some great moments, and overall it was a good episode and a nice change of pace from the darker episodes we've had lately, but it didn't achieve the "instant classic" status I was expecting after seeing the opening credits. »»

Supernatural: The Complete Third Season - DVD Review

Season two of Supernatural ended with a large number of demons escaping from Devil's Gate and Dean Winchester with a year to live before he is to be dragged off into hell. Not surprisingly, both of these events play a major factor in season three. »»

Supernatural - Episode 4-2 Review

It turns out I was wrong about how things were going to play out between the Winchester brothers. Sam still hasn't told Dean anything about Ruby or his powers, but Dean wasted no time sharing the Castiel story. It makes sense when I think about it. Of course Dean's not going to be all gung-ho on some angelic mission. It's going to take an awful lot of convincing for someone as sceptical as Dean to get on the Team Jesus express. »»

Supernatural - Episode 4-1 Review

Tonight, the Supernatural season four premiere finally arrived. As you probably remember, season three ended with some rather grim events. Grimmest of all was the final shot: Dean waking up in hell where he is destined to suffer for all eternity. So naturally the first shot of this season's premiere was Dean waking up back on Earth. Wait, what? »»

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