Review: Nova #1 by Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness

Is this another winner for Marvel Now! ? »»

Marvel NOW! Review: A+X #1 by Dan Slott and Jeph Loeb

First they fought, now they're teaming up, how is Marvel's newest X-Men and Avengers title? »»

Marvel NOW! Review: Marvel NOW! Point One

Marvel drops previews of multiple upcoming books...but is it worth six bucks? »»

The Gold Standard: NYCC Wrap Up, A Top Five List, And A Weekly Roundup

A little con coverage, some personal thoughts, oh, and my thoughts on Young Justice. »»

NYCC 2012: Coulson Lives In Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show!

The fan favorite character to return. »»

Two Guys Talking About The Marvel NOW! Point One Creative Teams

A late night discussion about some of Marvel's other NOW! teasers. »»

Were Money No Object - The August Previews Edition With Dark Horse, DC Comics, IDW & Marvel

What are the top prospects for October 2012? Glad you asked. Read on... »»

Two Guys Talking About San Diego Comic Con

And one of them goes on a Stephanie Brown rant. »»

Review: Avengers: X-Sanction #4 By Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness

Cable's mission to kill the Avengers ends here! »»

Were Money No Object - the January Previews Edition

Sifting through the latest Previews »»

Review: Avengers X-Sanction #2 By Jeph Loeb And Ed McGuinness

Cable vs Iron Man! Winner takes the future! »»

Review: Avengers: X-Sanction #1 By Jeph Loeb And Ed McGuinness

A second thought review of Cable's return. »»

X-Sanction Spoilers: How Is Cable Alive? What Does He Want?

How did he survive Second Coming? »»

Avengers X-Sanction's Marvel Marketing: Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuiness, Nuff Said? Plus Thor's Return?

So, um, what exactly is Avengers X-Sanction? Stoking mystery or lazy solicit writing by Marvel? You decide. And, does Thor make his triumphant return withn it? »»

Review: Marvel Point One

Marvel in 2012 kicks off here. »»

SDCC: Marvel Reveals Which Character Will Be Reborn By Jeph Loeb

Marvel reveals their next resurrection. »»

Jeph Loeb Is A Rebirther: _ _ _ _ _ Reborn

Jeph Loeb is bringing someone back....who? »»

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