Jericho Replaces The CW's Sunday Night MRC Programming!

The CW has dumped its Sunday night programming by Media Rights Capital and will replace it with various repeats including the canceled CBS fan favorite Jericho, reports Broadcasting & Cable. Beginning Nov. 30, Valentine, Easy Money, 4 Real and In Ha »»

Jericho: The Second Season - DVD Review

After season one, Jericho was canceled. There were some complaining fans but at first it looked like it would be just another good show that just didn't have the ratings. But then the fans got organized and flooded CBS with 40,000 lbs. worth of nuts. Three weeks later, the series was resurrected from the dead as a mid-season replacement. CBS only gave them a seven-episode order for season two though. Would Jericho's quality suffer when forced to tell their story in a greatly compressed time frame? »»

WWE - Night Of Champions 2008 - DVD Review

Rarely do we get to see more then three of four title belts on the line at a single PPV unless we are experiencing the "granddaddy of them all," WrestleMania. Last year that changed as the PPV formerly known as Vengeance would begin to incorporate a trend of producing nothing but title matches for the whole wrestling card. The WWE wanted the champions to either risk everything for the belts around their waists or lose them to someone who wanted it more. This type of event could only go by one name and that's Night Of Champions. »»

[NEWS] Post-Strike Schedule For All Your Favorite Shows

Now that the strike is over, you probably want to know when your favorite "scripted" television shows will be coming back to the air with new episodes. The networks have quietly begun outlining plans to salvage what's left of the current TV season and here is what they have come up with...

***However, schedule is subject to change at any moment***

Prime Time Pulse Roundtable Discussion: A Look Back at the 2006/2007 TV Season and a Look Forward to the 2007/2008 TV Season

Last month another TV season ended. It was another interesting one. But who exactly came out on top? Which shows climbed to the top of the mountain and looked down at all of its fallen foes in "TV Rerun Hell"? Which shows got cut too soon and which »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 1-22

After weeks of building up tensions between New Bern and Jericho, there was a lot of expectations for "Why We Fight" to live up to. It didn't so much live up to those expectations as take them in a different direction. And it was awesome. When the e »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 1-21

While the other shows I write about have been struggling a bit creatively of late, Jericho has been consistently entertaining. Even when they do have a slower episode (like last week), things have been great. And "Collation of the Willing" continued »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 1-20

This week's show was a bit of a step down from the last couple weeks. Given how it's now looking like the rest of the season will be dedicated to dealing with the threat of New Bern, it's understandable that there would be a bit of a lull at some poi »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 1-19

Lately, it seems like almost every week Jericho gets better and better. When it first started out last fall, it was a decent show, but nothing spectacular. Over the course of the last few months (starting with the second half of the season), it's gon »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 1-18

This week's episode, "A.K.A.", was very Hawkins-centric. After months of questions, we finally got a plausible backdrop for Hawkins character and the beginnings of a possible Hawkins and Jake adventure. Definitely a step up from last week's effort. »»

Cable for One: Jericho - Episode 1-17

I did indeed end up going away for a few days on my vacation. But I'm back now. While I am feeling rather drained from all the running around and not sleeping I did over the past few days, what better way to recuperate than with some post-apocalyptic »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 1-16

Have I mentioned before how much I love it when sports programming I don't care about (read, almost all of it) interferes with the airing of shows I actually do care about? Cause it's annoying. Yes, I know that the various sports/award shows/etc do u »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 1-15

While I haven't written about the last couple episodes, it wasn't because there was nothing to talk about. I actually had quite a bit to say about them, but I was far busier than usual the last little while and it meant that I wasn't able to write ab »»

Cable for One - Jericho - 1-12

Jericho has jumped on the flashback episode bandwagon. It seems like almost every show on TV now has an episode that takes place sometime prior to the series premiere. Usually though, shows tend to go back a bit further than 48 hours. Of course, the »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Episode 4

It certainly didn't take long for the citizens of Jericho to develop a "Jericho first" mentality. Not that you can really blame people for clinging to what is familiar given the possible annihilation of most of their country. Of course, it was a »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Checking the "Fallout"

I think Jericho took a step backwards this week. While there were some promising developments and some good characterization, there was an awful lot of stupid to be had in this episode; I'm looking at you tied and bound cops in the trunk! Though I »»

My Early Take on Fall TV 2006

I was expecting very little from 2006's crop of new shows. And it's beginning to look like my low expectations will be met. More than any other network, let me be the first to credit Fox - for another season of new garbage. Last year, it was The W »»

Cable for One - Jericho - Thoughts on the Debut

I've always enjoyed seeing how society reacts to an apocalyptic event so when I heard about Jericho, I figured there was a pretty good chance I would like it, so I watched the debut episode tonight. Tonight's episode was pretty much focused on the »»

Who's Who: Anniversary Edition: Reader Responses

Welcome! It's time for all of you to get your say on our anniversary so here it goes. Let us first begin with some feedback from Comic Industry Big Shot Ben Morse In regards to the first column without him; *clap clap clap* I've only gott »»

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