Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Championship Round Voting Begins with Modern Family and The Walking Dead Facing Off

After a record number of votes, the Final Four has ended. There was plenty of back and forth leads in both matchups. But in the end, we are left with one #1 seed facing off against an unseeded show. The battle between #1 Modern Family and #2 The »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Final 4 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and The Walking Dead Facing Off

The Elite 8 round voting has ended and there is still one Cinderella show that has made it to the Final Four. But it was fight to get there for sure. The rest of the final four features two #1 seeds and one #2 seed. That means another #1 seed went do »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Elite 8 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Justified, and The Walking Dead All Facing Off

The fourth round voting has ended and one Cinderella show keeps on piling up the wins against top-ranked competition. The rest of the bracket looks about what was expected. There are 8 shows left. Let breakdown what happened in this past round. Th »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Sweet 16 Round Voting Begins with Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, New Girl, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, Weeds, Justified, Parks and Recreation, Once Upon A Time, The Office, Chuck, The Walking Dead, and Criminal MInds All Facing Off

The third round voting has ended and there was only real one MAJOR upset. But it was a big one as one of the #1 seeds went down to a unseeded show this round. The ABC Region saw all of its top 4 seeds make it to the round of 16. Breaking Bad, The »»

Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2012 – Third Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Dexter, Big Bang Theory Facing Off

The second round voting has ended and a handful of the top seeds were upset by non-seeded shows including one #2 seed! The ABC Region only had 1 upset, though, and that was just the #8 seed Sons of Anarchy barely losing to South Park. The remainin »»

2012 Best TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament - Second Round Voting Continues with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Survivor, Dexter, Big Bang Theory and More!

The first round voting has ended and there were no real upsets. A couple of close calls for some of the top 32 seeds, but in the end, all of them are still in tact. There were lots of closer matchups between non-seeded shows, though. Lets break down »»

2012 Best TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament - First Round Voting Begins with Top Seeds Burn Notice, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Community, New Girl, Survivor, Dexter, Big Bang Theory and More!

It's that time again! It's the month of March and that could only mean one thing…time for another Inside Pulse TV Tournament, while you drink green beer! The biggest and most talked about tournament during “March Madness" season is still th »»

Jersey Shore News: Snooki Denies Breaking Up With Jionni

Despite a report that they were dunzo, Snooki and Jionni are still together. While In Touch reported that Jersey Shore star has broken up with her boyfriend, Snooki denied the claims on Twitter. "NO, they [In Touch] always lie -_-." she tweeted »»

Simon Cowell Admits He Is Fan Of Jersey Shore; Claims Snooki Is His Fave

X Factor judge Simon Cowell has admitted that he is a closet Jersey Shore fan. He told MTV that Snooki is his favorite and even went on to say that she and The Situation inspired him to take The X Factor to New Jersey, claiming that the show was ' »»

South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season - Blu-ray Review

The most frustrating thing about this release is that "201" is still presented edited as it did the one and only time it was aired on Comedy Central. »»

WrestleMania 27 Earns 1 Million PPV Buys for WWE

After recruiting top talent from the world of entertainment to help hype the "showcase of the immortals," early reports show that WWE reached its goal of 1 million PPV buys for WrestleMania 27. This year's four-hour event took place in Atlanta on Ap »»

Jersey Shore's The Situation Bombs At Donald Trump's Comedy Central Roast Video

Last night, Comedy Central aired the roast of Donald Trump and MTV's Situation was one of the invited roasters. The crowd almost didn't even let him finish! Apparently the entire 'situation; was a complete trainwreck and the video is now availa »»

Life As We Know It - Blu-ray Review

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel star in a two-hour, unfunny theatrical adaptation of a sitcom that was never made. »»

Jersey Shore 2011 Spoilers: Kenny Santucci Officially Announces Retirement From MTV Challenges... Jersey Shore Next?

MTV Challenge veteran Kenny Santucci recently announced his retirement from the MTV Challenges after finishing second on MTV's Fresh Meat 2. The self-proclaimed Mr. Beautiful released a video on (see below) where he participated in a mock press conference announcing that he is done with the challenge franchise. »»

Jersey Shore 2011 Spoilers: The Situation To Leave Show?

The Jersey Shore as we know it might be over. With Snooki and JWoww getting their own spin-offs and a similar situation for Pauly D and The Situation, it appears Mike Sorrentino is moving past the show that made him famous. "Hopefully by the en »»

Jersey Shore 2011 Spoilers: Jersey Shore Headed To Italy To Film Season 4

MTV has renewed Jersey Shore for a fourth season and it's going international. The network will send the cast to Italy and it is expected to include the same series regulars (this despite all the recent news about so many of the cast members getting »»

Jersey Shore 2011 Spoilers: J-Woww, Deena, Ronnie Speak Out About Snooki's Arrest

Deena and J-Woww are now adding more details to Monday's episode of Jersey Shore which showed Snooki getting arrested.. The girls are claiming that off-camera, a crowd had gathered, and that she was being heckled by onlookers. »»

Jersey Shore: Sammi Admits That She Isn't Scared Of J-Woww

The latest season of Jersey Shore has seen Sammi Sweetheart replace Angelina as the show's resident punching bag but the star proclaims that she is proud of herself for not backing down. "Nobody's hard to fight with in that house," Sammi told MTV »»

Jersey Shore 2011: J-WOWW Files Papers To Prevent Ex From Leaking Nude Photos

Jenni “J-WOWW" Farley from Jersey Shore, has filed a motion to block her ex-boyfriend from releasing nude and partially nude photographs and videos of her. The photos reportedly show Farley, who is a resident of Franklin Square, before and after »»

Jersey Shore's Snooki Actually Charged for Being Annoying

E! Online has a hilarious story about one of TV's biggest idiots. "Snooki is criminally annoying. But don't take our word for it ... Take the word of New Jersey prosecutors, who have slapped Jersey Shore's lead guidette with the geniusly appropriate »»

Ronnie from Jersey Shore Arrested for Outstanding Parking Tickets

In the ongoing saga of the idiots from TV's mysteriously popular "Jersey Shore," PEOPLE reports that "Two weeks after Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was arrested for alleged public drunkenness, another cast member, Ronald "Ronnie" Ortiz-Magro »»

Jersey Shore: Season One - DVD Review

On paper, Jersey Shore looks like The Real World: New Jersey. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Creature of Darkness

Creature of Darkness is like Predator but instead of army commandos, you’ve got the douchebags from MTV’s Jersey Shore. »»

Jersey Shore Cast To Be Replaced?

My god, they expect Snooki to get a JOB? »»

Is JWoWW Engaged?

I thought she was just in love with herself? »»

The Hills 2010 Spoilers: Spencer Pratt To Team Up With Jersey Shore's Snooki?

Spencer Pratt and Snooki? Well. Almost. Pratt is teaming up with Emilio Masella (whom you may know as Snooki's ex-boyfriend) for two endeavors. The pair plans to launch a guido/guidette dating show, and a corresponding guido energy drink. Credit: »»

Jersey Shore News: Cast Brings House Down Literally As Glass Roof Falls On Snooki & Vinny

While celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim at Solo in Manhattan on Saturday, Jersey Shore cast members Snooki and Vinny emerged unscathed after the club's overhead atrium came crashing down. "Its okay Vin and I are still alive. Omg roof just coll »»

Jersey Shore Spoilers: The Situation Promises That Jersey Shore 2 Is Best Show Ever

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino promises that that the next installment of Jersey Shore will be ever better than the first. “Season 1 was the best reality show in history," he told the Chicago Tribune. “Season 2 may be the best series ever. It's »»

Monday Morning Critic 2.8.2010: Riffing on Jersey Shore, feeling the Oscar Buzz and talking about Robert Downey Jr in Less then Zero

On tap this week: -- Rapid fire hilarity -- Oscar fallout -- Robert Downey Jr. in a hazy shade of winter And slightly much more! »»

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