DVD Review: Roseanne (The Complete Fifth Season & Sixth Season)

Johnny Galecki makes his mark with a "bang" on Roseanne's fifth and sixth seasons. »»

Rihanna Teams Up With DreamWorks

Rihanna will be lending her voice to DreamWork's new project Happy Smekday! The movie is about a friendly alien race who flee to Earth to escape their enemy, and is being directed by Tim Johnson. The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons will be voicing the »»

Just Seen It: Comedy Picks 2012 - Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Parks and Rec [Video]

Comedy is King at Just Seen It! David continues his obsession with the Big Bang Theory, Aaron traces the Modern Family tree and Greg rounds up our favorite comedies of 2012 with a stroll through Parks and Recreation. BIG BANG THEORY - CBS Starring Jo »»

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season - DVD Review

The show has become the peak of geekdom so that the stars are now lining up like they once did for Batman. »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 4-1 - Review

Why did CBS have to move The Big Bang Theory to Thursday nights? Does a WIlliam Shatner series based on a few Twitter posts really justify ruining a solid Monday night line up? The Bang was the biggest network sitcom in ratings and prime demographics »»

Disc Deals and Steals of the Week: Seven, Glee and Much More TV on DVD

David Fincher's Seven makes it to Blu-ray, Cuckoo's Nest celebrates 35 years and The Big Bang Theory will have fans wearing "Bazinga" if purchased at Best Buy. »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 3-20 Review

Did you remember that tonight's episode was shifted to 9 p.m.? The fall out from Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen has made this a strange necessity shift for CBS. They've only got two episodes of Two and a Half Men left and four weeks of May sweeps. »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 3-3 Review

This has been a busy week for the Big Bang Theory. The New York Times did an article about the show's success. Chuck Lorre talks about the original failed pilot. He begged Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons to not take any other gigs while they retooled »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 3-1 Review

Jim Parsons was robbed of Emmy glory. How can the voters be serious about praising Alec Baldwin? Is Jack Donaghy really funnier than Sheldon Cooper? Alec is played out. He's ought to be wearing a Mike Mussina jersey. But at least they remembered to n »»

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season - DVD Review

The end of season one had Leonard finally hook up with Penny. Seemed like the next batch of episodes would be about the beauty improving the geek with Sheldon reduced to third wheel duties. But The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season dared to defy the formula with a smart adjustment. »»

Warner Bros. to Deliver Second Blast of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon is the hottest character on TV. He's an uber-geek that steals the show. If you haven't seen the show, you'll have a chance to catch the sensational sophomore season this fall. Here's the press release from Warner Home Video: »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 2-23 Review

“The Mono Polar Expedition" is the big bangin' finale for a sophomore season that didn't slump. It's been renewed for another year so fans can enjoy the episode without writing letters and mailing slide rulers to CBS to save it from cancellation. P »»

The Big Bang Theory - Episode 2-11 Review

“The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" is a perfect title for the holiday season. The guys are in the lunchroom having a heated discussion. Sheldon swears he knows exactly how Superman cleans his uniform. He flies through the sun. The geeks get into a hea »»

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