Demythify Top 5: CW's Arrow & Cartoon Network DC Nation Impact On DC Comics New 52 w/ Young Justice Invasion, GLTAS & Beware The Batman (Updated)

It all makes sense now! (UPDATED with new solicitation images released by DC Comics today!) »»

Team Seven DC New 52 Series Features Ethnicity Change For Wildstorm Icon?

A who's who guide to the Team Seven #0 cover that leaves questions marks about 2 Wildstorm mainstays. »»

Hawkwoman Officially Joins Hawkgirl In DC Comics' New 52? Plus More Thanagarian Teaser Art!

Things are looking up... WAY UP... for Hawkman fans! »»

Savage Hawkman #9 News & Spoilers: A Mysterious Thanagarian Red Head Makes New 52 Debut?

Who can resist redheads anyway? A great start by the new Savage Hawkman creative team! »»

Demythify: Hawkman & Hawkgirl Of Two Worlds & Times Past (New 52's Earth 2 & Prime Earth)

Three (???) New 52 titles put the Hawkman puzzle pieces together? »»

A Savage Summer: Rob Liefeld Shares Joe Bennett's Awesome Savage Hawkman Interior Art & More

Great interior art from Kyle Higgins' Deathstroke art team! »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Rob Liefeld's Creative Partners For Savage Hawkman And Grifter!

Who is joining Rob Liefeld in his expanded role in the new DC Universe? »»

Comics Nexus Holiday Buyer Guide: Day Four

A Brightest Day tie in event...wait, wasn't that last year? »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Wolfman & Perez's Classic New Teen Titans Reboot Starts In 2012's Deathstroke #6

Marv Wolfman & George Perez's classic New Teen Titans supplanted as of February 2012? »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Suicide Squad #3, Deathstroke #3 & Stormwatch #3 New 52 Reviews (Harley Quinn)

Three intriguing & controversial New 52 books under the spotlight! Plus, Babos steps head-first into the phony Harley Quinn 'net debate. Will you be satisified or enraged? Read on... »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Suicide Squad #2, Deathstroke #2 & Shade #1 New 52 Lethal Reviews

The sweet science of violence through James Robinson's Shade, Kyle Higgins' Deathstroke & Adam Glass' Suicide Squad. Edgy darkness from DC, but is there more substance to them? »»

DC Comics Relaunch: New 52 Lethal Preview: Adam Glass' Suicide Squad #2 & Kyle Higgins' Deathstroke #2

High octane previews of two of DC's New 52 shipping this week! »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Suicide Squad #1 & Deathstroke #1 New 52 Lethal Reviews

Do more realistic portrayals of the grit of black ops & mercenaries work in the New 52? Should old & new readers pick up Deathstroke #1 & Suicide Squad #1? Or is a gunpoint needed? »»

Review: Justice League: Generation Lost #22 By Judd Winick

The League grows as Max begins the final phase of his plans. »»

Review: Justice League Generation Lost #15 By Judd Winick

Is this the best Justice League book on the stands? »»

REVIEW: Justice League: Generation Lost #10 By Judd Winick And Joe Bennett

There's also a rant about Magog in here that's.... sizable. »»

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