Wednesday Comments – My Special Edition Experience

I’m proud to say that I was there for the first Special Edition: NYC... »»

Deadpool Solo Film Offered to Robert Rodriguez

Predators producer considering chance to direct Ryan Reynolds as the X-Men spin-off character »»

10 Thoughts on Marvel Solicits for New Comics Released 1/19/11 (Thor, Iron Man, Deadpool)

1. The Invincible Iron Man #500 by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca “GIANT-SIZED ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! Three generations of Starks face their ultimate foe, seventy-some years in the future while, in the present, Spider-Man joins Iron Man as he tr »»

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #647 by VARIOUS

Brand New Day is finally over. Rejoice. »»

Were Money No Object - July 28 - Featuring The JSA Vs Kobra

It's time again to look through this week's new graphic novels and trade paperbacks and put together a wish list of books I'd love to own, were money no object. »»

Spoiler Warnings: What Happens To The Kravinoff's In Amazing Spider-Man #637 By Joe Kelly And Michael Lark?

Such a happy and functional family, you know? Like the Cleavers. »»

REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #637 “The Grim Hunt Finale By Joe Kelly And Michael Lark

Call this a low blow but "Grim Hunt" might just be the new "The Other." »»

Spoiler Warnings: Is Spider-Man Really Dead in Amazng Spider-Man #636 By Joe Kelly and Zeb Wells?

I mean, that would kinda put a hamper on continuing the book, right? »»

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