Blu-ray Review: Blended

I>Blended supplies enough good that the wide swath of comedic misses winds up not mattering as much as it could. »»

DVD Review: Community (Season Five)

Thought to be the final send off of to the show, this season proves there are still laughs to be had. »»

Blended - Review

The film to see on Memorial Day Weekend »»

Blu-ray Review: Ted

If Ted is any indication, then Seth MacFarlane has the potential to be a tremendous comedy director when it comes to film. »»

DVD Review: Community (The Complete Third Season)

If you don’t love Community already, then all hope may already be lost for you and your felt goatee. »»

Ted - Review

Overly long but remarkably funny all the way »»

Joel McHale And Dan Harmon Discuss Community's Return, Tease Future Episodes

It's been a long hiatus for us Community lovers. Three entire months since the hilarious Glee-parodied holiday episode aired last December. But after the long (excruciating) wait, Community finally returns tonight! I got the chance to watch the »»

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World - Review

Rodriguez still has the kids’ children formula down pat »»

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World Trailer Released

Robert Rodriguez's signature children's franchise returns »»

The Zookeeper Gets Trailer

Paul Blart: Zookeeper? Anyone? »»

Spy Kids 4 Recruits Community's Joel McHale

Joel McHale ditches community college to be Mr. Jessica Alba. »»

Disc News: Get Schooled on Details for Community: The Complete First Season

NBC's hit show to be released on DVD this fall; set to include plenty of commentary tracks. »»

Open Season 2 - DVD Review

[Open Season 2] is about as awful as the plot dictates, as it doesn’t even bother trying to appeal to anyone over the age of 10, and as such anyone over that age will be progressively bored and agitated by it. The film tries to be comedic but is a kid’s film whose comedic skills are only truly viable amongst its intended audience. »»

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