DVD News: Steve Martin signs his boxset

There was a time when Steve Martin was the hippest of the hip comics. When he could walk out in a stage in a white suit, put a fake arrow on his head and get millions to applaud. He hadn't sold his soul to making Pink Panther movies. When was this ti »»

Saturday Night Live: Best of Chris Farley - DVD Review

[With the Best of Chris Farley] you get a complete sense of how his characters were all about getting too excited and flaunting their heft. »»

Saturday Night Live: Best of John Belushi - DVD Review

After a quarter of a century, the greatest hits collection of Belushi speaks louder of his legacy than squalid biographies and lame bio-pics. »»

Todd Phillips Developing John Belushi Biopic

Michael Chiklis sure to run the other way at the mention of new film about Belushi. »»

'Hangover' Director Todd Phillips Developing John Belushi Biopic

Empire Online reports that "Todd Phillips is using a little more of his clout from having made The Hangover to keep his hand in producing. With Warner Bros. having nabbed the rights to John Belushi's life from his estate recently, Phillips is now put »»

Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition - Blu-ray Review

Chris Farley had huge potential in the world of comedy back in 1995. His huge girth and explosive energy had him pegged as the heir to John Belushi. His time on Saturday Night Live had allowed him to perfect his persona of the excitable dumb slacker. He even had a Dan Aykroyd-esque comic buddy in the guise of David Spade. He was ready to make the jump from the tiny TV to a massive silver screen that fully capture his husky physique. Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition gives a complete view of what happened when this force of nature became a movie star. »»

Saturday Night Live: The Complete Fourth Season - DVD Review

Ever smelled the aroma of a comedy show cooked to perfection? That's exactly what you'll experience when you open up the Saturday Night Live: The Complete Fourth Season boxset. The show had reached comedy institution status at this point. The Not-Ready-For-Primetime-Players were superstars during daylight hours. However this would be the final year of the comedic dynasty's golden lineup. »»

Animal House: 30th Annivesary - DVD Review

Animal House could be called the "grandfather" of all R-rated comedies today. It was a rude and crude comedy when "rude and crude" comedies weren't hip. It is no doubt considered among the top comedic films ever made. It has now been 30 years since John Belushi and the rest of the remarkable cast has graced the big screen. So that must mean it's time for an "anniversary special edition of a classic film" to be released. Is this version of the iconic comedy worth the money, though, and how well has Animal House aged over the years? »»

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Who knew being a pen pal could be so dangerous? Elementary school teachers used to promote the joys of writing letters to people. They would blather on about cultural outreach and making friends in distant lands via a stamp. But they never spoke of how a simple letter can lead to a career as a drug kingpin. Charles Cosby learned the hard way when he wrote a simple fan letter. Instead of scribbling his adoration to Marie Osmond, Bea Arthur or the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, he penned a missive to Griselda Blanco, the Godmother of Columbian cocaine distribution. Instead of receiving an autographed photo, she invited him to visit her in prison. Cosby's life was completely elevated when he passed through the bars. She was smitten with the small time dealer. Would he live to tell the tale of loving the Godmother who also was nicknamed the Black Widow? »»

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