Red 2 - Review

Perfunctory sequel, nothing more »»

Warm Bodies - Review

A boy (zombie) meets girl (human) romance that proves chivalry is undead. »»

Blu-ray Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon 4-disc 3D Limited Edition Set

Paramount and Bay have put together an incredible Blu-ray package that delivers on all fronts. »»

Blu-ray Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

When it comes to Michael Bay I think William Shakespeare sums it up best. "It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." »»

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Review (3)

Michael Bay delivers action in spades, but again fails at telling a story. »»

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Review (2)

An hour of decent material scattered throughout 150 minutes »»

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Review

... your luck is about to transform. »»

Secretariat - Blu-ray Review

Secretariat deserves a film better than this one. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant - Old Dogs, New Tricks

RED vs. Harry Brown in the battle of retirees with revenge on their minds. »»

Jonah Hex - DVD Review

I think director Jimmy Hayward really should stick to animation. »»

The Warrior's Way - Review

An idiot's guide to genre film. »»

Red - Review

There’s no school like the old school. »»

Secretariat - Review

An epic horse deserves a more epic film »»

Bruce Willis and John Malkovich Shoot New Scene for Red

Over the weekend, Willis, Malkovich and director Robert Schwentke went to Louisiana to shoot a scene for Red. »»

Full Theatrical Trailer for RED; Awesomeness Ensues

The film, about retired CIA agents, features an all-star cast including Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. »»

Jonah Hex - Review

A mess on every level »»

Spider-Man 4 Is No More; Reboot To Come

Consider web-slinging done. At least for now. »»

John Malkovich Jumping Into Comic Book Roles

A paranoid Vulture? »»

Spidey 4 News And Notes

Cyrus The Virus to take on Spider-Man? We can only hope so. »»

Mutant Chronicles - Blu-ray Review

This movie should really begin with the disclaimer: "Warning! Those who are not familiar with the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game, please leave now." Or perhaps a little ten-page primer included with the DVD to give viewers a bit of background information needed to understand the movie, because, I have to say that coming in to this cold I felt pretty lost. »»

The Great Buck Howard - DVD Review

Understated comedy goes all mushy and soft in The Great Buck Howard, a movie built on a strong cast with a not-quite-as-strong script that nonetheless didn't get nearly the amount of respect it deserved at the box office. »»

Jonah Hex adds two more to cast.

Will Arnett and the recently Oscar nominated Michael Shannon have both joined the ever expanding Jonah Hex cast. As previously reported, Jimmy Hayward is directing Hex, whose cast already includes Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Megan Fox. Based on the DC Comic, it is the story of Hex (Brolin), a scarred bounty hunter tracking a voodoo practitioner (Malkovich) who wants to raise an army of the undead to liberate the South. »»

John Malkovich to Face Jonah Hex

As if this film couldn't get any more bad ass! »»

Burn After Reading - DVD Review

The story for Burn After Reading is all over the place but it still flows so well that everything is connected no matter who is on screen. And that's something each actor does such a great job at doing: making you remember them so much that even when they aren't on screen, it's as if they are still there and making an impact. »»

Changeling - Review

Rare misfire from one of Hollywood’s legendary directors »»

The Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading Out on DVD December 23rd!

Following last year's Best Picture winner No Country For Old Men, the Coen Brothers give you Burn After Reading. It's a dark comedy about the memoirs of an ex-CIA analyst (John Malkovich) that fall into the hands of two gym employees (Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt), all the while a Treasury agent (George Clooney), the analyst's wife (Tilda Swinton), and the CIA (headed by J.K. Simmons) get into the mix. Burn After Reading comes to DVD and Blu-ray* December 23rd. »»

Changeling trailer

Even before The Dark Knight wowed audiences, there was talk of a new film by Clint Eastwood. Considering his track record over the years, it was evident that the Oscar machine was in overdrive trying to generate some early buzz. Starring Angelina Jolie, Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan, John Malkovich and Colm Feore, Changeling is a thriller based on actual events. The trailer gives the film hope for Oscar consideration, but the overuse of Audio Machine's "House of Cards" is a bit much. (Besides Gone, Baby Gone, the music already has been used in trailers for this fall's Appaloosa and Pride and Glory). »»

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